Night Life 3.27.19

Service was so good tonight!!! We might be on Spring Rest but I’m so thankful to have a church to come to that will not take a rest from God’s Word!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • He’s already where I’m going. I will follow His voice!!!!
  • Making intellect as valuable as revelation is foolishness
  • Revelation knowledge makes you more sure of what you don’t see than what you do see

I will choose to follow Him; walking by faith and not by sight!!!! So, what were your highs from service? How are you going to apply what you heard to your life?


  1. Revelation knowledge is truth from the word of God and cannot be stolen from you!!

    Be grateful for the revelation you have and hold tight to it. 😊


  2. Last night was so good!! So thankful for PD! He said “Like children are led by the hand, the Holy Spirit takes our heart!” I have to see myself more as a child and trust the Holy Spirit. A little child doesn’t argue much and they are very trusting! Hearing and obeying His voice has to the be the most important thing I do because He’s already where I’m going🙌🏻❤️


  3. So thankful for Wednesday night church and the Truth ! Some of my highs ! *Gods given me revealed knowledge, revelation to take another step in my relationship with Him! *Making intellect as vailuable as revelation is foolishness! I choose to walk only by faith and not by my senses . Believing what God’s word says about me, not other people. Revelation means I’am pleasing to Him , to embrace His Word like a parent leading their children , so is He leading me by His Holy Spirit , understanding His Character and purpose for my life! 🤗


  4. Truth only recognizes truth! Revelation is what God’s kids operate in! It makes you more sure of what you don’t see than what you do see! This is all because of the Holy Spirit!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼


  5. My high was “the Holy Spirit knows me better than I do.” I love this statement because I don’t have to fool myself. It’s foolish not to confront myself if something is not pleasing to the Father. The Holy Spirit works with me with everything I allow Him too. I want to please Him only. 😃

    I am so grateful for PD and the Word. It leads me into all Truth. Hallelujah!

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  6. This service was SOO SOOO GOOD!!!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE TRUTH IN MY LIFE TO CONTINUE GROWING AND HEARING THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR MY LIFE!! GOSH!!!! I continue to think and say to myself where would i be and where would i go without the Fathers love and the word that has been set before me. IT IS A HUGE HUGE DEAL TO ME……
    SO here are some of my highs but literally this whole sermon was my HIGH.. lol!! i got so much out of it and Holy Spirit spoke to me regarding the things that PD said concerning my life…

    so here goes…

    offering highs/ I CANNOT HAVE A DIVIDED HEART! Stay SOLD OUT to honoring the Word of God!
    Stay humble and yielded…No matter what the season looks like loving the Father is where I need to stay-STEADY AND STABLE… Being a Christian isnt just about giving-ITS A PACKAGE DEAL! Stay obedient and willing… THIS IS BETWEEN ME AND THE FATHER!

    service highs/ be yielded to the Holy Spirit! I should be empowered to change-Fearless & Careless.. HE LIVES IN ME… He is my personal guide, my tutor, my helper. HE ALWAYS LEADS US INTO A LIFE OF SUCCESS. I should want to do what the Word of God says. OUR HEART SHOULD BE LARGE BECAUSE OF HIS WORD IN IT. UNMOVED!!! PROCESS=GROWING AS A CHILD OF GOD.. ALWAYS STAY HUMBLE!! See myself as a child.. come to the Father as Child.. Approach him as a child! Dont argue-just do what he says. STAY WILLING AND OBEDIENT. TRUST HIM LIKE CHILDREN ARE TRUSTING.. IM A KID… HE IS ALREADY WHERE I AM GOING.. GOSH!!!! HE IS ALREADY WHERE I AM GOING.. SUCH A BIG DEAL TO KNOW HE HAS ME!!


    **Revelation = power to live the life of GoD!! It’s knowing that you know!💪🏼 NOTHING CAN TAKE THAT FROM YOU!! But in order to receive this reality, there has to be a hunger! Like hunting for treasure, you don’t stop until you find it!
    **If you love GoD more than money, you’ll love GoD with your $$
    **Learn to follow peace!
    **2 Cor 4:4 – their intellect was their god. I recognize that all I know means nothing if it’s not from Him!
    I purpose to STAY HUNGRY!! I am nothing without Him❤️❤️


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