DEEP 3.4.19

Classes were so good tonight! I’m so thankful for school!!🤓📚 Here are a couple of our highs:


  • A person who doesn’t think right won’t act right
  • The Father gives us things to enjoy but satisfaction only comes from Him
  • Don’t move your life by circumstance
  • Walking by faith is humility
  • Pride keeps your relationship with God distant
  • We are not performers but producers

Faith’s Expressions//Gifts of the Spirit

  • The opportunity to fast! Starting Wednesday-Easter❤️
  • The Early Church was available for God’s power to flow through them- IT’S UP TO ME TO BE AVAILABLE
  • Get can’t out of your vocabulary! You have the Holy Spirit!!
  • Isolation promotes doubt and unbelief
  • We should be expecting to participate in the Gifts of the Spirit

So, what were your highs from class? Let’s encourage and build each other up with what we received; remember, we are in this together!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Reminder- The mini book PC mentioned is Words by Kenneth Hagin! Also, some books on fasting in the TFS are- A Commonsense Guide to Fasting by Kenneth E Hagin and Fasting by Maureen Anderson


  1. Grace:

    Where your mind goes your life goes !

    Defend your thoughts !

    You become what you behold!

    God doesn’t work on the outside of man!

    You don’t have to work for your position, but it takes work to defend!

    We are not performers; we are producers!!!

    Gifts of the spirit:

    He that is in you can!!!

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  2. I’m so thankful for our Deep School in Monday nights! Here are my highs from these classes! Grace/ You can’t grow without Grace! * Don’t let distractions desensitize you from grow in Grace because of no reverence for the Spiritual atmospheres where growth occurs! * What is my relationship with Jesus in Grace to run my race? *God doesn’t work in the things that are on the outside but on the inside ,our Spirit! Gifts of the Spirit/ *Stop saying you can’t , The One Who lives in you can! *we must walk and live in the love of God in order to minister with the motive of blessing people!


  3. PC class Grace High:
    I really liked how when PC said “How I live is a reflection of my love for Him!” That’s super powerful to me because it challenges me to be so aware of How I’m living.. what I’m speaking.. doing.. thinking! Gosh!!! I want everything I do to bring HIM honor and glory!!!! Also another favorite was “It’s honorable to not be crunchy!” SERIOUSLY! WOAH!!!!!! How many times I’ve gone thru my days crunchy unaware! Gosh! I will grow and continue growing because I want to be honorable in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!

    Mrs Vonnie Faith’s Expression Class High:
    DONT BE INDEPENDENT BUT BE DEPENDENT TOTALLY UPON HIM! Also don’t find yourself isolated! Isolation is dangerous! I like when she said “Were not called to build Religion but Relationship!” SO POWERFUL TO ME!!!! This about everyday surrendering in a state of being totally yielded in every arena of my life TO HIM!!!!!!! YESSSSS!


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