Sunday 2.24.19

Happy Sweet Sunday!!! 🍭🍭🍭 Service was amazing today; I’m so thankful for the Word! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • The goal is to drown the doubt out
  • There is a higher authority than my plan
  • It’s not about how you say it but who has ears to hear
  • Familiarity produces offense which is rooted in jealousy

2nd Service:

  • Focusing on things I can possess more than focusing on His things = serving money
  • There’s no need to fear the future; He’s already there
  • If you look at the wrong thing too much you’ll start embracing it
  • The punk does the punking, not God!
  • He allows what I allow
  • Move the fluff out and get the truth in

So, what were your highs from service? Remember, we are in this together!!😍


  1. My Highs

    *Obedience is better than sacrifice

    *You can’t tie yourself to people who don’t want to hear

    *If you want to have a strong spirit, feed it the word

    *What goes in comes out

    *It doesn’t matter what I think, its HIS will

    *Its not about what or how you say things its about who is listening

    *You never move past your last act of disobedience

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  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great day of church!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st service//
    I on purpose die daily; turning my back on what the world says is normal and pursuing the supernatural.
    I judge me daily; examine my faith; judge my heart, my motive, and my decisions.
    Because the enemy doesn’t have a voice in my life he will try and use someone who does.
    “Everything affects everything”: I will pay attention to everything, I will think before I speak, I will be serious about everything.
    The enemy doesn’t care about me, he cares about stealing the Word!
    “The further you walk away from your behind the better life smells.” AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
    If it is the Word of God, it is the will of God.
    When I focus on the right things the wrong things will have no effect on me!
    When I do the Word I am doing Him!!!!


    2nd service//
    Loving God is loving the Word!
    If it is good, it is from God even if it is just a great meal! I choose to be sooo much more grateful!!!!!!!!!
    You can look so long at something else that you begin to focus there instead of where you should.

    IN HIM I overcome all sin so I will stay put in Him.
    By His grace we will finish our race…thank you Jesus!!!
    He bore it all so I choose to not just know it but experience it!!


  3. 1st: everything affects everything!!!

    Be so serious that when you’re around people you bring light to their life!!

    2nd: start talking and acting like you’ve been bought and paid for!!

    If you find yourself focused on the wrong thing too long you’ll begin to embrace it!



    My head will fight me till I die! The goal needs to be to drown out doubt! DO NOT YIELD TO DOUBT PATRICIA!!!!! Always thinking and allowing the thought “What are you going to do, What are you going to do????” THAT IS CARNAL….. The carnal mind will drown you in Unbelief… DO NOT LET IT!! I was created to meditate.. I am made for that so I should be feeding on the Word All the Time…. be a person of the SPIRIT!! PRESS…. PRESS…. PRESS….. I purpose to press and keep my mind meditated on the word and praying in the spirit at all times… I will be aware of where my mind is taking me… When I allow the Word to be the biggest deal in my life.. His will.. then when issues rise up THE WORD WILL RISE UP AND OUT OF ME!! yessssss!!!!! I NEED HIM AND HIS WORD…

    MY mouth should never be on others success! BE GRATEFUL FOR WHERE I AM!!! IF ITS NOT GRATEFUL GET RID OF IT PATRICIA… NO ONE should have my affection like HIM.. HE SHOULD BE THE BIGGEST DEAL, FIRST PLACE IN MY LIFE!!! I should never allow anything or anyone to become bigger than HIM! I will ENJOY IN HIM!!! HE WILL BE MY ALL… HE LOVES ME!!!!! NO ONE LOVES ME LIKE HIM..

    The enemy comes in through sin!! A lie marks you-IT BRANDS YOU… DO NOT ALLOW LYING TO REMAIN ON ANY LEVEL.. A lie is a lie there are no small or big lies.. A LIE IS WHAT IT IS-A LIE!! Be a person of honesty!! If you want to be successful than be honest! Allowing lying to remain is allowing a fake version of yourself to remain.. BE HONEST!!! Whenever i speak the truth I WILL BE SOLID.. Lying will eat away at your joy and it will cause you to be unstable in every way! JESUS IS OUR EXAMPLE!!! We should find ourselves examining ourselves so that nothing that dont belong shouldnt!!

    This week I will PRESS into the word!!!! I will meditate and pray in the Holy Spirit even more!!! THERES MORE!! I will be grateful for where i am at and i will not have my mouth on others success or on others in any way! I will examine myself and be honest with myself of where i am at.. I will be HONEST!!!!


  5. Everything affects everything.
    Experiencing the abundant life takes work.
    When you are your own judge I avoid judgement because I know where I’m at.


  6. 2nd//
    God is faithful! My only responsibility is to live MY LIFE according to the word and not think about what other people are doing or not doing. He always comes through!!
    *any distraction from/for anything other than the Father is lust!! Not only a sexual sin but a sin if I’m seeking anything more than Him!!
    Love God personally and let the chips fall where they may!


  7. Jump start// you can have faith in your heart and doubt in your head. You don’t have to get the doubt out, you just have to drown it out with the Word!

    Ears to hear involves being humble and hungry.

    Service highs// everything affects everything. I have to pay attention to everything.

    If I don’t ever address my behind, I’ll never move forward.

    Don’t overlook the smallest of details. Thank him for caring for every detail of my life.

    God will allow what I allow.

    Faith embraces what He says not what I think.


  8. Here’s some of my highs from Jump Start: *You can have Faith in your heart and doubt in your head! * You don’t have to get doubt out you drown it out! #1You feed on the Word! #2Pray in the Holy Spirit ! #3We are to believe and receive according to the plan of God in obedience! *Change is tied to Faith! Familiarity produces an offense rooted in jealousy! *Don’t continue to tie yourself to those who don’t have ears to hear even in the church! Pastor Dean/*Everything affects Everything!this is about my hearing and doing everything! *If you don’t address your behind you’ll never go forward! * I have to be receptive enough to see my place of desperation for Him!


  9. Jumpstart// don’t be carnal in your decision making, there’s a higher authority than my plan!! If you don’t care enough to grow, you won’t! Im going to be more passionate about pressing in and not being distracted!

    1st// everything affects everything! Having the life of God is one thing, experiencing it is another! I’m not going to be satisfied with just being saved but I aim to reflect Jesus more and more and not become apathetic. I think of a mirror and how it shows you who are naturally- the Word shows us who we are in Christ!🙌🏻


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