Night Life 2.13.19

Happy day before Valentine’s Day!!💕 We had a great time at church tonight with our Jesus Grams 💌, photo booth📷, and of course the Word📖! It was definitely the perfect way to do mid-week service. Here are a couple of our highs from tonight:

  • The truth is, evil IS NOT good!
  • Any time you know to do and don’t do, you regress!
  • The truth and the promises of God are for everyone!!!

So what were some of your highs from service? What are you going to do with what you heard? Remember, we are in this together. ❤️


  1. Happy Valentines Day💗✨ Church was so special tonight!! Love our Pastors and all that they do for us!!

    Here are some of my highs from youth// you can only serve Him to the degree you know Him and you know Him by His Word! Our relationship to Him is our relationship to love! He becomes the life in the love! Without faith, it’s impossible to please love! Love is a person. God❤️

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  2. Truth not applied is Truth denied!

    Pastor said approach it like you don’t know anything and He knows everything because that pretty much sums it up!

    Pastor Dean has such an ability to make it plain but success only comes from applying what’s taught.

    I’m a doer!

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    1. Such a good point! We can’t go through life going through the motions only! We have to be intentional in our time at church and continue our intent when no one is watching!

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  3. I’m so grateful that I have pastors set in my life who are taught personally by the Holy Spirit and don’t hold back in teaching the truth!! 🙌🏻❤️

    * Truth not applied is truth denied!
    — if you’re not doing it.. it can’t do anything for you!
    * Approach the Word, your time with Him, with childlike faith!!
    * We can only be followed and received by others as we follow and receive the Father!
    * Things go south when you don’t deal with yourself and what you believe in an accurate way!
    * When you change it gives you an opportunity to tell others what happened… because they will notice!

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  4. Church was so good tonight so perfect the day before Valentines Day! My highs were/ *The Holy Spirit is your personal Jesus! *Encourage people to receive the Holy Spirit telling them your story how He changed your life! *The Holy Spirit is the Revilator! *Revelation is what you can build your life on! *I want to be that 25%!!!! *The Truth is the same truth for everyone! * Don’t call evil good if you don’t want evil to live in your house! Duh! ♥️

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