Sunday 2.17.19

Services were so amazing today! I’m so thankful to call chooselife home!!❤️ Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • The most important person I lead is myself because I can only control me
  • Grace is God’s part; faith is my part
  • Leadership requires hope
  • Obey immediately
  • Don’t lose perspective

2nd Service:

  • He tells me what’s available and I decide how much I want it
  • Involve Him in everything
  • Don’t expect your children to be something you’re not
  • Better to be alone and at peace than just a piece
  • He died so I can have THE life

So, what were your highs from service? Remember we are in this together!!


  1. Jumpstart PC:
    Leadership reqs hope.. personally and as it relates to other people! OBEY IMMEDIATELY.. I HAVE A CALL ON MY LIFE BUT ITS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO MAINTAIN MY PERSPECTIVE!
    We have a responsibility to maintain our prospective…
    LOVE IS VITAL……KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE Word !I can only Control myself!! STAY ON THE WORD-CONTROL ME!! IF LOVE ISN’T PRESENT DOUBT IS! If I question Gods love than there’s fear present! Don’t lose hope.. believe the word no matter what.. position yourself on the word.. DO NOT COME OFF THE VICTORY FOR YOURSELF or OTHERS!

    2nd Service Kids w/PK:
    When you rcv Jesus the Holy Spirit brings the life and nature of God to the inside of us. It’s our responsibility to deal with our flesh-The outside! CHANGE!!!!!! You can’t do the same things you used to do. When you choose to lie it’s like your opening the front door to your house and saying come on in Devil!!! 🛑 WE WANT TO BE HONEST.. it’s not worth it!!!!! When your selfish you will be prone to lying because your all about self! BE SELFLESS LIKE JESUS!!!! Stop the jesting and the joking because ITS LYING….LYING DOES NOT FIT THE LIFE OF A BELIEVER…

    3rd Service PD/
    We are either in Belief or Unbelief! There’s no gray. Your either one or the other! FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH!!! Stand on the Word no matter what report you may get! THE WORD WORKS PATRICIA SIMPLY BELIEVE IT-TRUST GOD! There’s no life outside the life of God! Gosh!!! HE IS LIFE FOR ME…. I think about how my life was before Him & IT WAS NO LIFE AT ALL!!! DONT BE DISTRACTED BY PEOPLE!!! I have a personal responsibility for my life! Where I am is exactly where I need to be!

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  2. Today was such an amazing day!! Thankful for revelation and the help of the Holy Spirit to put it to practice and go higher with Him!

    – Just because a feeling is there doesn’t mean it’s relevant… if it not Love, it’s not Him and will get you nowhere!
    – Without hope (vision, perspective) there’s nothing to set your faith on!

    1st service//
    – When you give and honor Him, you set yourself up for further revelation!! You want more of what He has to offer, you must do your part!! It’s all mapped out in the Word! The doing is up to you!
    – Develop your focus!! When you are paying attention to what you are doing, you will do everything by faith!
    – Flood your mind, wash your brain with the Word of God!!! Everything you think, say and do should be a reflection of what is found in the Word!!

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  3. I was so greatful for church today! Here’s some of my highs: *JumpStart/It’s through faith that everything has its entrance to grace! *Love is the environment and oxygen, hope is the foundation keeping our eyes on the Word ! *Leadership requires hope! 1st/If we don’t do what we do in faith it means nothing ! *All success begins with the word revealed by the Spirit! *An exit plan is what our Pastors provide for us to help people be sold out to Him! 2nd/ You’re either in belief or in unbelief! * When I realize He’s my Life-everything is easier to enhance my life for Him! 3rd/ What we present should be the way it is!!! Thanks PD this is so good!😊

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  4. Today was really awesome!! So grateful that every week is a new opportunity to grow and go farther! Here are a few of my takeaways from church:

    “Leadership requires hope! Maintain it personally and as it relates to others!” Gosh I am so thankful for the people who never gave up hope in me!!! PC also said “without hope, there is nothing to set your faith on. We begin and end in hope!!” The story of Saul being converted and how within the hour he was proclaiming Jesus!! I will not yield to doubt and I will not come off my perspective and my victory!!

    1st service//
    PD said “ Get out of your head and into your heart!” I don’t have to question what belongs to me!! Only believe! “All success begins with the Word revealed by the Spirit!” Without Him, we are the walking dead and we have no life!! In all the ways that I conduct my life, He will be at the center, He is the length of my days!!

    “Pleasing Him requires faith which requires love! It’s impossible to earn His love!! Do you really believe He loves you? Choose love even when you don’t feel it!” -PG

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  5. Church was soo good to me today 🙂 I am excited to do my In Him poster with PG 🙂

    1st service offering//
    I like Psalm 84:11; **I celebrate and mix my faith with who God wants to be in my life. I don’t pursue blessings they simply overtake me! I am in position in my humility and obedience for NO GOOD to be withheld from me.
    Prosperity involves not only what I give, but how I give (cheerfully), how I spend (NOT emotionally), and how I save (NOT out of fear)!! This was sooo great to me!!
    1st service message//
    We can’t be successful if we don’t believe. I really liked the opening portion of the message about focus and sincerity and then the second part of the message revealing what Jesus did and the part I play in that: Way=Doctrine. I will continue Truth=His example. I will change my mind…truth must be embraced and then lived. LIFE=He laid His down for me and I will lay mine down for Him. I die daily like the message of the month says!!
    **I will choose a diff exit plan…my latter will be greater than my former therefore I will not stay the same but increase in my intensity and my focus.

    2nd service//
    Doing all you do by faith means you involve HIM!! Hallelujah!! How easy is that!?? I yield to Him.
    Living in the land of promise is guaranteed but not automatic.
    The only way your value can be appreciated is when it is appreciated by someone who sees their value IN HIM.
    **A thought that doesn’t line up with the Word…”you’re not my thought” and it will be cast out according to 2 Corinthians 10:5

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    Looking at how Paul set an example of enthusiasm helped me see it’s time we step up our game. The ball is in our court! We are in control, God is NOT! He delegated authority to us! We must use it. Hope becomes a firm foundation upon which our Faith and Love operate.

    There’s no such thing as non-belief.
    We’re either in belief or unbelief!

    Leaven is either present or it’s not, this is black and white! A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

    Guaranteed NOT Automatic!
    God is not going to make us do what needs to be done!

    FOCUS on things we need to turn our back on.
    EMBRACE His Word
    WALK IN His Word
    FALL IN LOVE with His Plan
    MAKE a Sincere Effort
    This takes WORK
    ASK yourself why you’re not more zealous!
    Is it because I’m walking by sight……….

    Great Word during 1st service!
    Many action points!
    Many thoughts provoked!
    Many changes necessary!
    The ball is in MY court!

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  7. Sundays at church go by so fast for me…I enjoy hearing such good Word of God that I can put in action in my life! My highlights are from 2nd service:
    * In order to be successful, you have to be willing to do things His way!
    * If we don’t do what we do in faith, it means nothing!
    * I need and want God’s SUPER on my natural!
    * Don’t expect your kids to be something you’re not; you are their example! SHANDAI!
    * Living in God’s promises is guaranteed but not automatic!
    * The Word of God mixed with skill and intellect makes whatever project even better!
    * A worldly mind can’t enjoy the things of God!
    Towards the end of service, I had a vision in my head about a “conversation” between The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit and it went like this:
    Father – “I want You to do this for me”
    Holy Spirit – “I’ll help you do this”
    Son – “I’ll do it”
    ❤️ So simple but powerful for me!

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  8. Yaaaay Church!! Church was so great yesterday! 🙂
    Jumpstart: The Ball is always in my court…must be in faith that people will change! I will refuse to allow fear in my “environment” which creates a dead end!
    1st Service: THis service was soo good! My latter days will be better than my former days! I will go to a new level There is nothing easier than doing what He has called us to do!! 🙂
    2nd Service KIDZ: There are not levels of lies…a lie is a lie, whether it was a joke or a statement to spare feelings. A lie is a lie, so we must determine to be people of honesty!!!
    So grateful for church and the opportunity to serve alongside amazing people!! 🙂

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  9. Jump Start// God knew Abraham and Paul would obey. Paul obeyed immediately the command of the Lord and went from mass murderer one day to preaching the Word in the synagogue just shortly after. No questions asked. I will obey Him!

    There’s always less traffic on the high road and there’s always a higher road, a greater level.

    1) we don’t impress the Father but we can please Him.
    2) if we don’t do what we do in faith it means nothing.
    3) we are either in faith or unbelief. There’s no such thing as non-belief.
    4) unbelief and tradition are life killers.
    5) living in the land of promises is guaranteed but not automatic.

    I am not called to fit in. He hung between two thieves on a cross to stand out.

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  10. 2nd service//word from the LORD “Let it go!!” Distracted people can’t live out their full potential. Immediately I knew of two things I needed to let go of.
    There are always guarantees to enjoy the blessings of God but they do have conditions.
    Don’t expect your kids to do something or be something you aren’t.
    We have no life outside of the life of God
    Your relationship with God should and will change your life! Be a DOER!!!
    “Better to be alone and at peace than just a piece” was such a powerful statement!!

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  11. If we don’t do what we do in faith then it means nothing

    All success begins in the word revealed by the spirit

    Paul was zealous and he immediately went to work proclaiming the Word

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