Sunday 3.17.19

Happy Sunday! 🍀I’m so thankful to be back at church!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • if you are not leading yourself you are just bossy
  • it is my responsibility to put fear in its place
  • anything under the curse is not a test or trial

2nd Service

  • the enemy isn’t our biggest problem, we are
  • you can’t help someone who isn’t willing to change
  • God’s not looking for performance but sincere humility
  • you can’t get free where there is no truth
  • God doesn’t do temporary relief, He does freedom

So, which service did you attend? What stood out most to you? What are you going to do with what you heard?

Remember, we are in this together❤️❤️❤️❤️


  1. So happy we had church today ! Here’s some of my highs: Jump Start/ * If you’re not leading yourself your just Bossy! *Its our responsibility to put fear in its place! * The more I desensitize myself to my voice , the more I will
    Hear His voice ! 1st/The Holy Spirit can reveal things to you that can’t come any other way! * The Truth believed and done brings continuous freedom in every area of life! * Your Life can be a piece of cake and lots of icing too! Matt.28-30 SV!!!! Thanks so much PD Great Word🤗

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  2. Jump Start//
    Change starts in your mouth. If you yield your mouth to the wrong thing it will open up the door to many other things.

    Like Paul, I should focus on what God has said…he recalled Paul’s purpose.

    Third service//
    My success financially is up to me!

    This is really between me and myself. I am my biggest issue.

    You can’t help someone who is unwilling to change.

    Life is about choices. Unwillingness to submit traps us…it’s religion. You can’t get free where there is no truth! I want the truth! I am hungry for it! I want to change 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


  3. Church was soo amazing!! I am beyond grateful for the revelation and freedom recieved today! 🙌🏻👏🏻😍
    Highs from 1st service!
    -We rule and reign because of the position we now have IN HIM!!
    – We don’t give to get, we give because of what we’ve got!
    – Jude 1:20 Revelation// The Holy Spirit can make you an explosive Christian IF you will work the gift that He is into every area of your life!
    – If you’re not allowing the Spirit to lead you, you are, by default, being led by the enemy!
    – Don’t allow yourself to get prideful when it comes to what you know concerning the Word! Be grateful and continue to apply it to your life!!


  4. I sure did miss church!😝 So thankful for truth!
    -Fear always pulls on you – to TAKE CONTROL, but Jesus came so we don’t have to carry that weight & so we can rest, as we give the control to Him!!
    -Resist the fear – surrender to love & take your place!!
    -Change starts in your mouth!!
    -I’m above the curse!
    -It takes time to renew your mind! And it takes effort(meditate on The Word)

    -If you’re willing to be in the minority, you’ll be the one to enjoy the majority 💪🏼 Only 25% will eat the best of the land!! It’s gonna be ME!!!🙌🏼👆🏼

    -GoD always has more – for those who are hungry!

    I choose to resist fear this week – to surrender to love & take my place!!❤️ I continue to have a greater understanding that THIS WORKS, IF you work it! So I choose to take my place, & speak The Word only. To allow The Holy Spirit to be my lead & guide. I choose to stay hungry! I recognize that I am in the minority, and that I’ll need to be on top of my game & not be moved by how I feel or how it looks around!! All in all, I know the position that’s been given to me, & I refuse to loosen my grip on all that’s required & all the benefits it renders😊


  5. Great church today!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st service//My heart’s desire should be to challenge anything in my life that opposes God’s Word.
    The abundant life takes: humility, true hunger, and discipline

    2nd service//My success financially is up to me!! Religion is of the devil!
    I choose to turn the direction of my life over to Him in every way!!
    He is not looking for a performance but sincere humility.
    You can’t be free where there is no truth.
    God doesn’t offer relief but deliverance.


  6. Church was so awesome today!👏🏻👏🏻Starting with Jumpstart and then into worship and the service!! Hallelujah!! Here are some takeaways//

    The more you desensitize your voice the more you can hear God’s! Anytime I’m “off my game” is because I’m not truly dialed into His voice! I don’t have to worry, fear or control, His love is the dominating force. I have to surrender to the Word and put my eyes, my heart, and my mouth on it!

    1st service:
    The truth believed and done brings continuous freedom in every area of life! When you do what you do because you love the Father, it will be easy!! It’s not hard to be a Christian! Religion is from the enemy and we should challenge anything that opposes Gods Word and plan!


  7. YAAAAAY!!! CHURCH!! I am so grateful for all those that served and made church so great!
    Jumpstart was so good!God reminded Paul of his purpose! Word of the Lord-Focus your thoughts, attention and words on the power of the WORD!
    1st Service was so good too! Lol!! Leaven is to the heart of man what cancer is to the the body of man! Few find the abundant life because it requires humility , true hunger and discipline! I will be humble, hungry and disciplined in Jesus name!
    2nd Service KIDZ-a lot of kids attempted to pinch me! I told them that I was not Irish…that seemed to work!! LOL!! They are so much fun! Paul and Silas believed what Jesus said, so they responded with the Word every time! Psalms 8:2//Praise shuts the enemies mouth!

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  8. Jumpstart: don’t encourage someone to pick up their cross, if you haven’t picked up yours…..don’t ask of others what you aren’t willing to do yourself!!!

    1st: our hearts desire should be to challenge anything in our life that opposes Gods word!!

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  9. Jumpstart highs:
    The most important person you lead us yourself and if your not leading yourself your just Bossy and that’s Religious! NOTE TO SELF:LEAD YOURSELF PATRICIA!!!!!!
    THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY-HIS WAY! Surrender to that way-ORDER!!!! If I don’t do it His way I will not access the results. DO NOT be sensitive to what I want feel or think! Be more aware of HIM, HIS WORD! DO NOT give my opinion, NO ONE CARES! I am to take my place if Dominion-TO RULE IN REIGN! Resist fear! It’s not from God! SUMBIT TO THE WORD-GOD/LOVE!!
    WHY FEAR WHATS ALREADY BEEN DEFEATED?! Fear works such resistance to who God is because God is Love and fear puts the ball in your court! Fear = Control! I DONT HAVE TO PLAN WORRY OR CONTROL I SIMPLY SUMBIT TO GOD-LOVE!

    2nd Service Highs:
    My biggest issue is Me & I need to be willing to Face it!! DON’T BE RELIGIOUS! Religion is designed to steal! THE WORD IS THE ONLY ANSWER! Only The Father has the answers for me!! Be involved in what changes your life! I can always do better-THERES MORE! Stay sincerely humble! SUMBIT!

    3rd Service Kids w-PF
    It’s up to me as a Believer to DOMINATE THE ENEMY! Theres POWER IN ME!!! I have ALL I NEED! Our purpose is to do the Word of God-TO BE A WITNESS! He’s my source-my job isn’t capable of giving or providing for me.. HE IS!!!! When I trust God I am able to give people God! The more I hear the Word the More I’ll believe the word!

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