DEEP 4.1.19

DEEP was so good tonight!! I’m so thankful for the truth!!! Both classes were so powerful; we encourage you to go over your notes over and over again! They were definitely jam packed with revelation. Here are a couple of our highs from class 🤓📚

Divine Health

  • What I do for Jesus is what will last!
  • Faith believes what God’s Word says regardless!
  • Everything we have the enemy wants to steal
  • Don’t speak the Word silently, say it out loud so you can hear yourself!!!
  • “You said it; I believe it!!!”


  • If what I say is not out of my heart it’s just talking!!!
  • It’s not a work; it’s a privilege and an honor to obey Him!!!
  • He always holds up His end of the deal but your commitment to your end of the deal will determine how the terms of the covenant manifest in your life!!!- MEDITATE ON THIS!!- PD
  • I’m dirt!! Don’t become a legend in my own mind!
  • He doesn’t recognize what He doesn’t do!

Wow, I could go on and on with things from tonight!! What were some of your take-a-ways from class?

Like PD said, we are in this together!!❤️❤️❤️


  1. Omg I’m so so grateful for Deep!! Every time my life is marked!!! Deep was so good tonight!!! Man this class, the word we get, this is so vital for us to live the power packed, healed, prosperous life God created us to live!! I REFUSE to let my flesh rule me in Jesus name, speak the word, live the word, this is all that matters this is it!! Gosh I’m so thankful, thank you for deep thank you for loving us and giving us this gift!!!!!!


  2. Divine Health:
    – don’t allow what you see to be greater than what He sees!!

    Prosperity: EVERYTHING!!!! Thank you PD for bringing such a raw pointed Word! How could you even want to remain the same after hearing something so truthful and real! Just encourages me to aim higher, not settle and become the best version of myself as possible!!!!!

    “ you’re your issue!!”
    —-if you keep holding onto what you aren’t, you’ll never become who you really are!!!

    “You can’t live any way you want to and expect the Word to be on your side!”


  3. WOW !!!! Deep was amazing I don’t know about anyone else, But I was setting on the edge of my seat!!! Here’s some of my highs: Divine Health/ You’re faith is released by speaking out of your mouth the Word only , speaking it properly!!! * We must discipline our thinking dealing with our thoughts when you renew your mind in the Word!!! * You get what you say ! Gosh! I’m going to watch closer than ever before what I think and say! * Faith believes what God’s Word says , Regardless! *We always WIN!!!!! * We should be fully persuaded even more than Abraham was! Prosperity/ We have all sufficiency in all things, any deficiency is on us!! *Its already been settled through everything Jesus paid for us to have , our part is just to do what we know to do!* We are responsible for ourselves to embrace the precious promises we’ve been given, then you will change! Just like PD said , from this night forward we will start talking to ourselves to do His things or do our things. I want to know I’m always hearing His voice for His ways of doing THINGS! We can be intimidated or motivated!!! Thanks so much PD for ALWAYS giving us just what we need when we need to hear it!!!!🤗


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