1. Okay so tonight as I asked Holy Spirit what message to listen to, he clearly told me to listen to Youth Message #1 on WHAT IS LOVE? WOW!!!!!!!!! such a great great message and so thankful for the Holy Spirit showing me that message!
    So I should never approach the word like “I’ve heard this before”.. I want to find myself FOCUSED & HUNGRY-DISCIPLINED! I should not allow the enemy to isolate me with my own issues! DANG THAT WAS SO GOOD TO ME!! So many times people and I’m speaking for myself can think gosh I’m the only one dealing with these things.. UMMMM.. NO!!! Believers everywhere are dealing with pressure and issues but as a believer we can be of Good Cheer because GODS OVERCOME THE WORLD! I’m not alone! I need to put a demand on the Word! MY FUTURE AS A BELIEVER IS BRIGHT!!!!!!! Oh my SO SO SO GOOD & just such a great reminder in my day today THAT MY FUTURE IS BRIGHT AND ITS ALL BECAUSE OF HIM! The word of God can work on our Spirits our Souls and our Body’s! ITS POWERFUL! The word can do for us what NOTHING ELSE CAN DO FOR US!
    The word does for my spirit- it builds it up, it strengthens it!
    The word does for my body- brings healing to my body! It can work on issues I didn’t even know I had!
    The word works in my soul- it’s puts it in check and restores it!
    I like the question that PC asked.. “WHO DO YOU WANT TO PLEASE?”
    Dang!!!!!!!! We as believers want to find ourselves pleasing HIM ONLY.. pleasing=to satisfy, acceptable to, fully agreeable… WE SHOULD HAVE A DESIRE TO PLEASE GOD!!!!! When we are please people we aren’t pleasing Him! I WANT TO BE AWARE and find myself PLEASING ONLY HIM!
    I know this is ALOT..BUT JESUS.. this message did something to me!!!!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  2. I listened to knowing and overcoming evil from 2014!!! Wow it was soooo good!!!! Some of my highs were:
    If you tolerate something long enough you’ll begin embracing what you once despised
    You become you with the choices you make when you are all alone
    You can’t live a little dark and expect it to stay light
    I’m really going to evaluate anything is calling “ok” that isn’t!!!! I won’t compromise who I am- the real me, who He called me to be!!!
    It’s not how I am in public but the choices I make when no ones watching that define me!!! Wow!! I will be more on myself and eliminate ANYTHING that compromises my true identity!!! I will not be a casual believer who embraces things I know to despise!!!!

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  3. I listened to Jumpstart from Sunday March 10th again! It stirs me up!👏🏻We are our own cheerleaders! My best days are ahead of me! The enemy will bring suggestions but nothing compares to being obedient with Him!! My flesh has to be put under everyday and my little log book is really helping keep me in check✔️with attitudes, apprehensives, and appetites!

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  4. We listened to last weeks Night life service again and I really like John 16:7-15. PD was sharing about the fact that the Holy Spirit wants to show me and guide me in to all truth. He said who doesn’t want to know more? He said the the Holy Spirit is personal! There’s no reason I shouldn’t be growing like crazy!

    The fact is if I’m not growing I’m not yielded to the spirit enough! I’m encouraged to pray more in the Holy Ghost!

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  5. I listened to WOW- Control your thoughts from 2014 and it was sooo good!! Here are some of my highs! ❤️

    When you manage your thoughts correctly… you will be able to manage your life!!

    When you are in control of your thinking, you will be in control of your speaking and acting!

    We must refocus our attention on our relationship with Him!!

    As you’re priorities with Him are right everything else will fall into place!!!

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  6. We listened to last week’s nightlife as well and here are some of my notes:
    * The Holy Spirit assures me as His kid!
    * The stronger my ❤️ is in the Word, the harder it is for the devil to take me out!
    * Proverbs 18:21 – makes me want to shut up! 🤐
    * We’re to be witnesses; examples!
    * God does not want you emotionally attached to His Word, but intentionally involved!
    * The Holy Spirit encourages us to do what He’s called us to and empowers us to say no to everything else!
    * When we’re sincere, He’ll make Himself clear! 👓

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