Sunday 3.3.19

Service was so good today. I’m so thankful to learn more about JESUS! ❤️ Here are a couple of our highs from services:


  • My victory is tied to my hunger
  • If I don’t control my flesh how can I lead others in the right direction?
  • If I can’t order my days I can’t live an orderly life
  • Majoring on the minors will steal your peace and time and weaken your faith

2nd Service

  • When we take care of His business He’ll take care of ours- Matt. 6:33
  • You’ll never be satisfied until you do things HIS way
  • What He authorized me to do He has empowered me to do
  • There’s no reason to hate your life- Love Himself has bought/provided life!!

So, what were your highs from service? What are you going to do with what you heard? Remember, we are in this together!!! ❤️❤️❤️


  1. Church was soo good today!! So thankful to have such an amazing church family to grow in His things with! 🙌🏻❤️

    1st service//
    Take NO thought!! We spend way to much time thinking about things that make no difference.. I will take inventory of my thoughts and allow the Holy Spirit to correct the wrong ones, even if they’re not technically “bad” and I will replace them with what God says!

    The name of Jesus launches life to people who believe!! The Holy Spirit gave me the picture of a slingshot.. the slingshot itself is Jesus.. my believing is the rubber band and to the degree that I believe in the name of Jesus I will be launched into the life He has for me!

    My relationship with Jesus affects everything so I better make sure me and Him are tight before I leave the house or the affect I have on others will not be good!

    The living water Jesus wants to give me is not about what’s going on around me but what’s happening in me!! My happiness isn’t based on outside things… I have Joy because He loves me and that’s enough for me!!

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  2. 1st Service was such a blessing! Thank you, Pastor Dean!

    1st Service

    God’s got my back and He will take care of the small stuff when i focus on the big stuff! (His plan) ❤
    Matthew 6:25-33

    His plan is tremendously fulfilling and will cause me to be influential in our one specific purpose: that people be drawn to the Kingdom.

    We were called to make a DIFFERENCE!

    Anything i do that is not pointing to Him is just worthless.
    (**This week i will really evaluate how i spend my time and make changes as the Holy Spirit leads me to.**)

    God's definition of successful is having a vital attachment to Him!

    Life is gonna have to center around ME AND HIM because my relationship with Him is about the TWO of us. 🙂 ❤

    To receive Him is to continue to honor and respect Him.

    JESUS is the only name by which man can be saved by! JESUS! JESUS! JESUS!

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    Only to the degree that you live this out will you be an example for others to see!!


    If things aren’t going right according to gods word, then it’s evident you aren’t doing gods word!

    What he’s authorized you to do; he’ll empower you to do!

    There’s a price to pay to become successful!

    The only time you stay stuck is when you’re unwilling to move forward!

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  4. Church was awesome today! I really liked the wintery day too!! 🙂

    1st service//
    If you want your “heard and seen” to be valuable it needs to be the fruit of your relationship with Him. (This week I will be even more aware that without Him I have nothing to offer!)
    The enemy is subtle…he will try and use your emotions, “tenderness, and pride to keep you from taking the stand you should make for fear of what other people will think. (I will be bold about the name of Jesus!!!)
    I AM THE BLESSED ONE! I am not walking by sight, my experiences or the experiences of others! Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2nd service//
    I can’t do “it”, anything on my own. If I don’t see God as my provider there will always be a dis-ease in my life. HE IS MY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Because Love (God) cares more about me than anyone else, I can have faith in the unseen!!!

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    1. I really liked that about wanting your “heard and seen” to be valuable!!
      I put it in my notes this way “If I want my “heard and seen” to be valuable, everything I say and do must come from Him!” So thankful for revelation that makes way continuous growth !! 🙌🏻😍

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  5. Jump start//
    Majoring on minors will weaken your faith, and steal your peace and time.

    Ask Him, show me the majors today.

    God planned, Jesus spoke, the Holy Spirit did the work. I face Him, follow Him, and reveal Him.

    Everything affects everything

    If it’s outside your business, it’s none of my business

    My faith grows as my confidence grows. This happens through time spent with Him.

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  6. 2nd service//we have an enormous opportunity for growth every time we hear the word. PD said, “When you’ve been given the authority to use Jesus’Name to receive anything, you ought to learn how to receive that!” It has to be the most important because everything good that you are or want to be or do comes from Him!! You better get your badge on and start directing that traffic by the Holy Spirit!!!

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  7. Church was so good today ! Here’s my highs: Jump Start/ *My victory is tied to my hunger! So good!!!! * If I don’t control my flesh, how can I help anyone! * Spiritual things are to come first, seek first the kingdom of God! Matt. 6:33 everything else will follow! *Majoring in the miners will steal my peace and my time with distractions this weakens my faith ! 1st/ The only thing God is interested in is people having a vital connection with Him that none parish! *Anything I do that isn’t pointed in lifting Him up it is pointless ! 2nd/ If you don’t see God as your provider , you set yourself up for dis-ease in your life ! * What He’s authorized me to do He’s empowered me to do! 3rd/ Jesus is the ONLY ONE that can deal with every issue! So good Thanks PD!🤗

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  8. GRATEFUL GRATEFUL GRATEFUL for our church and our pastors!

    Jumpstart High:
    This life isn’t something we take casual! If this is casual to you, you will never have a life change! I will purposely be aware of where I’m at and not becoming casual on any level regarding HIS THINGS! WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT HIM! Majoring on minors will steal your peace and time and weakens your faith! What things really frustrate you Patricia!?!? Focus on the right thing! He will show me the majors! Your ability to walk in faith is BELIEVING SPEAKING AND DOING THE WORD! He’s God and I’m not!

    2nd Service High:
    I really like when PD said “Delight in Him
    & He will change your natural life supernaturally!” ahhhhhh! Seriously HE IS A BIG DEAL!!!!!! Jesus Established my Value! ITS FINISHED!!!!! I’m Enough!!!! IN THE NAME OF JESUS ALL AUTHORITY HAS BEEN VESTED! DO LIFE HIS WAY! INCREASE MY FOCUS on HIM AND HIS THINGS!!!!

    3rd Service Kids:
    Jesus is our source! IN JESUS=love, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, joy, etc… we have access to everything in God-ITS IN ME! Don’t be hungry for the wrong things! Continually asking myself “What are you hungry for Patricia?”
    STAY HUNGRY FOR HIM!! Please Him!! I will be filled when I’m hungry for Him!! YAY!!!!!! HIS THINGS NEVER RUN OUT! But the worlds things run out!!!!


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