DEEP 2.4.19

DEEP was so great, like always!! I’m so thankful for Monday’s!!!! Here are some of our highs from class:

Submission & Authority

  • How are you treating your voices?
  • If you don’t honor your bosses, you don’t honor your Pastors, and you aren’t honoring God!
  • “I’m a little kid! I’ll be playing follow the leader the rest of my life!
  • Regardless of the situation PRAISE HIM!
  • Never see a task before a person!

Faith’s Expression

  • Be people who share the truth
  • The truth = Jesus ❤️
  • Take communion; it’s not a only at church thing, it’s an everyday thing
  • Be quick to repent and run to Him!!

What were your highs from tonight? Let’s grow together!!!😍


  1. Wow!!!! Deep was so good tonight. 🙌🏻 I’m so thankful For the moments were given to hear him.. such a powerful class tonight.
    – we cant be familiar and take things lightly that should be weighty and precious
    – we need to share Jesus, there is someone out there ( in our world ) that needs him ❤️

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  2. Deep Kidz; 3-4 year old class!
    •love is the most powerful force in the universe!
    •the rhythm of my life should be…. love, love, love!
    •His way is always love! If it’s not love.. it’s not from Him!
    •We’ve been created to love! So choose to love!!
    •Jesus loved everyone!

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    > Commit to put to death those things that are killing you!!

    > He covered it ALL—But you must be quick to repent!!!
    …..>>>DON’T run from Him, run to Him!!!

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  4. Wow tonight was awesome!! Love the passion our leaders have for the Word!! It has to be the main thing!! When you can’t recieve from your Pastors whose hearts are after His heart, your heart is displaced! We have what people need, we shouldn’t be casual!

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  5. I’m always so grateful for Monday nights to get to Deep! Here’s my highs!!!!! Authority and Submission/ God always puts you in a position with a man of God for provision I need leadership in my life to grow up in His things in order to be what He has called me to be and do with Him in the Kingdom! I’m a little girl! I need help!!!!!! I have to safeguard my relationship with my Pastors by not being familiar but acknowledge it is their voices if goes away what will my life look like I don’t know about you but my life would never be the same! I’m so thankful for our Pastors that love us just like our Father God loves us!!!!!! When we are self deceived you are offended and will block the life flow out of your heart, you will stifle your growth! I want to be alert paying attention always aware of the enemies entrapment ! Honor keeps me in the right PERSPECTIVE !!! Faith’s Expressions/ Always be quick to repent and run to the Father not from Him!!!! When you take communion or the Lords Supper you Honor the Lords death and what He has done till He comes! For us to receive only part of His sacrifice is an insult to Him!!!!!!! ♥️

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  6. Wow Wow Wow!!!! DEEP WAS SO SO SO GOOD!!!!!! I’m so grateful for leaders who love God with all their hearts souls and minds!

    Submission & Authority/
    I’m not the Boss of my life! Oh how that rocked my world…. I NEED LEADERSHIP!! I NEED HELP!!!! The man in my life PD has been supernaturally here to supply my life! Wow!!! I think back to the first time I came to Chooselife and how he was honestly the first man who was willing to impart the truth in my life! I remember telling my husband I don’t know but I love this man cause he tells the truth and I need truth in my life! I should find myself doing what he says!!!! I don’t want to find myself becoming casual or familiar with the voices of my pastors or leaders, EVER EVER…. I should be Honoring them and NEVER MAKING LIGHT OF IT! I’m a kid!!!!!!! HIS KID, HES GOT ME!!!

    Repentance is a big deal! Be quick to repent! Own it, and move on! THE WORLD DOESN’T HAVE ANSWERS FOR ME! ONLY GOD!!!!! Jesus paid the price for my entire righteousness! I don’t ever have to find myself taking on fear of I mess up I repent, own it and RUN TO GOD!! I am free from the curse because of what Jesus did!

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