DEEP 3.18.19

DEEP was so great tonight! 🤓The Prosperity and Divine Health classes have been amazing!!! Here are a couple of our take-a-ways from tonight:


  • Those willing to go lower will end up higher
  • Whole is from the inside out
  • We are not seeking His hand, we are seeking His face
  • Saving for a rainy day will always bring thunderstorms

Divine Health

  • To live healed and whole we must, eat, live, and breathe the Word
  • Your FIRST response to a bad report, bad symptom, etc. I choose to believe the report of the Lord
  • Speak life ALL the time!

So, what were your highs from DEEP? What are you going to do with what you heard?


  1. I’m so thankful for deep tonight! PD is always awesome to listen to…bringing the Word of truth and fun! But more than anything, I needed to hear from PK on divine health…our household has been “dealing” with lying symptoms for the last few days and tonight when we got home, I got mad at the devil and told my family that we needed to STAND on the Healing Word, once and for all! We prayed, rebuked the enemy, and I believe we each received the healing that belongs to us, even our cat! Sweet peaceful sleep for the Borquez Family! God is good…ALL THE TIME!

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  2. Prosperity: you don’t live to be blessed; you live to be a blessing and in being a blessing, you’ll be blessed!!

    Divine health: Gods not going to answer what you already have; you must appropriate what you have!!

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  3. Deep as always so so good & just what I had to hear!💪🏼 Some of my takeaways:

    -In order to receive – I need to have confidence in who He is – and how He feels about me! (We have to see ourselves how He does)
    -Those willing to go lower – will go higher!!
    -Set aside what you’re able to do – and allow Him to be your sufficiency ❤️(There’s such a rest😊)

    -Make a decision – sickness is NOT AN OPTION!!!!
    -The more you say it —>> the more you believe it💪🏼
    -BE AGGRESSIVE!!(I heard this more than once throughout the evening)
    -James 4:7 – You have to say YES to Jesus – In order to say NO to the enemy!💪🏼
    -Your first response is SO IMPORTANT!! (Stay in your position)
    -Praise SHUTS the devils mouth!🙌🏼

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  4. I’m always so grateful for “Deep”! Here’s my take aways: Prosperity/ * Those willing to go lower, will end up higher! * What would our lives look like in faith if we didn’t have ourselves to fall back on, but trusting Him in Faith alone? * We’re not seeking His Hand , we’re seeking His Face!! * When you sow right , you’ll reap right! Divine Health/ * God wants us “Well”It’s all about Plan A! * We must make a decision saying what God says, you’re healed already, you’ve already got it! * Position yourself, be agressive, not passive!

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