DEEP 1.18.19

Wooooow. DEEP was AMAZING tonight!!🤓 I’m so thankful for the Word, the truth, and our Pastors!!!❤️ Here are a couple of our highs from class:


  • Grace requires humility
  • If it’s the most powerful it should be the most important
  • The biggest part of my plate should be HIS things
  • Without grace and faith I’m left with me
  • It isn’t what we know or want but that we are doing our part


  • Winging it in life is a PROBLEM!
  • Songs should produce faith in my heart
  • You can tell what you worship by how you spend your time
  • Evaluate why we do what we do!
  • God looks at your heart not how eloquent you are!
  • Draw a line in the sand; “that stops HERE!!”

So, what were your highs from class? We are in this together!! 👏


  1. Grace
    -the moment your “want to” meets His “I’ve done it”, you’ll see results!!
    – liked PC’s confession of :::” Father, this is me…I made the mess but I humble myself and I’m coming out of this!” So encouraging that there’s always hope and grace for the humble!!

    -don’t settle for what doesn’t belong to you!!

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  2. Deep was soooo good!Here’s my Highs: *Grace/ Grace always requires humility! *l have to get alone with myself and know I have to change the way I think! *How you do the people you see,is how you do the God you don’t see! * If you’re not in Faith there will be no Grace! Great Word PC!♥️ Worship/ Man looks on the outward appearance ,God looks on the heart! * what you Worship is what you spend time on ,spend time with God!! *You choose to Worship Him when no ones around! * We should have no hesitation lifting our hands to Worship, but to surrender our all to Him!Thanks PG!😊

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  3. So so so thankful for Deep!!!
    Here are my highs!

    PC class-Grace High:
    THIS LIFE LOOKS A CERTAIN WAY! Proverbs 3:5-6-DO NOT LEAN ON MY OWN UNDERSTANDING! Never get tired of getting taught or trained! Allow the word to meet the preprogramming I’ve always had! CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK! I have to be willing to do my part! My part is Believing Speaking and Acting on the Word! If I don’t do that then I will miss out on his benefits! I CANT AFFORD TO BE DISTRACTED!!!!! Stay humble and in love and be honest and sincere! PRODUCERS ARE CONNECTED TO THE VINE-I WILL STAY CONNECTED!!!!! GOD WANTS ME TO DO THINGS HIS WAY-that takes me out of it!!!!! ALL EXPECTATIONS ON HIM!!!

    PG class on Worship High:
    Purposely put your attention on your creator! The enemy is after your worship! Be aware and don’t be ignorant! GOD HEARS ME AND HE SEES MY HEART! When I think about him or exalt him it means something to MY CREATOR! I will be more intentional about using my words to exalt my daddy and minister to him because IM well equipped and able!

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  4. Deep was sooo good to me!!!😊 some of my takeaways:

    **Grace is His part – Faith is mine💪🏼
    **If I don’t do my part —> I can’t benefit from His part!!
    **Faith is 3-fold: BELIEVE, SPEAK, DO! One without the other is incomplete, it won’t have full manifestation
    **Its my responsibility to do something with the measure of Faith I’ve been given! This is huge!
    **Rom 8:29 MY DESTINY 😊
    **Faith requires changing – the way I live! I remember PD saying, “In order for there to be change, there has to be change”
    **Evaluate your part: marriage, children etc WHAT IS MY PART!!
    **I only have so much time(soooo true) I have to watch what I allow on my plate!!☝🏼
    **If I do my part – Faith will magnities all it holds toward me❤️
    ** I’m not called to perform – I’m called to PRODUCE!! I CANNOT produce without Him!! Teamwork 💪🏼
    **Carnality = distracted
    **1 Peter 5:8 I choose NOT TO BE DEVOURABLE
    **Its not enough to know truth – I NEED GRACE TO WALK IN IT❤️❤️
    **Every time I yield in humility – I grow in Grace! Hallelujah!!
    **Im sooo inconsistent without Him!!😪

    **the enemies mission: to steal my worship!🤨 I choose to worship GoD no matter how I feel, no matter how it looks!
    **You can tell what you worship, by how you spend your time! So good, we have to prioritize our day!!
    **What I worship- will manifest in my life! ITS GONNA BE LIFE🙌🏼👆🏼
    **YOU CANT EVER EVER GET TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU SAY, “I got this”. The next day & the next day, we do this all over again!!
    **Know where you’re aiming! Walk in the FREEDOM ❤️
    **Do not allow the enemy to take your boldness
    **In times of worship, you connect with who you really are – and you are transformed into that image so it becomes a reality on the outside for others to see! HES SOOO GOOD TO US!!
    **Worship = POWER 🔥
    **Choose today who you will serve! It’s gonna be GoD💪🏼
    ** Father, teach me, guide me…one day at a time❤️

    I walk today, and every day after, with more truth & more freedom! Thank You Jesus!🙌🏼👆🏼 Without Him I am nothing, I can do nothing & I have nothing 😩

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