DEEP 2.11.19

DEEP was so great tonight!!! I am so thankful!!!❤️ Here are a couple of our highs from class:🤓


  • Love has the deal breaker power
  • Love is like pregnancy: you either are or you aren’t!!
  • It’s direction not perfection
  • I have nothing to prove but I have an assignment to produce
  • Every time you see faith, see love!!!

Authority of the Believer

  • Get off the stationary bike that is going no where and get on the real bike and do something!!!
  • Every time I’m being corrected I’m being saved from some type of hell
  • I don’t need an alternative, I need to hear His voice!!!
  • Take every thought as guilty until proven innocent!!!
  • Feelings are fickle! If you’re emotional, start fasting!!

What are some of your highs from class? What are you going to do with what you heard tonight?🙃


  1. Such amazing classes and exactly what I needed to hear!
    LOVE ❤️
    * Hope = Goal = JESUS
    * I have nothing to prove but I have an assignment in which to produce!
    * Judgement = Unsolicited Opinion
    * My destiny is tied to the voices in called to! 🙌🏼
    * When you’re handling it with your words, you’re handling it 🤐
    * Just like the woman with the issue of blood – making contact = supernatural release!
    * If you find yourself asking, “Where’s the increase?” you better start asking yourself, “Where’s the love?!”
    * He chooses me, every day, always!
    * I’m at my job to show people JESUS!
    * If I wouldn’t tolerate it from my kids, why do I think God will tolerate me, making my own “grown” plans?!
    * Sin shifts my position from being OF God to being OF the devil! 🤮
    * The transaction of authority was up to The Father; The establishment is up to me!
    * The alternatives = Plans B – Z!
    * If I don’t separate myself from the world’s ways, I’ll find myself tied up in the world’s ways!

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  2. LOVE
    -when you have time to judge others you have just made obvious you aren’t doing what you know to do for yourself
    ——NO ONE belongs “in your mouth”!!

    – IF the enemy can keep you from using your authority, you forfeit Gods victory in you!!
    -every time you’re being corrected and you accept it you are escaping some kind of hell!!

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  3. DEEP was so good and I got answers!! Faith is love’s best friend!!!! My faith only works to the degree I am living in love!! Judgment is unforgiveness, I have to realize that I am not the judge!! Love isn’t impatient or irritated or fretful! I want my faith to work and love is the only way!
    PF said works is like getting on a stationary bike and going no where!! I don’t want that to be me! I’m His kid therefore I don’t do what I want, I do what He tells me to! Any thought is guilty until proven innocent! I have to eliminate any alternatives.

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  4. Wooow!! Everything I needed! He’s so good!❤️ Some of my takeaways:

    **Practice being aware!
    **If you’re not dwelling in Love, then where are you dwelling🤷🏻‍♀️
    **Faith believes & receives – works earn & achieve (toil)
    **Works is always trying to accomplish something! Ughh soo exhausting!! Thank You Jesus for finishing down to the very last detail, now all I have to do is believe & receive – take authority!
    **Consider the source!! So good
    **I have nothing to prove – I have an assignment to produce!!!
    **The Blood is the enemies greatest enemy! I PLEAD THE BLOOD OVER EVERYTHING!!!
    **When I see Faith, I’ll see Love!!
    **I can’t afford impatience!! Impatience = fear! I can’t afford to be puffed up! = offense. And I refuse any & all hell in my life!

    **I will find myself wanting to show off the Love of GoD(His power)
    **I will constantly find myself in shedding this & embracing that(Him) mode
    **Correction = my personal life boat – I’m being saved from some kind of hell HALLELUJAH!!
    **Stop making things so natural (my job, my mom & wife duties) I am here for a purpose! I HAVE A SUPPLY! Glory❤️
    **1 John 4:4 SONIA DEFEATED HIM TOO!!!!💪🏼
    **Establish your position!! (Who’s are you?!)
    **”OF GOD” = position
    **Take every thought captive ->> and hold it guilty until proven innocent! Is this from GoD?! Soooo good!!

    I’m taking it all!!!

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  5. LOVE//In yourself you don’t have power over shame. The accuser comes tirelessly day and night but THE BLOOD OF JESUS covers the believer! Glory to God!! He is the sufficiency and when we humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness, plead the blood and move on, the enemy has no place

    AUTHORITY//Take every thought captive and it is guilty until proven innocent!!! “Of God” is my position and I must establish this position between my ears and create confidence in my heart.

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  6. If your not operating in love, your faith isn’t going to work.
    God loves me. He did it all for me
    Take every thought captive even good thoughts. This was so good. I’m so thankful for deep and all of our Pastors ❤️

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  7. SO THANKFUL FOR DEEP!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 EVEN MORE THANKFUL FOR THE VOICES HES GIVEN ME!!!!! Where would I be?! Where would I go?! Seriously so thankful For Gods love in my life!!!!!!!

    If I’m not in love I’m in fear! Love is everything! I NEED LOVE! Love is the channel! Works puts you on the defensive! The more you give yourself up to Work not Works you will be made more aware he is everything! DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THE SPOTLIGHT! A thought of accusation that may come up you need to know that’s not from God but from the enemy! HE IS THE FATHER OF ALL LIES!! HE NEVER WINS! I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE-I PRODUCE! It makes no difference what my reputation is! THE BLOOD IS THE ENEMIES GREATEST THREAT! The bloods bigger!!!!!! I AM NOT THE JUDGE!!!! Keep my eyes off others and on Him!!! DO NOT DO NOT PUT MY MOUTH ON OTHERS CHOICES! I WILL CHOOSE LOVE!!!!

    BE SUBMITTED-To the Word, The Father, my Voices, which are my pastors and leaders! DO NOT ALLOW MY MISTAKES TO KEEP ME FROM TAPPING INTO ALL GOD HAS FOR ME! God loves me and he picks me every time. I HAVE ALL POWER & AUTHORITY!!!! I AM JUST HIS KID! I do not do my own thing! I ask Him, he’s my daddy! No matter how many times I mess up I repent and get back up and keep moving on! ESTABLISH WHO’S I am! ME WILL NOT RUN ME… IM HIS!!!!! You only follow your heart when It’s full of the Word of God!


  8. I’m so thankful for Monday night Deep class! My highs are: Love/ is the channel by which FAITH works! When I’m not in love I’m in fear! I have nothing to prove but I do have an assignment to produce!!!! I need to detox my soul so I don’t hold on to unforgiveness and bring it to Him stop giving them voice! The enemy is the accuser never God! Pride never gets answers ! You will always know your results by your LOVE!!!! So very good PC!🤗 Authority/ We have to find out where am’I not submitted!!! He has to be the Authority in every decision I make to set my face like flint to be submitted to the Father!!When we are corrected we make changes from the inside out , our lives do not belong to us we belong to God!Until we come under submission willing to submit what we do to the Father we will not be able to walk in the Authority we have been given!This lesson was so what I needed !!!!Thank you PF♥️

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  9. So thankful for DEEP and the voices I have been joined to!!! God is so faithful to put us right where we belong!❤️
    Love// Faith can’t get where it’s going without love… if my faith isn’t working, where am I not loving?!?
    I am going to evaluate this constantly!! I must stay in a constant place of love in order for my Faith to produce results!

    Authority// Eliminate alternatives!!! In order to walk in the authority I have been given I must be willing to let Him be the only one who calls the shots in my life!
    Take every thought!
    Every thought that comes to mind is guilty of being my own thought (even if it’s a good thought) until it’s PROVEN (by Him) to be His thought! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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