Super Bowl Sunday 2019

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!! How fun was the pregame party?!🏈🏈🏈 We are so thankful to celebrate with you!!🙃Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • If faith isn’t seeing love isn’t feeling
  • Just because the Word is designed to produce it doesn’t mean it will! How is my soil?
  • If I hit “play” on my meditations what would be playing?!
  • Until I surrender to the written Word, I can’t access the hidden Word
  • If I don’t steward my mind I can’t steward my purpose

2nd Service (the whole service was amazing!!! Where do I even begin?!)

  • Don’t do the Word because “I have to”; do the Word because I want to
  • God doesn’t want me to get His love 2nd hand
  • It doesn’t matter how many failures theres been, the Word will never fail
  • It’s never too late to do things right
  • If it didn’t work it wasn’t God
  • Find out HIS plan before I start making my own!!

What were your highs from service? Remember, we are in this together!!


  1. 1st: When you get it, it’s worth it. You have to trim away all things that are not an asset for God’s plan in your life.

    2nd: In order for you to be confident and strong you have to be willing to overcome. It’s never too late to do things right.

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  2. Sighhhh!! Today was sooo good to me❤️ Once again I see His never ending Kindness & Mercy. It’s so amazing how He gives us exactly what we need, when we are humble & just ask for help & guidance 😊 some of today’s takeaways:

    **The Word has to have the place of honor in my life, before it produces
    **My words are a product of what I’ve been meditating on
    **We have to keep positioning ourselves – continue to meditate on The Word
    **If I can’t get out of myself – I can’t get IN HIM☝🏼
    **I can only be led by The Spirit to the degree I’m led by The Word!
    **If i can’t steward my mind – I can’t steward my purpose
    **I have to get aggressive with this!!

    **Matt 11:28-30 His way is EASY!!
    **Jesus’ experience is a blue print for raising children
    **With dedication = we become who The Father is!

    **If I’m gonna do things correctly – I’m gonna have to turn my back on some things
    **When you’ve done all you can do to stand – STAND!!
    **If I’m gonna train my kids correctly – then I’m gonna have to be disciplined myself
    **All I have to do is the planting – I’m not in charge of the changing! Huge weight off!! We can’t change people – all we can do is be a living demonstration of who Jesus is & what He has to offer!
    **Dont ever take your past failure as your destiny! -PD

    **GoD is The GoD of RESTORATION ❤️❤️
    **DO NOT FOLD UP —> in the end it’s all worth it!

    I most definitely did not leave the same as I came in today! I believe The Holy Spirit will continue to lead & guide me this week in these things & continue to reveal things. All in all – I choose to be aggressive with this! I choose to see myself & walk as His child! I know nothing, I have nothing, I can do nothing without You Lord❤️❤️

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  3. Jumpstart//PC
    *Matthew 11:28-29; there is nothing I need to work for because He has it ALL!
    >perfected love drives off fear.
    >our words are our most dominate thoughts.
    >surrender yourself to the spirit, not your soul! get out of yourself and into Him!

    1st service//PD
    >love is:
    -recognizing that the people around you aren’t as they seem to be.
    -sharing that there is something bigger than their problems.
    >look past yourself and share the life of God!
    >know who you are! know whose you are!
    >if you do it right, it doesn’t get harder.. it gets easier and easier!
    *John 8:29;
    >Godly submission improves your condition and position.

    2nd service//PG
    >The spirit of God will lead you into a good place. The spirit of the world will leave you empty.
    >you’re not righteous through your own work but through Jesus.
    >the real us never expires, the spirit of God is the real us!
    >discipline yourself to shut out the noise: lower the value of your own opinion.
    >what you add to yourself is your responsibility to keep up with but what He gives you nobody can take from you!

    When I seek Him for the supply, He is so faithful to deliver!! and What he Has to offer is not only overfilling but everlasting! So This week I am going to be aggressive with myself on surrendering to the spirit and not my soul! Keeping his word number one!! Those who don’t know the love of God is a much bigger problem than what I might feel or think, so i will also focus on those around me, while being led, other than myself!!

    Today was amazing!

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    1. So good!!!! I really like “what you add to yourself is your responsibility to keep up with but what He gives you nobody can take from you!” 😍


  4. Church was so fun and life-changing for me, just like Sonia said, I definitely did not leave the same way I came in…even though I don’t have natural seed the spiritual seed and employee seed I have should be stewarded according to God’s Word and I am excited to make those changes…

    1st//I am responsible as much as lies with me to maintain an atmosphere of peace fo those that I lead.
    I should faithfully confess and expect the blessing of God on each teaching and instruction…OMG!! why have I never confessed and expected in that way!! LIFE-CHANGING!
    No matter my age–submission and obedience are imperative.
    Not submitting to the order of God is not submitting to God.
    Godly submission improves your condition and your position.

    2nd//Tithing is about my personal relationship with the Father.
    What is our custom? It was Jesus’ custom to be in church..I was challenged to maintain our “Kalstrup customs” just like our family creed…what is our custom: tithing, reading, hearing, loving, praying, worshipping, serving…
    We work the Word because its the Word!!!
    I also really liked the definition of subject!!

    This week: I will evaluate and improve the way I lead my seed.
    I will evaluate and improve the way I honor and submit to those who rule over me…NONE OF ME AND ALL OF HIM…I am a dead man!! It is Christ that will live in me 🙂

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  5. Jump start// the words of my mouth are the fruit of my most dominant thought.

    What is my relationship with the written Word? When I do what’s written He will show me what’s hidden.

    You can only be led by the spirit to the degree you are led by the Word.

    Service highs// the tithe is just the beginning. Tithing is just giving God back what is His. When I give beyond the tithe that’s when I’m really giving.

    Not submitting to the Word of God is not submitting to God.

    I’m on my own if He has nothing to do with it.

    My son’s most dominant trainer should be me.

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  6. Here are my highs from church, it was so good!!!😍

    Jumpstart// if you don’t steward your mind you cant steward your purpose!! Gods not working through my mind so I have to be intentional to filter all my thoughts and walk after the spirit. If I don’t get out of myself, I can’t get into Him!!!

    1st// not submitting to the order of God is not submitting to God!!! I love that Jesus is our perfect example to look to in every way!!! Jesus always honored and obeyed His parents and also the Father God!! Know whose you are and that changes everything!

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  7. 2nd Service/
    Tithes and offerings:
    I really like when PD said “ God Never wants you to get His Love second hand- You must know Him!”
    WOW!!!!! My goal, my aim is to know HIM FOR MYSELF & so I will continue in this journey with Him by doing what I know to do from my heart! I’m so thankful and continue to think where would I be and where would I go without His love! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    Service High:
    Wow!!!! Service was AMMMAZZZING!!!
    There is always more to learn and so I stay humble and teachable-READY TO MAKE CHANGES! ITS NEVER TO LATE TO DO THINGS RIGHT! We serve such a GOOD GOD WHO IS FAITHFUL! Jesus is my blueprint! I follow that blueprint! SIMPLE!!!! I like how PD said when we raise our kids right they will be the greatest assets in our lives! I want to DO THINGS HIS WAY! Be DISCIPLINED PATRICIA!!! This is serious stuff!!!! THE WORD WORKS! I’ve got to work it, it’s my responsibility to work it! If it don’t work it’s because I didn’t work it and no ones to blame but me… I HAVE TO STAY DEVOTED, WITH MY HEART RIGHT!!!!

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  8. Sunday was amazingly great and fun! Here’s my highs for Jump Start/when I accept the Word I go home and meditate on that word that meets resistance between the hearing and the doing !This is my place in the family of God yielding to the gifts of the Spirit in seeing and doing!! Jesus/ what you draw from you have to do intentionally !You can have the best of both worlds, but not unless God’s world is first!!! I can have the Best when I seek first the kingdom of God!!! Jesus’ experience was a blueprint for raising our children!!!!I Jesus knew who He was because He knew who He belonged too! ♥️

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  9. Jumpstart was soo good!!! The first thing PC said really stuck with me.. she read Matthew 11:28 and put the emphasis on “come to me” and said that He’s already in position where He needs to be for you to simply come to Him!! He’s in position but where am I finding myself everyday?!

    I really enjoyed all of 1st service!! It’s amazing to get this information even when you’re not in the child raising season! It helped me now on how to even relate to the kids I’m around all the time!!
    Also PD said “when you do it the Fathers way, you’re gonna please everyone around you that has any sense!” That hit home and really confirmed revelation I have BEEN getting and working into my life!!! If I’m soo concerned about what others think I will for sure miss out on all the good He has for me!!

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