Night Life 2.6.19

Service was soo great tonight!!! I’m so thankful for Night Life and the truth that was brought!!! The truth literally changes everything and I’m so thankful we get to hear it every time we come to church!❤️ Here are a couple of our highs from service:

* Jesus already did His part and now I have to make no provision for the flesh!!!!

* Jesus honored God when others walked away!!

* Putting on Jesus means refusing to do and say things you want

* you are clothed with salvation and you can’t take it off!

* Doubt doesn’t fit on you!!

It was such a great night and this week I will focus more on Him, His Word, and relationship with the Father and less on flesh and natural things! So, what were your highs from service?


  1. My highlights:
    * The Holy Spirit is my power source! There are no days of weary and burn out IN HIM! 🙌🏼
    * You’re always working on something, why not on His things?! 🤨
    * Compression of time equals no time to waste! 🏃🏻‍♀️
    * Venting can be detrimental to others – Don’t do it! 🤐
    * This is not about perfection, this is about taking a new direction! 😌
    Thank you, Pastor Faith, for always bringing us the Word in such a dynamic, creative way! God is good!

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  2. There was definitely a shift tonight because of the anointing! God has a tailor-made plan for my life! Hallelujah!! No longer do I make my own plan and do what I want! Everything we do should be for Him! Putting on Jesus is saying “This is me!” He is the only thing that fits me anymore! Doubt doesn’t fit! Unforgiveness doesn’t fit!! My ideas of success don’t fit me anymore! On the daily I have to remind myself the old me has died!!!!!!

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  3. The service was so awesome , I’m so grateful we can come on Wednesday night and hear the truth of Gods Word ! Hears my highs : We have to awake from sleep!!!and know there are things that just don’t fit we have a NEW frame now Putting on Christ His Nature!He has clothed me with salvation and righteousness ! Sickness , lack, worry doesn’t fit my frame ! Jesus didn’t water down the Truth but He focused on Him more than them and their feelings!!!! Doubt doesn’t fit my new frame but Faith does! Jesus Honored God even when others walked away -Putting on Jesus means that I Honor God first!!!!! This was a great message ! Thank you PF!!!!♥️♥️

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  4. I liked the whole dressing room analogy and the token we took home of the dressing room tags was so perfect! There are things that just don’t fit me anymore so I will find myself not trying to put those things back on. Especially doubt. I liked how she shared that Jesus refused to doubt with the blind man. He just continued to do what God said to and he got the Word results! Complete healing!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  5. GOSH!!!!! I’m so so thankful for PF & how she brings the Word to my life!
    I liked this entire message so so much! There are things in my life that won’t fit any longer! Gosh! I want HIM AND SO I HAVE TO PUT HIM ON!! Only he fits me!!!!! So I can quit trying to fit into things that no longer fit me! Jesus so much revelation here for me! He fits me so his things are what I LIVE FOR not for myself and what I want! HIM!!!! HIM!!!!! HIM!!!!!!! Forgive and forget-MOVE ON!!!!! I WILL DO THIS!!!!!!! One day at a time I purpose to be so intentional about MAKING SURE I HAVE HIM ON IN EVERY ARENA OF MY LIFE!

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  6. The things of the flesh, the way the world does things doesn’t fit my life!!! I am a child of God!! I have what it takes to live life the way Jesus did but I must intentionally put on all He is every single day!

    If your heart isn’t in what your doing for Him get up and get your heart right!!! Put Him on and let Him take the lead of every step you take!

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