DEEP 3.11.19

Wow! We had 2 great classes at DEEP tonight: Divine Health and Prosperity!! I’m so thankful for school!!!🤓 Here are a couple of our highs from class:

Divine Health

  • I’m in my promised land, don’t let the enemy steal!
  • Sin opens the door for death and destruction
  • It’s time the body of Christ stands up and says NO!
  • Don’t EVER say “I can’t stop that”
  • Everything I hear I am responsible for


  • Expect victory ALL the time
  • What my heart is filed with with establish my life
  • When He has my heart, money is just a tool
  • The blessing begins for the doers
  • “The Father gives you the proper desires from heaven and your faith prayer brings them to earth”
  • When you fabricate your own desires you have to figure out how to make it on your own

What were your highs from class? I can’t say enough how thankful I am for another night of truth!!!❤️


  1. Divine Health:
    You’ve got everything you need in ALL that He is and did!!!

    Our lives reflect what’s going on in our heart!!

    When it’s from Him and for Him, it won’t cause you any trouble!!


  2. Sooo good tonight, here’s some of my takeaways!!
    • ITS NOW UP TO ME – to receive it!
    • When we doubt – deterioration begins to take place 😪
    • Today, i can freely ear of the tree of life!!❤️ I stick to the plan – I eat it every day!
    • My part = OBEDIENCE (to heat, to believe/speak & do)
    • When He was on the cross, I was on His mind!😩
    • the enemies goal is for us to open the door(through sin) – so the curse can run its course
    • “GoD is in me today – The Spirit of GoD is in me!”

    • Expect victory!!
    • 2 Cor 8:9 some might – and some might not🤷🏻‍♀️(John 10:10) I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH!!🙌🏼

    I AM EXPECTING great things today, He is for me, the favor of the Lord is on me! Health & healing is mine & I refuse to loosen my grip on it! I refuse to have any kind of decay in my life, I choose to BELIEVE, I CHOOSE LIFE!!! 💪🏼


  3. I’m so grateful for Monday night Deep and the Word! Divine Health: *People believe it, but they are silent, you have to speak what the Word says! *Today we now can eat everyday of the tree of Life! * All the Scriptures are healing medicine! *Don’t let the enemy steal what Jesus paid for it’s already done! Prosperity/ *when it’s from Him and for Him it’s always a blessing! *Quit categorizing your assignment , I’am right where I’m suppose to be,doing the things He’s called me to do to help the overall picture of the Kingdom! I really liked this , it was just confirmation for me. I had been asking the Father about this very thing in my own life!!!! He is more than enough! * Until the Kingdom has you, you have nothing!!!!


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