Night Life 3.6.19

Night Life was so great tonight! I’m so thankful for church and to learn more about the Holy Spirit. Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • man can’t convict man. It takes the Spirit of God to draw a man to change
  • everything the Holy Spirit does is done in love
  • allow the Holy Spirit to do in you what can be done no other way

I’m so thankful for the Holy Spirit; for correction, for LOVE! What were some of your highs from service? What are you going to do with what you heard?


  1. Thankful for tonight’s service!! Here are some of my highs:
    *Following Him begins when we accept His invitation!! We embrace Him at face value!!
    *Speaking in tongues is part of our relationship with Him!!
    *There is no excuse not to be connected through the Holy Spirit!!
    *The Holy Spirit will bust me out without making me feel guilt or shame!!! The Holy Spirit will also fortify my connection with the Father!!❤️
    *I want to know more than what I already know!! I must be faithful over the revelation I have received to obtain more!!
    *Our words are alive, we choose life or death in them!!

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  2. I really like that…speaking in tongues is part of our relationship with God!!! That’s soo good!! Like it’s not just for us but it honors Him!!!

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  3. I really like that…speaking in tongues is part of our relationship… That’s soo good!! Like it’s not just for us but it honors Him!!!


  4. Sooo thankful for His love, for The Holy Spirit in me!!
    Takesways from last night:

    •As a child of GoD – the enemy cannot put his hands on me – he CANNOT TOUCH what belongs to The King of kings & The Lord of lords!💪🏼 HALLELUJAH!!! I’ll take that with me today(and every day)!!

    •Pay attention ->> to what you’re putting your attention on!
    Luke 12:15 – Beware of the excessive, unrestrained feeling/behavior for things

    •The HS is able to expose, convict & convince, without leaving a sense of guilt or shame!! Hallelujah yesss!! Thats LOVE

    I am blessed, I am called
    I am healed, I am whole
    I am saved in Jesus’ name
    Highly favored, anointed
    Filled with Your power
    For the glory of Jesus’ name

    GoD You’re SOOOO GOOD TO ME❤️❤️

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  5. I haven’t listened to the message yet, but I really liked what PD said during communion; about having a family and how important it is that we work together as a family of faith!! That was powerful!!!


  6. Wednesday Night service was amazing! My highs: * Without The Holy Spirit we will never enjoy what really belongs to us! *What we are instructed to do He will help us do! * The Holy Spirit brings supernatural Revelation and freedom into our lives!


  7. Such a great service!
    *you can’t do spiritual things naturally… they must be done by the spirit! I must give Him the space to do what only He can do!
    *ohhh when PD was talking about how the enemy knows exactly what’s going on and what you’re doing when you speak in your known language but when you pray in tongues he is clueless!! Soo good!! When God promises start to show up because of our obedience to pray in tongues and let Him have His way in us, it will be a slap in the face to the enemy!!!


  8. Nightlife highs//
    “The Holy Spirit is God’s presence in our life!! God doesn’t expect for us to do this on our own, He labors with us hallelujah! Everything my life needs will be revealed by the Holy Spirit. His assignment is to convict, convince, and expose, and He does it without leaving a sense of shame or guilt!” The HS is personal and wants to help me in every area but I have to be willing to yield to Him and be obedient! He will be #1 in my life!


  9. Receptivity brings activity.

    The people in the book of acts brought the receptivity then a connection was made which was the infillingbif the Holy Spirit.

    He just needs my want to and hunger.


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