Sunday 3.10.19

Service was so good today. I am so thankful for our Pastors and the Word we hear. Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • The most important person you lead is yourself because you can only control you
  • If i’m not hearing from Him, who am I hearing from?
  • When I’ve yielded to fear, it is now in my drivers seat
  • 3 A’s: attitude, apprehensives, appetites
  • All that matters is what I do for Him

2nd Service

  • You don’t have to possess a lot to be covetous
  • If I put myself in competition with others around me I’ll always be a loser
  • My success is in what I sow
  • Jesus didn’t “want to” more than He was “willing to”
  • Your present will never be right if you’re living in your past or planning your future

So, what were your highs from service? What are you going to do with what you heard?



    3 A’s for keeping your body under:
    A1: Attitude/ outlook
    A2: Apprehensives/ anxiety
    A3: Appetite/ strong wish or desire
    ——-So excited about this 21 day challenge to crucify the flesh!!! There’s such freedom in doing things His way and acknowledging all that is not of Him so that it can be obliterated!!!

    Service highs:
    -don’t let what you possess define you, let WHO possesses you define you!!!
    – Faith is doing what’s right according to God’s Word in every area of your life!
    -don’t let the fear of man keep you from being who you are In Him!!
    -you can’t want what He has and do what you want to!!

    -your present will NEVER be right if you’re living in the past or planning for your future!! —-FAITH IS NOW!!

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  2. Jumpstart High:
    Lose yourself and then you’ll find yourself-CONFORMED TO HIS IMAGE! This isn’t about me! ITS ABOUT HIM!!!! Surrendering it all to Him for Him by Him! I really like the 3 A’s-Attitude, Apprehensives, Attitudes… Don’t make you great!DO IT HIS WAY! Yield to him right away! If I’ll honor him he’ll add everything to me! KNOW HIM!!!

    2nd Service Highs:
    Tithes & Offerings: Stay out of others business-ITS NOT YOUR BUSINESS! Spend time focusing on your own stuff.. DONT BE A COVETOUS PERSON! JUST TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN STUFF!
    Service: BE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR CHRISTIANITY! Jesus took my place so I could step into His! True success isn’t dependent on what I can do! WITHOUT HIM IM NOTHING! Be adamant about the goodness of God! Gods word is made to make your life better! If I’m serious everything in my life will get better! BE SERIOUS…. will to do the will of God! THIS MATTERS!!!! HIS ASSURANCE?? Or more insurance??? DANG!!!!!! I want HIS ASSURANCE-HIM, HIS WORD!!!!!!! God knows what I’m capable of! I want to be a person who shows her children what it looks like to fight the good fight of faith and who shows them what it looks like to make HIM MY EVERYTHING!!!! Gosh!!!!!! Humbled!!! So thankful for our Pastors and Leaders.. 😭😭! Seriously tho! WHERE WOULD MY LIFE BE???? Gosh……

    3rd Service Highs:
    I DO NOT NEED TO PROVIDE ANYTHING because JESUS DOES-peace, love, joy, etc….. I HAVE A SUPERNATURAL SOURCE, an out of this world supply! I DONT NEED TO BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING! HES IN ME…THE MOST POWERFUL SOURCE IS IN ME & I need to allow it to flow out of me to others! I access it by Believing Speaking and Doing the Word! ALL POWER IS IN ME… it’s important what you believe????? I want to be full of his word so that is what I believe speak and do!! Even when I see contrary to what the word says, I STAND… I have to determine within me that I’m gonna believe in GOD or do my own thing! Gosh! I want to do things his way!!!!!


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  3. I want to be in the minority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will follow Jesus’ example: my “will to” will override my want to!!!!!


  4. A few notes from my journal!!!
    1st service//
    If our identity is attached to anything other than Him it will be very easy for you to become offended.
    2nd service//
    Key to be in the minority: be willing to do what you don’t want to.


  5. Praise God the services were so good today I’m grateful for church and the Word! Here’s some of my highs: *The most important person you lead is yourself , you can only control you! * We don’t walk out our destiny through our intellect! *The 3 A’s 1.Attitude 2.Apprehensives 3.Appetite * Allow my Spirit to rule! *Drench my fear in the Love of God!!! 2nd/ My success is in what I sow! *You have to be in the Now that’s where He is!! 3rd/ Some of us need to make changes to continue to go forward! * Mind your own business !!!! Great Word PD! Thanks🤗


  6. Jump start// imagine what life would look like without the truth I know. It’s nothing I want!

    3 A’s – Attitiude, aprehensives, appetites

    The Father is showing me how I have been apprehensive and I am learning how to resist fear and walk by faith.

    3rd Service

    His sovereignty is best expressed in his unwillingness to force himself on anyone.

    You’ll never know what it’s supposed to look like until you do it.

    When I lose my life I will find it.

    Don’t pursue things that will burn. Let them come to me.


  7. Jumpstart// you don’t have to change you, the WORD will do it for you! We are in the God class🙌🏻When He defeated all of hell, I defeated all of hell! There is nothing in the world that rivals knowing Him! I’m excited to log all my A’s!

    1st// if we aren’t constantly in the purifying process, something’s not right. 1 John 4:17❤️❤️❤️


  8. It takes receptivity for there to be activity! I will have ears to hear and do things in faith so that there will be growth in my life (:


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