February PK Pick of the Month

His Presence Shall be my Dwelling Place by Nancy Dufresne

How does one achieve this life in the Spirit, this life lived in the presence of God? There is a temper of soul that is developed in a believer that readily perceives the presence and nearness of God.

Every patriarch who walked with God developed this temper of soul that perceived His holy presence. Moses acknowledged His presence by removing his shoes. Abraham acknowledged His presence by leaving his home and kin to follow the Unseen One. Jacob awoke from a dream that ushered him into this awareness and stated, “…Surely the Lord is in this place; and I knew it not” (Genesis 28:16).

A man’s perception of God’s nearness is what marks him for glory, because when one knows God is present, he lives a more faith-filled, honorable, holy, fearless, joyful, and loving life.

Chapter 1: life in the Spirit means allowing in your thought life ONLY thoughts that lead you to God and thoughts that are in line with His Word!!!

your praises will stop wrong thoughts cold in their tracks!!!

soo good!!! I will spend more time throughout my day praising the Father!!! I won’t allow negative thoughts to keep me out of life in the Spirit!!

Chapter 2: This chapter was sooo good! A hectic life is a great enemy to your spiritual life!!! A full life doesn’t mean it has to be hectic! There’s a difference between having a lot going on and having a chaotic hectic life!! I can’t allow my emotions/circumstances to pull me into “hectic”!!!

The issues, or that which flows out of us, tell us what we have allowed into our hearts!!! If I don’t like what’s coming out; change what I’m allowing in!!!

When I look at myself, I sink low, but when I look at Him, I rise high!!!! SOOOOO good!!!! I will stop looking at myself and determine to keep my focus on HIM!

When Jesus said “It is written” He didn’t just mean “It is written in the scrolls” He meant, “It is written IN Me!!!” Only the Word I get IN me will be the difference maker. I will choose to meditate on the Word; not just read it but all day long focus on what I read and let it get in me!

Chapter 3:

This chapter was really good!!! I especially liked the point to keep your focus on Jesus!!! The enemy wants you to look at the people, the promotion, the success; when it really is simple just keep your eyes on Jesus!!! My favorite statement was probably “God doesn’t call anyone to be successful- He calls us to be faithful!!”

Chapter 4:

Jesus made it know that He was only able to accomplish God’s work by living in constant contact with the Throne.

Do you know God? Is He everything to you? We don’t want to only have Him as our Father, we want to know Him!!!

Real power flows from knowing God and being in fellowship with Him!

It is not in only knowing scriptures; it is in knowing WHO the scriptures speak of- Jesus! The religious leaders were worshipping the scriptures instead of the One they reveal!

Sooo good!! My focus will stay on HIM!!

Chapter 5:

As long as our eyes are on Jesus, we will see our answer!!!! I will not take my eyes off Him!!! Paul looked at the waves and sunk; no matter what is trying to attack me, I will keep my focus fixed on Him!

You can get into the Spirit by: taking your attention & thoughts off the problem and put in on God’s Word, by praising God, and by speaking in tongues!!

Complaining people are forgetful people!! You cant live in God’s presence and grumble and complain!!

Chapter 6:

In the same way we prepare for guests, or plans, or activities, we are to prepare for the Lord! We are to run our homes and lives in such a manner that the atmosphere is conducive to allowing God to manifest Himself and speak to us!!

Uncontrolled atmospheres in a home make the atmosphere unfavorable for God to speak.

I will set the atmosphere of my house to not be “busy, loud, disorganized” but one that is ready to hear from the Father!! I really liked the story of her house growing up how even the television volume was low so nothing would compete with the atmosphere they set!

Chapter 7:

This chapter was so good!! The Israelites were not men of war, but their victory was guaranteed if they remained in the presence of God!!

In God’s presence there is rest, rest from all human effort, rest from strain, rest from torment and oppression, and rest from pain and suffering!!!

My fav!! The Christian life is a life of joy, and Christian service is a pleasure! If you are not enjoying life, you are not doing it right!!! If life is hard for you, you have transgressed from the will and the plan of God somewhere!

He left His peace with us! We have it!!! Don’t let it go!!


  1. Chapter 1 high:
    To live in the Spirit, I must continually be aware of God as being ever-present! Even when I feel he’s not there HE IS!!!! I must stay focused on ONLY HIM!!! Say only what HE WOULD SAY, Think only what HE WOULD THINK-ONLY THE WORD! Following the direction of my heart instead of my flesh!

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  2. My highlights from chapter 1 are:
    * To live in the Spirit is to live more conscious of God than anything else and to follow the guidance of the Spirit within. – Yessss! I want to be more aware of what’s going on “in here” than all the junk “out here”!
    * Every man’s life is an expression of the world he lives in. – So true! How does my life look to others and am I reflecting what I say I believe?
    * Life in the Spirit means refusing to focus on anything but God – Wow! I keep my eyes fixed on Him and His truth no matter what it looks like!
    * Living out of your spirit means following the direction of your heart instead of your flesh. – I put my mind, emotions, and body down and allow my renewed spirit to dominate my life!

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  3. Chapter 1 highs:
    • always have my eyes fixed on the Father and His Word! Things may come that block my view but I will remain strong in His presence and my eyes locked in on His Word!
    •in my thought life I will only allow thoughts that lead to God and His Word!
    • negative thoughts will try to come but that’s when I praise the Father even harder! Resist the devil and he will flee!
    • I will not allow my flesh, emotions, mind and body to rule me! I will allow my Spirit to dominate me!

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  4. Omg! What a great book already!!
“The spirit realm is the realm God lives in, yet He invites us to live there also in continual fellowship with Him. The spirit realm, the realm of God, the faith realm, is more real than any seen realm that we live in, because our earthly realm exists as a result of God’s realm. His realm preceded this earthly realm.”
    He comes first! He is first. This just reminds me that His things matter most. In order to walk in the Spirit I cannot walk in the flesh. How I feel, what I think and this sense realm will NOT be my leader!!
Spirit comes first in every way, every day…praying in the Spirit, hearing the Word, speaking the Word and reading the Word!!
    Hallelujah!! “…allowing your spirit to dominate you inste

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  5. Chapter 2 highs: where do I even start?! The whole chapter was literally life changing!

    1st high is from step 2 be still and know that I am God. Just because your body is still does not mean your mind is still. You have to still your body and mind in order for all the unseen to become seen!

    2nd High is from step 3 talking about the pure heart. In order to examine your heart you have to be completely honest with yourself! What bad seeds need to come out so the good seed can come in. The HS told me it this way the good is meant to replace and take away the bad not cover it up. You cannot live a cover up life.

    3rd high: My favorite statement from the chapter. “When I look at myself, I sink low, but when I look at Him, I rise high.” Seriously drop the mic!

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  6. This book has given me a whole new perspective on how to live in the Spirit.Here’s my Highs: Chapter 1/ Life in the Spirit means refusing to focus on anything else but God.It means focusing the eyes of your heart on Him! Life in the Spirit means saying only that which pleases Him in conversations!! This is so good I almost high lighted the whole chapter ! Chapter 2/ Our fellowship with God is not about a time of devotion , but about a Life of devotion !🙌

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  7. Chapter 2 high:
    Such a great great chapter!

    GOD IS IN ME!!!!! I SHOULD ENJOY HIM!! He has power to deliver me in ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! My eyes have to stay on the Lord! I should be taking full advantage of The Holy Spirit! His presence is the Hiding place of safety and complete victory! It’s the place I should continually abide in! This is a moment by moment living IN HIM!!!! PUT SPIRITUAL THINGS FIRST AND EVERYTHING SHOULD COME AFTER THAT! It’s important to examine ourselves-BE HONEST! When our hearts are honest open and hungry, Gods work in us is unhindered, but when we endeavor to protect justify or hide impurities of the heart, God stops. STAY TEACHABLE-ITS VITAL! Keep your heart open Patricia! No need man will ever face is as great As his need to continually see God. Feeding on the truth that the Greater one is in you holds you in the grasp of victory where failure need never touch you. Rise to what’s above and leave what’s below.. quit battling to overcome that which is wrong with you. Instead turn all that you are toward God. Let Him consume your heart and thoughts, and those things that have tried holding you captive will slip off. Be held captive by God and you will find yourself free from all that would enslave you!TURN YOUR EYES TOWARD JESUS! Make God more real than ever because he is! GOSH!!!!!!!! I endeavor to MAKE SEEING HIM MY GOAL AND LIVING IN THE SPIRIT AWARE OF HIM MORE THAN ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE!

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  8. Lol! My book is so starred ⭐️ and highlighted too! But I’ll try to only share my HIGHEST highlights from chapter 2!
    * His presence is the hiding place of safety and complete victory. It’s the place we are to continually abide in.
    – Outside of Him is insecurity and failure but in Him, I win! 💪🏼
    * A hustle-bustle lifestyle will cost much in the end, because it will make its most damaging draw upon the heart.
    – “Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me. For all that I require of you will be pleasant and easy to bear.”
    Matthew 11:28-30 – TPT
    * Active service in the ministry, or even prayer, can never take the place of the Word in the life of the believer.
    – I have to remember the WHY behind the WHAT and keep JESUS (the Word) at the center of it all!
    * There is no such thing as a quick work in this. It takes time and effort to saturate your whole being in God’s Word and work out your own salvation into every arena of your life.
    – Life takes time! ❤️
    * Be held captive by God and you will find yourself from all that would enslave you.
    * Our fellowship with God is not about a time of devotion but about a life of devotion.

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    1. LOL!!! It is so hard to narrow it down!! The whole book is awesome!!!!!
      I really like outside of Him is insecurity and failure but in Him, I win!!!! Soooo good!!!


  9. Chapter 1
    Life in the spirit is my goal ❤️
    God goes before me he proceeds in the direction he sends me.
    I strive to love mindful of gods presence in my life to talk and walk with him (mindfully) right beside me.
    ** a life mindful of Gods presence – to live in the spirit – to be more conscience of God than anything else YES!!!!!!!
    You have to choose which world you’ll live in it’s a choice everyday.
    ** he is more real to me than anything else. – this is how I want to be
    I’m gonna fix my eyes on him and seek his face ❤️
    My fav part : life in the spirit means REFUSING to focus on anything but God and his word !!!!! Focus your heart on HIM.. also only allowing thoughts that lead you to God and that line up with his word..
    ** praising God will stop those ugly thoughts in there tracks.
    I’m grateful for this book and excited about reading it. And striving to live everyday in his presence ❤️

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  10. This book His Presence is so very good I have to go back to each chapter and read again! 3rd/God doesn’t call us to be successful -but He calls us to be FAITHFUL!!!!!Matt.25:21! It is the fruit of a person’s personal life that reveals his heart! We must beware , for if we take our eyes off of Jesus ,it will cost us much in the end!!!! To Rush is wrong every time!I always have plenty of time to worship Him!!!! I don’t want to have a cluttered life to only be drawn away from my real love- Jesus!!!!

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  11. THIS BOOK IS ROCKING MY WORLD! I’m so grateful for PK choosing this book because it’s exactly what I needed! I’m grateful! ☺️☺️❤️❤️

    Chapter 3 high/
    The greatest hunger in me has to be for Him! He needs to be all I want and my eyes need to stay on Him not a position or place! I really really liked God doesn’t call anyone to be successful-He calls us to be faithful! Gosh! I desire to hear well done good and faithful servant! Our fruit determines our heart! It’s crucial that we get our heart right because it will show out in our lives by our fruit! How Am I treating others?! Seriously my aim is to focus ONLY ON HIM!!!!!! To HAVE HIM ON!!!

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    1. Meeee too!!! It has been amazing so far!!!
      This chapter was so great about just focusing on Him and not anything else!! That statement about being faithful not pursing success really put things in the right perspective!!!


  12. Chapter4/ Words of Power-are the fruit of something much deeper-knowing God!knowing God is what we hunger for,the works of power will flow from that place!!!! We have allowed our intellects to be developed at the expense of our spirits instead of living out of our hearts we live out of our intellects!!!!! God’s dealings with the heart of man are simple! If You remain simple and open with your dealings with God,our fellowship will be rich !!!!!! Praise God!!!! 🙌 Just can’t put this book down♥️

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  13. Chapter 2
    Holy cow. What a great book. This is totally changing my view and perception on what life in the spirit or relationship with God is suppose to be like. It’s not a set time it’s a LIFE WITH HIM ❤️ I will continue to be hungry and feed on the word, pray, and be sensitive to him
    The secrets place is in HIM this is where I want to be.
    MY FAV :: deep calls to deep and things are changed at the root.
    I’m so thankful for this book and excited to go further with HIM ❤️

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  14. Chapter 3://
    I’m reminded how much God loves each one of use, and how he is always there ❤️ I really like the story of the girl who loved to skate.
    It’s like when you first meet Jesus. The love you have for him and the fire on the inside of you. This is why it’s so important to just keep your eyes on him and not everything around you. Because just like it says your own desires and ambitions will cost you. I choose to keep my eyes on him and allow him to order my steps and days.

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  15. Chapter 4 High:
    The key to Jesus walking in the miraculous was:HE KNEW THE FATHER! It’s crucial I know the Father personally! This is about constant contact with THE THRONE-WITH HIM!!! This isn’t just a sometimes doing, it’s a LIFESTYLE & it will be my goal and aim to make it my LIFESTYLE, my LIFE! THIS IS ABOUT KNOWING GOD!!!!! I CAN DO NOTHING WITHOUT GOD! The deeper the fellowship I desire to have with God, the more I must rid myself of the distractions of this world!. Letting go of the temporal to grasp the Eternal! THIS IS ABOUT KNOWING HIM, REALLY KNOWING HIM FOR MYSELF!!!!!!

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  16. Chapter 5 High:
    I really liked 1 Chronicles 20:12 – NEITHER KNOW WE WHAT TO DO: BUT OUR EYES ARE UPON THEE! Wow WOW WOW!!!!!! They didn’t know what to do but they knew where their eyes needed to be because they knew in and of themselves they didn’t have the answer but GOD DID & that’s where they chose to put their eyes on!!!!! WOW! Powerful! It don’t matter what I face if my eyes will be where they need to be HE WILL LEAD ME INTO THE VICTORY IVE BEEN GIVEN THROUGH JESUS! We are our biggest problem but it’s looking unto Jesus that we have the cure over ourselves and everything else we face! By keeping our focus on Jesus and obeying His word we gain victory over every flaw and weakness in our lives! Complaining people are forgetful people! DONT BE FORGETFUL PATRICIA!!!!! Continually be aware and remember how far you’ve come with HIM!!!!!! ITS ALL HIM!!!!!!! I WILL CHOOSE TO BE GRATEFUL no matter what!

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  17. Chapter 5/ we have a cure for every sin,every fault,every hindrance , flaw and weakness, Looking Unto Jesus! Heb. 12:2! I have to continue to renew my mind to this truth daily as I walk in the Spirit ,when I walk in the light of the word throughout the day , my enemies will fall and perish they will never be able to defeat me again! This sounds like putting the enemy under my feet where he belongs in every area of my life Looking Unto Jesus! If I want to enter a deeper walk with the Father I must be willing to deal with those things He shows me before I can continue ! The changes I’ve longed to see in my soul will only happen this way as I become absorbed in Him!😌 This reminds me what PC said what was the last thing the Holy Spirit told me to do? and then do it!!!!

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  18. Chapter 4
    Our greatest joy should be in knowing HIM.
    We must empty ourselves of of everything to be full of him so he can be bigger in us than anything else 🙂
    I liked where it says no matter how much you study or hear the word of you don’t have a personal relationship with Him you won’t have the power, or walk in it ..
    My goal is to rid myself of distractions or extras that aren’t from him or for his kingdom so I can be more full of him ❤️

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  19. Ch 1 highs//

    I can already tell I’m really going to like this book. Even though I pray in tongues a lot I feel like, I was really challenged to be more intentional when I pray and to not just do it as I multi task but do it aware that the very presence of God is with me! “A life lived in the spirit is living mindful of the presence of God!!!! God has invited us to live in the spirit realm where He is. We are going to have to live more conscious of God than anything else and follow the Holy Spirit which is our guide! Through the blood of Jesus we have access to this life in the spirit and we choose which world we want to live in! Every mans life is an expression of the world he lives in!”
    The eyes of my heart will stay focused on Him and my thoughts and words will only be what pleases Him! HIS WORD! I won’t follow my flesh but instead follow my spirit and stay built up!!! I will praise God and resist those wrong thoughts of my past when they come up!! Hallelujah!🙌🏻

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  20. This book was AMAZING!!!

    Chapter 2//”Always remember that divine Kingdom order is, “seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God…” God cannot bless any other order.” If you pile good works on top of impurities in your heart, you will only end up deceiving yourself!! When our hearts are open, honest, and hungry, God’s work in us is unhindered; but when we endeavor to protect, justify, or hide impurities of the heart, God stops. He can go no further.

    Chapter 3//Jesus is everything!! The work of the ministry is not everything–the Lord of the ministry is everything!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So awesome!!

    Chapter 4//We don’t want to only have Him as our Father, we want to know HIM!!! We should seek to know God and obey Him, and then exploits of power will be forthcoming….but our greatest joy is in knowing Him. The deeper the fellowship you desire to have with God the more you must rid yourself of the distractions of this world. Let go of the temporal and grasp the eternal. Many today have developed their intellects a the expense of their spirits, and it has steered them toward living out of their intellects instead of their hearts.

    Chapter 5//There are times when fear may try and grip us, yet that is not the time to be fearful. It’s then that we must make sure our focus and attention are on God and His Word. Praise always confuses the enemy! I really liked this!!!—You can get into the Spirit several different ways: by taking your attention and thoughts off the problem and putting it onto God’s Word, by praising God, and by speaking in other tongues. By keeping our focus on Jesus and obeying His Word, we can gain victory over every flaw and weakness in our lives.
    ((I read and studied the book with PG, PD and PK and PD did have us put an “X” through the second paragraph on page 60…maybe just not the most clear way to communicate the heart of the Father, not wrong but not the “rightest” way maybe))
    When you gaze steadily upon Jesus and the Word becoming absorbed in Him, more of God goes into your soul and makes changes. The changes you’ve longed to see in your soul will only happen this way.”
    The born-again believer has it even better than Enoch had it. Enoch walked with God, but under the New Covenant, GOD WALKS IN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

    Chapter 6//In the same way, we are to prepare for the Lord. We are to run our homes and lives in such a manner that the atmosphere is conducive to allowing God to manifest Himself and speak to us!! I am so grateful to have been taught this and then have a husband who works with me to make sure that our home stays full of peace, organized and quiet so by His grace we are always tuned into Him!

    With all of lives attempted distractions, we must take steps to have a warm, friendly, love-filled, livable home–yet a home that also caters to the presence of God.

    In God’s presence there is a rest–rest from all human effort, rest from strain, rest from torment, and oppression, and rest from pain and suffering. The Christian life is a life of joy…
    You have authority over opposition; victory is yours!
    One of the major weapons the devil uses against us is the power of suggestion! I will NOT YIELD TO WORRY OR FEAR! I will not let them in!! I will answer it instead with God’s Word!!

    Now I am going to read over the last chapter of quotes and then read it all it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    I’m so grateful for all the tools and gifts that have been made available to us!!!!!!! 🙂

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  21. Chapter 6
    It’s my responsibility to prepare the way of the Lord in my life! We are to run our homes and lives in such a manner that the atmosphere is conducive to allowing God to manifest Himself and speak to us. ATMOSPHERE IS IMPORTANT! It’s important that there be peace & order in the home!

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  22. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a book as much as I do this one. It’s hard for me to put it down. 😊 I’m on chapter 7 . Some of my highs from this book were
    Chapter 1
    •To live in the spirit, we must continually be aware of God as being ever-present.
    • living out of your spirit means following the direction of your heart instead of your flesh. It means allowing your spirit to dominate you instead of being dominated by your mind, emotions, or body!!!!
    Chapter 2
    • 1 Peter 1:18 your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God
    • always remember that the divine kingdom order is, seek he first the kingdom of God. God cannot and will not bless any other order. Put spiritual things first . All other things will come after that.
    This prob stood out to me the most out of everything else. Like it sent me to my knees before the father. Because the Holy Spirit had just told me this in my quite time before I read this book. He said if you will put my things first all this other stuff you are thinking about will fall into place and it won’t be hard. My ways are not hard they are easy. Stop trying to do things on your own.
    • the Holy Spirit will show me what needs to be altered in my life and then he will empower me to walk out the change.
    Chapter 3
    • we let moments of our days slip from our grasp by doing things that are totally unfruitful toward spiritual things. Rid yourself of things that have no value in the kingdom. For those worldly things will cost you much in the end.
    I think it’s safe to say I will be reading this book again.
    Thank you PK for introducing this book. ❤️

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  23. Chapter 7
    My Victory is in remaining in the presence of God! Gods presence will do the work for me and prepare my path ahead if I will remain within the boundaries of His guiding presence. Without Gods protection we are not safe from anything! IN GODS PRESENCE THERE IS REST FROM EVERYTHING!!!! ABIDING IN HIS PRESENCE IS THE ANSWER!!!!! HIS YOKE-light and easy!!!!! Those who are hid in Christ have the only peace there is! KEEP YOUR MIND ON GOD and our thoughts full of JESUS! When fearful thoughts try to bombard and torment us, we must turn our thoughts to the Word, begin to worship him and stand firm on his word; then peace will rise up and quench those opposing thoughts and imaginations. Answer the wrong thoughts with Gods word! DO NOT LET FEAR AND WORRY IN!
    GEEEZ…. IM SO SO SO SO SO BEYOND THANKFUL FOR THIS BOOK!! WOWZERS!!!!!!! Looking forward to PKs next book choice!

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