Night Life 2.20.19

Service was soo good tonight!! I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit and to learn more about Him!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • The Holy Spirit’s assignment is to make mine clear
  • Him in me is POWER and keeps me from being intimidated
  • The Holy Spirit was sent to remove confusion

I will not be intimidated but take full advantage of the Holy Spirit and every benefit He brings to life. ❤️ So, what were your highs from service?

We are in this together!!😍


  1. Wow!!! Just finished listening to tonight’s message.. IM SO THANKFUL FOR PD and the way he brings truth to my life!

    Everything we have access to is MIRACULOUS! My life is a MIRACLE!!!!!
    The Hs assignment is to make things clear to us! Regardless what I feel
    Or see the Word is bigger than anything else! THE WORD IS THE ANSWER & SOLUTION FOR EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE! Be adamant and Embrace and Rcv what belongs to us and CONTINUE!!!! Your life is what people are looking for…. THIS IS ABOUT BELIEVING in GODS WORD!!!! Be ADAMENT!!!!!! The only way to walk away from the things that had you bound is by THE HS…
    we’ve been given power and authority !!!!! RCV IT!!!!!!!! The Hs was sent to remove confusion… your here to serve people what it looks like to be a child of God! Just because you have a lot going for you it won’t excite everyone.. Be an ADAMANT BELIEVER!!!!! You have to be willing to turn your back on who you were and take on who he’s called you to be and with that comes the power and authority to do it! STICK WITH IT!!!!!!!! Everything that the father designed for us was to give us the ability to have growth in life So our life would be a witness for people! He wants to take us over where we don’t see ourselves as necessary in the equation only to be obedient. When were pursing the father and allowing the Hs to lead us we have access to supernatural increase from the inside out..

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  2. My Highs
    *Without faith it is impossible to please God
    *Faith is pleasing God or living my life to please HIM
    *In LOVE my future is settled
    *Unforgiveness keeps you from love
    *Forgiveness is not a feeling, it’s a choice

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  3. Tonight was amazing in Youth!! Here are some of my takeaways//

    • Faith will not work in an unforgiving heart
    • Forgiveness is not a feeling it’s a choice

    PC also said sometimes it’s easier to forgive others but we have to forgive ourselves too! If we step out of love, we are in fear and that brings works, shame, and bondage. I will stay in love and forgive because I want my faith to work!! It’s faith that pleases God!!❤️

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  4. Acts 1:8 I will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon me. The power is what removes intimidation. 2 Timothy 1:7 “God hasn’t given me a spirit of fear/intimidation but power, love, and a sound mind.” That’s His job to come in and replace all that with the power of God. The Holy Spirit is supposed to work powerfully in my life. I have to give Him the space to do it.

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  5. Wow! I really REJOICED at church! I didn’t think I liked that song at first but it is so good and I’m thankful for pastors who are sensitive to the movement of The Holy Spirit 😊
    My highs are:
    * Praise keeps the switch of faith turned ON! I don’t want to stumble in the dark just because I won’t open my mouth!
    * My life is a miracle! I have to see myself as He sees me!
    * My life is the BEST evidence of God’s power! People can’t argue with how good God has been in MY life so go on and BE BOLD!
    * I have to be willing to turn my back on who I was in order to walk in who I was created to be! Yessss! I’ve got to PUT IT DOWN to be able to PICK UP what He has for me!
    * The Holy Spirit increases my capacity to walk in love, walk by faith, do things correctly, and be obedient! I can’t do this without Him!

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  6. Highs from Nightlife :

    “The Holy Spirit increases my capacity to love, forgive and to do things right!! He will put us in a position to receive the blessings, we don’t have to pursue blessings! This happens from the inside out as we pursue the Father and His things!” I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit and all that He has done in my life!! He wants to help us in every area! Just like PD said our life is a miracle! We cannot do what we are called to do without the Holy Spirit!


  7. The Holy Spirit is the power I need to put the revelation I receive to work in my life!

    My life is a miracle and should be a witness to everyone around me of the One who set me free!

    He increases me in every way when I put Him and His things FIRST!

    So thankful for my church home ❤️❤️ and for Pastors who are so anointed to bring the Word in such a way that it just clicks!! 🙌🏻😍


  8. The Holy Spirit/ here’s my highs: * The Holy Spirit empowers me for everything I need to know and do , will power won’t last it’s a trap! *He increases our capacity to love and forgive! *He is the answer for everything in this life and not to quit!


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