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I Have A Supply by Nancy Dufresne

When God brings increase, He doesn’t steal from one arena of your life to increase another arena. When God increases you, every arena of life will increase. Many think that God is only interested in the spiritual life of His children, but He’s interested in every arena of your life, including the financial arena. It matters to Him that every one of your financial needs are supplied, as well as every need you will ever face in life.

There is a cure for lack in the life of the Christian, but that cure isn’t just money, income, or jobs. We have a sure, everlasting cure that will never run out. What is this cure? In this book by Nancy Dufresne, you will learn how rich and unending your supply is from God, and you’ll learn how to make it a reality in your everyday life.


  1. Chapter 1
    I really liked “Money, jobs, and incomes are avenues through which God meets our needs, but they are not our source; they are not our provider-God is!”
    CONTINUALLY KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS PATRICIA! GOD is YOUR ONLY SOURCE!!!!!! I also liked how she mentioned in this chapter that when you fall behind financially increase your meditating on the word-INCREASE WORD INTAKE! GOSH THE WORD IS THE ANSWER AND ITS SIMPLY HEARING ANS HEARING AND CONTINUALLY MEDITATING ON IT THAT FAITH WILL COME SO THAT I BELIEVE WHATS ALREADY MINE! MY EVERY NEED MET! It pleases The Father to see every need met in my life and every desire coming to pass in my life because he’s my daddy! I don’t want to find myself limiting God by putting my eyes on other avenues to meet my need when he already sent Jesus to die to for me so everything in my life would be taken care of! GOSH HES A GOOD GOOD FATHER!

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  2. Chapter1 When you fall behind financially, the Word is the cure, increase your intake and acting on the Word! I really liked it when she said, Your job and income are not your provider, God is! But He’s not limited to only those avenues to bring you increase. God blesses what we set our hands to, so don’t limit what you can set your hands to! We’re to pursue God’s plan for our life, give the Word it’s proper attention, and let God’s increase supply your need! He wants us to prosper and have all provision for everything we need more than we do , according to 3 John 1:2 God wants all our needs fully supplied, and it pleases Him when we have more than enough! Praise Jesus!♥️


  3. Chapter 2
Rich = A Full supply! If Jesus had a need, we always saw that need fully supplied.
I really liked this-If you don’t have enough, dont curse or by complaining. It’s our job to bless what we do have, and when we do, God will make it become more than enough! GOSH! So simple! Everything thats been provided for me i have to receive it by faith! When i was born again i was born into healing, wealth, etc! I dont have to try to be rich, i am rich because i was born into it! Jesus thank you! JESUS DID IT ALL FOR ME! I have to see it! I do not have to struggle i simply rest on Him and on the truth that hes already made available to me. 🙌🏼🙌🏼


  4. Chapter 2/Jesus always had a full supply of everything He needed! * He never said about the loaves and fish oh! this isn’t enough He didn’t curse it, but He blessed it , what wasn’t enough became more than enough! If you don’t have enough, don’t curse it by your complaining! It’s our job to bless what we do have, and when we do, God will make it become more than enough! Hallelujah! This not about what I see ,but received by faith!* We can’t earn it Salvation, Healing, prosperity are free gifts to those who will receive them—WE receive them by faith! Our minds must be renewed to this continually and daily confess these things to be true in our life! Talk about how Jesus was made poor so that we could be rich, as we do it will become real to us! Philippians 4:19 God will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!*Don’t limit the richness He has made yours only to money! * You are made rich with supply for any need you may face! This was so very good I received revelation from this for my life today!


  5. Chapter 3/ The Supply is for the Need! Philippians 4:19 *God’s already given us the supply for every need His children would ever have! So we lack for NOTHING! * One key to flowing in the supply is to learn to follow the Spirit of God! * We need to know that God has a supply that flows easily to us, not hard! Though the enemy seeks to hinder or interrupt the flow God has for our lives, as we exercise our authority over him he can’t stop it , and our supply will reach our lives! This is our part! * Always keep God first — not the need , so don’t talk about the need, but the God who supplies the need!!! * There is a divine order: remember God is a God of ORDER! So the order is 1) God, 2) supply 3) need! No longer are we to be conscious of our need, but we are to be mindful of the God who supplies!!!! Hallelujah ! Thank you Jesus ! This book is so Rich and so are we in Jesus Name!♥️


  6. Chapter 3
    Gosh this Chapter was really really good!!! Jesus paid the price to bring us into supply! As Gods kid I do not lack for nothin! Every need was already prepared in advance to be supplied for, for me! THE SUPPLY OF GOD IS MINE… Needs may arise but as His kid its already supplied! I simply trust him by believing and speaking His Word, trusting Him! To have a need is not a negative any more because now i know that im supplied for, for everything! My most favorite part of this chapter was this-Did you know that God will lead you to create a need? Why? He will lead you to create a need because he has a supply for the need. So, He will lead you to create a need so He can bring the supply to you that He has for your life. GOSH!!!!! When i read that i read it over and over.. it went all over me to know that HE HAS ME COVERED & as i continue hearing Him gosh theres no need to be moved!


  7. Oh!my gosh this chapter was amazingly good and it’s only Chapter 4/ We dont want to Linger in a need, so we are to diligently mix our faith in with God’s Word and move into the supply! * Jesus faced needs time and time again, but He was never in lack, for He always received the supply for every need He faced! *Bring your faith in God’s supply to every need , and no need will ever be negative in your life! * James1:2 Count it all Joy to stand on God’s Word , express our faith and receive our supply! * The exit door out of every test is JOY! * When you believe God has your supply in the face of your need , then you can rejoice. * For you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace! Hallelujah!!!


  8. I really like this book!!! I had started it several years ago but never finished it!! I am sooo excited to finish it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is sooo great so far!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 1//”When believers fall behind financially, the first step to take is to increase their intake of the Word.” OMG!! This is my favorite!! Psalm 35:27 My prosperity is God’s pleasure!!!!!!!!!!! “As we put His work on the earth first and fund it then we will be funded, and all our needs will be met.” ” Your job and your income are not your provider–God is!!”

    Chapter 2//”How are we made rich? We receive the richness, the wealth of supply He has provided with our faith.” When I was born again I was born into prosperity!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 I don’t have to try to become rich, I am rich! I was born into supply! It is my inheritance!!!!!!! I really like the confessions to make on page 27!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Hallelujah!! Wealth belongs to us!!!!

    Chapter 3//”The unsaved man has lack because he can’t be assured of a supply for things he will face in life.” I like what the Spirit of God told Bro. Hagin…if I will be led by the Spirit God will make me rich. The Father is not opposed to us being rich but being covetous. According to Isaiah 55:12 the Holy Spirit will direct me by peace!! I must release my faith for supply DAILY!!!!!!!!! It is not automatic…my faith must be released! I really liked the part in this chapter about the divine order of things! 1. God 2. Supply 3. Need…The need is not first on my mind!!! My God and the supply He has made available for me is!! Hallelujah!! I don’t talk about need I talk about the God who supplies all my needs!!

    Chapter 4//Lingering in need reveals a lack of mixing faith with sowing…I will not not mix faith!!!
    My tongue is the mixer that mixes my faith in God’s Word!! Faith must be in two places, my heart and in my mouth–when I hear the Word I believe, when I speak the Word I receive!!! “Resting in God doesn’t dismiss us from expressing and releasing our faith.” I will use my mouth to claim and call into being the harvest and supply that is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am increasing! I am abounding!! I am increasing more and more! Supply must come. It is coming Now!!!

    Chapter 5//I think this is my favorite chapter so far because so many people wait for the supply before they step out…and that is not faith! I really liked these statements “To have faith enough to receive the supply, you have to have faith enough to create the need; you have to have faith enough to follow the Spirit into a place of need” ” You cannot believe God with your mind.” “Just learn that the calculator can’t factor in God’s resources. Let faith reach out for what can’t be calculated.” OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREG AND I WILL WALK BY FAITH AND NOT BY SIGHT! WE WILL OPERATE IN HEAVEN’S ABUNDANT SUPPLY!! THERE WILL BE DAYS OF HEAVEN ON EARTH IN OUR LIVES IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Chapter 4
    I really liked this, “He taught me that when faced with a need , it is right to rest in God, but you still must be aggressive toward the need. Even when resting in God, we must express our faith in Gods supply that eliminates the need. Resting in God doesn’t dismiss us from expressing and releasing our faith. It takes real effort to diligently exercise our faith in Gods supply when we are faced with a need.”

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  10. Chapter 5/ I really liked this chapter think highlighted every other paragraph! Lol! *Many people perceive they are being led to do something , but because they see what a place of need it will put them in, they fail to follow the Spirit! *We must be led by the Spirit in Creating the need in order to receive the supply God has for us! * You can’t believe God with your mind, If you try to, you will fail!!! Gosh! This was so huge and so marked me , to turn off and ignore my mind in creating a need and believe with my heart!* I want to have that peace that only comes from the Spirit in my Spirit when making a move! * It’s God’s Plan that requires His supply! And you can’t fulfill God’s plan for your life without His supply! *Remember your calculator has no anointing button,🤣 there’s no God’s Supply button!😂 Make sure you don’t let any budget become your limit or have the final word!!! I will now let FAITH be what I do , not my calculator!
    This was amazing just what I needed! Praise God He knows!♥️

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  11. Chapter 5
    I really liked the beginning of the chapter: “There are some supplies God has for you that you’ll never receive until you follow the leading of the Spirit in creating the need. Many perceive the Spirit leading them to do something, but because they see what a need it will put them in, they fail to follow the Spirit. GOSH! I want myself ready, prepared and hearing His voice! GODS SUPPLY IS AWAITING US!!!! I want my faith working!!!! I DO NOT WANT TO PUT A LIMIT ON GOD!!!!

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  12. Chapter 6
    Gosh as Gods kids our hands will be blessed to whatever we put it to! God will bless me on my job as I stay faithful but my job was never intended to be my source, EVER! He is my source and my only source! There are many avenues God can bless us through if we are faithful to do what he’s told us to do. It’s not something to be figured out but something you simply walk out in faith! I’m never to put my faith in the avenues God uses but only in Him! He is the ONLY SOURCE and HE IS FAITHFUL!

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  13. Chapter 6/this chapter spoke volumes to me , it blessed my heart God is so very good ! *You can’t figure out all the avenues through which God can move to supply you, you have to walk by faith to receive the flow of supply that comes from different avenues,but if I pursue money more than God’s plan for my life, I will limit God’s supply to my life! * Even when there are changes whether it be a job , or paycheck , God remaines the same even when circumstances don’t! God remaines faithful even in the FACE of CHANGES! *Dont limit God!!!♥️

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  14. Chapter7/ I will not just sit , waiting to hear direction from God but my faith makes movement and listens for the guidance and direction as it moves! * Faith takes movement! Psalm 37:23 the STEPS of a good man are ordered by the Lord! * Faith is never inactive , but it makes movement ! * Faith will change directions when God leads! *To receive God’s guidance, you have to be moving in some direction! Acts 16:6-9 Paul understood that to receive God’s leading , he needed to make movement! he was moving in faith, He was moving with God!!!! Hallelujah! 🙌🙌

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  15. Chapter 7
    Faith is always moving and reaching out for more. It doesn’t just wait for things to happen. Faith moves into what’s happening; its moves into what God is doing. WOW!!!!! I endeavor to move in faith and be led by the Spirit in everything I do! I WILL NOT SIT AROUND WAITING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN… NO! Gods word says my steps are ordered of Him so I move!!!!!

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  16. Chapter 8
    Such a short but RICH Chapter! It doesn’t matter what your social standing in life may be or your background is. PRAISE JESUS TO THAT!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 True prosperity is having God with you and on the inside of you. As his kid I choose to yield to him everyday and as I do He will make all I do prosper! Live mindful of the greater on who’s on the inside of me. HES BIGGER THAN ANYTHING I WOULD FACE … THANK YOU FATHER! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  17. This is some really good reading!! And I am so grateful to retype my highs because it just further commits them to my memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 6//”If you’ll be faithful to obey God, and to develop your spirit so that you’re sensitive to the Holy Spirit, God will make you brilliant by the Holy Ghost, regardless of education. He will give you divine ideas that will be limitless in provision. Don’t limit God!” I CHOOSE TO BE LED BY THE SPIRIT IN ALL I DO AND SAY!!
    “Don’t attach your faith to the avenues God uses; your faith must be in Him.” MY EYES WILL ONLY BE ON HIM!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 7//This chapter was such a blessing to me!! Just get going!! and keep going until you no longer have peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooo awesome! Faith doesn’t sit around and wait…it gets going!!!!!!!!!!!!! “He doesn’t direct us primarily through green lights, but by red lights.”
    “Faith never sits inactive, but it makes movement. Faith is ever pressing forward and will follow the leading of God along the way as it is given. Faith will change directions when God leads.”

    Chapter 8//”True prosperity is having God with you and on the inside of you. Since He’s in you, you can yield yourself to Him and allow Him to dominate through you. When He gets His way through you, He will make all you do to prosper.”

    “Live mindful of the greater one who’s on the inside of you. Live mindful of the God who supplies all you needs.” I WILL BE SPIRITUALLY MINDED

    Chapter 9//”Number one make sure you are walking out the paths that God has prepared for you. Number two, make sure you’re continually releasing your faith in God’s supply, calling His supply into your life.” I WILL CALL IT!!!!!!!

    “The supply for your life isn’t just anywhere; it is where God tells you to be. God’s supply is with God’s plan.” SOO POWERFUL!! We can’t do it our way and experience His supply.

    Chapter 10//”…you are going to have in line with how you think…”
    “Your thinking is the gatekeeper, letting supply in or keeping supply out.”
    “Faith’s job is to call. It is not faith’s job to worry, figure out, or calculate. It is faith’s job to call.”
    “The supply of God is yours.”
    I have it and I call it in Jesus’ name!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. Chapter8/ Even though this is short it’s so powerful! You have to allow yourself not to be bitter by what others have wrongfully done to you, when you’re born-again it doesn’t matter what your social status may be or even your background is, The only thing that really matters is that the Lord is with you and in you! When He gets His way through you, He will make all you do to prosper!!!!! Praise the Lord!!♥️


  19. Chapter 1 – The gospel is the cure for lack.
    The desire for my prosperity originated with God, not me.
    It pleases Him when I prosper.
    Money takes on the character of the one who possesses it.
    As we put His work on the earth first and fund it, all our needs will be met.
    If you fall behind financially, the Word is the cure.
    When God blesses you, every area of your life increases.
    If I believe God for divine ideas, the money will come with the idea.
    The barrette story is the best ♥️.


  20. Chapter 1:// cure for lack = THE WORD
    I’m reminded that my job is an avenue for God to meet mu needs, my job is not my source HE IS 🙌🏻 I really liked where it talked about when you pursue money it will bring sorrow, but when you do Mathew 6:33 and pursue his plan for your life he will increase you and supply your e wry need. The story of the lady and her barrettes. HE IS SO GOOD 😊 also the real answer to your lack is acknowledging you need more word and revelation

    Chapter 2:// we are RICH
    I like where it talks about complaining and I’m reminded about the words of your mouth. Instead of saying this isn’t enough, bless it and thank God. Be Faithful 🙌🏻 Then when we trust him what want enough will become enough. SO GOOD,, ON PAGE 25 I kept highlighting with our faith. With our faith. We have a part to play and we have to do it. I will be full of faith IN GOD ❤️ And walk in what Jesus did for me it’s my inheritance and I’m so grateful. This is such a good book ♥️😊


  21. Chapter 9 I really liked this,
    The paths He has for us to walk are “prepared” for us. He has already prepared and arranged for us everything we are going to need on these paths. The supply to carry out the good works He has planned for us are on the paths. As long as we stay on the paths He planned for us, the supply will be on those paths for us to gather up with our faith.
    OMGEEEE!!!! I have A prepared place and as I stay in my place the supply will be there!!! Gosh!!! HE WAS SO INTENTIONAL WITH MY LIFE THAT HE PREPARED IN ADVANCE MY PLACE.. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 IM GRATEFUL!!!! I also have a part to play by continually releasing my faith and calling His supply for my life!


  22. Chapter 10
    Gods plan is going to require Gods supply. It’s up to me and what I’m thinking because I will have in line with what I am thinking. If I think the supply is hard, then it will be! If I think it’s minimal, it will be! My thinking limits or allows my supply. So in reading that I need to keep my thoughts on HIM & HIS WORD, not putting a Limit on HIM & His Word to work in my life and in bringing my supply! I CALL THOSE THE SUPPLY IN & I KEEP CALLING IT TILL IT SHOWS UP AND IT WILL!!!!


  23. Chapter 9/ We are God’s Handiwork , that handiwork is the recreation of our spirits! There is a plan God has for us to accomplish and those plans have to be funded! But God has already prepared everything for us we will ever need.( Eph. 2:10) God’s supply is waiting for one thing— my faith!Its waiting for all who will believe! My supply for my life isn’t just anywhere , it is where God tells me to be.God’s supply is with God’s plan. I love it when God brings the revelation to me of His Word in my life and assures me I’am in the place where He has told me to be! This is where His supply comes to me — through faith!!!! His plan!!!!


  24. Chapter 10/ OMG! This is another one of those chapters you highlight every page! Lol! * Romans 4:17 tells us how faith operates. (Calleth) those things that be not as though they were!”Faith) has to call for the supply that is mine, it has to come to me! Faith’s job is to call. * It is not Faith’s job to worry, figure out, or to calculate! But to call! My supply is waiting for me to call it in by faith ! The less I call it, the less I’ll have it!!!! WOW!!! This was so good! I’ll never see receiving my supply from the plan of God the same again! 🙌😍


  25. Chapter 2-3// Philippians 4:19 – don’t limit the richness He has made yours only to money. You are made rich with supply for any need you face.

    Receive the supple with your faith!

    He will lead you to create a need so He can bring you the supply He has for your life.

    The mind can’t calculate the supply of God!!! If you try to mentally calculate how God is going to supply the need He leads you to create, you could miss your supply. Reason is doubt in disguise. Your mind can’t figure out all that God can supply.

    I really like the stories she shares. They are so encouraging! 😃

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  26. Chapter 11
    I really liked this chapter about Elijah and the Widow Woman!!!!!
    His Word is for every season in life that we face. His Word is our answer and our help no matter what may be going on in the world around us.
    God chose the Widow because of her faith! She was not lying around doing nothing she had faith to be out gathering! I don’t want to find myself sitting on my faith but doing the Word! FAITH MAKES MOVEMENT! Because the widow had faith to gather she rcvd her supply! I WILL RCV MY SUPPLY! Gods supply is connected to Gods plan. You ever from his plan you veer from His supply! The spirit of Fear will seek to attach itself to us because fear paralyzed faith! I have to be willing resist it and speak!!


  27. Chapter 12
    The heart of our giving = Honor
    When you honor and reverence the Lord, you benefit and your children benefit. If you fail to to honor and reverence the Lord, you and your children will be affected. Failing to honor God opens the door to the devil; then he can attack you. When you honor Him he blessing flows and reaches to future generations! GOSH SO GOOD!!! Great chapter!!!


  28. Chapter 13
    My prosperity pleases God! God has already provided for every need I would ever face! My prosperity is rooted in God, so that makes your prosperity as limitless as God himself. WOW!!!!!!!!
    As I feed and act on Gods Word my soul is restored! I keep renewing my mind to the Word!!! It’s an ongoing process! I NEVER STOP! I have to bring my thoughts in line with the Word!


  29. Ch 4// God didn’t intend for the Israelites to linger there in the wilderness. Their unbelief kept them there.

    When you speak the Word, you receive.

    You must mix your faith with the Word.

    You must be aggressive with the need.

    God’s supply for your life is waiting for your faith. Start releasing your faith in God’s supply by calling the supply to come into your life. It’s waiting for you.

    Just because you face needs doesn’t mean you lack faith.

    The exit door out of every test is joy.

    Ch 5//to have faith enough to receive the supply you have to have faith enough to creat the need. You can’t mentally figure out or calculate how the supply will come or where it will come from.

    The calculator can’t factor in God’s resources. Let faith reach out fir what can’t be calculated.

    Ch 6// I’ve never prayed and asked God for money. I’ve always asked God for divine ideas.

    Your job and income are not your source; they are simply avenues through which God will supply your needs.

    Ch 7// faith is always reaching out for more.

    To receive God’s guidance you have to move in a direction.

    Faith never sits inactive but it makes movement. Faith is ever pressing forward and will follow the leading of God along the way as it is given. Faith will change directions as God leads.


  30. Chapter 14
    My prosperity is connected to Chooselife Church! He fit me there so I could bring in my supply to the Body of Christ. As I do that it causes increase in the Body. As I’m in my place I bring in supply and receive supply. My prosperity is tied to my obedience to function where he assigns me & to not let anything pull me away. I WILL STAY PLANTED!


  31. Chapter 11//Faith will do whatever it takes to get the job done!
    Jobs may fail, business connections my fail, but faith never fails! Feed your faith on God’s Word, express your faith through speaking God’s Word, and act your faith by speaking out your supply.
    You veer away from God’s plan, you veer away from His supply.
    Fear seeks to deceive you into thinking that what it threatens is true.
    David conquered Goliath because he first conquered fear. When fear comes, keep acting on the Word of God.
    Hearing the Word will cause you to believe, but speaking the Word will cause you to receive.
    Faith is an act. Act on the Word, and overcome fear!

    WOW!! Such a great chapter!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 12//At the heart of my giving should be honor!!!!!!!!!!! So good!! Giving my tithes and offerings isn’t a money issue, it is an honor issue.

    Chapter 13//My financial condition and the condition of my health are the fruit of the condition of my soul; MY PROSPERITY IS ROOTED IN GOD!!!!!!!!!!
    Renewing the mind is an ongoing process that you must do the rest of your life; If you stop renewing your mind you will slip back into your old way of thinking! The devil seeks to keep us in the mental arena but if we will keep him in the faith arena he will be defeated every time.
    Reason is doubt in disguise.

    Chapter 14//Your prosperity is connected to your local church.
    Your prosperity is tied to your obedience to function where He assigns you, and to not let anything pull you away!

    Chapter 15//Your love walk must flourish in your home. Failing to walk in love with your spouse will keep you broke. Strife kills increase and causes you to lose what you do have.
    Walking in love will put money in your pocket.
    To qualify for Bible prosperity, you have to walk in love in your home, and love will cause you to be generous toward those in your household! Love is a giver!!
    OMG!!! Wow!! This is amazing!! I will be sooo much more intentional in the way that I love Greg!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 16//If you need God to bring increase to an arena of your life, then get that arena organized so that it can receive multiplication.
    When you don’t have enough don’t curse it by complaining, griping, or worrying–bless it!
    An ungrateful heat is a poor receiver and cannot receive more.
    Complaining, criticizing, and murmuring will never will never lead you to your desired place.
    Faith words will carry us into multiplication.
    Decide to be grateful, thankful, and joyful, and do all that He has assigned to your life with joy and gratitude.

    Chapter 17//How do you mix faith with the Word? The tongue is the mixer that combines faith with the Word.
    Mary had to agree with the plan of God before He could bring it to pass!
    Doing the Word exalts me to a place of blessing!!
    Just because I have faith doesn’t mean I am in faith…WHAT AM I SAYING!!
    Attach your faith to God’s Word and it will support you no matter what changes happen around you!! OMG! Soo good!
    Words of faith hold God’s blessings in your life.

    Chapter 18//To put spiritual things first is to make what’s important to God important to you!
    The Body of Christ must be a priority to me!!
    To put natural things first will hinder the flow of God’s supply into your life.

    Chapter 19//To fail to obey is to give place to the devil.
    God’s plan for your life carries peace, health, fulfillment, and fullness of supply.


  32. Chapter 15
    My fav part of this chapter was “Financial prosperity is right and good to teach on, but you need to back up and teach the sheep about walking in love in their homes. If they don’t walk in love with each other in their homes, they don’t qualify for Bible prosperity.”
    GOSH!!!! It all begins behind closed doors and moves from there as I’m obedient to WHAT HIS WORD says! LOVE IS MY NATURE


  33. Chapter 16
    There were times in Jesus ministry that He was faced with not having enough. BUT He not stay there, he attached faith to what he did have and things changed! I will attach my faith to what I do have!!!!!!
    Proper order is imperative to receive a greater supply, for God is a God of order! I always look to Him for the supply and I stay grateful for what I do have by blessing it and attaching faith to it!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


  34. Chapter 17
    This was a Super super great chapter!
    When my words of faith are mixed with Gods word I will get results!! My supply has been provided but I have to speak according to His Word! When I hear and do the word and speak the word my life will be blessed!
    I will be aware of what I’m speaking !!!!!! My words are powerful and they draw things to my life!


  35. Chapter 18/
    Matthew 6:33!!!!! Put Spiritual things first and when we do we can be assured that God will add to us. To put spiritual things first is to make the renewing of your mind and the development of your spirit priority. What’s important to God will be important to me!!!!

    Chapter 19/
    Willingness and obedience to fulfill Gods plan is key to my prosperity. My will being in harmony with Gods plan is in agreement with Gods plan in my spirit. Obedience is the actual walking out of that plan. Wow!
    Living in Gods plan is living in His supply!

    Chapter 20/
    Real faith is living utterly independent of circumstances! I have to continually to in faith no matter what I’m looking at! I trust God and only Him!!! I will face things but I will Stand on His Word!
    Just because I feel the storm doesn’t mean I’m failing and that my faith isn’t working! I Win because I trust Him and I look to His Word!

    Chapter 21/
    Slothfulness will not bring prosperity! There has to be a spirit of excellence in all I do!

    Chapter 22/
    I BELONG TO GOD!! Since I belong to Him all I have is His!!!! I’m NOT MY OWN! He has to be my possessor and everything that’s mine I’m only here to steward! I hear Him and do what he says being led by the Spirit! He is a loving God-HE is not Hard!

    Chapter 23/
    God can’t take care of it if your worrying! If your worrying your carrying it and he can’t do anything about it! That’s not faith!!!!! I refuse worry and I choose to live a life daily trusting Him in surrender

    This Book Blessed my life!!! So grateful.

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  36. Chapter 20//Real faith means that you have learned how to live utterly independent of circumstances!! OMG!! Sooo good!!
    If you don’t live by faith when there is a little bit of money, you will stay there in that place of need. If you don’t live by faith when there is more than enough money, then you will start trusting in money instead of God, then you could lose what you have.
    No matter what you are feeling, keep standing your ground on God’s Word, and when the storm passes, you’ll still be standing.
    It’s not enough to love God in the face of the storm–you have to be a doer of the Word!
    I AM A DOER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 21//If you are slothful in business affairs, you will not prosper the way God wants you to…

    Chapter 22//Since we belong to Him, all that we have is His.
    We are not owners we are stewards…sounds like a series Pastor Dean did!! AWESOME!!

    Chapter 23//If my faith is going to work I am going to have to refuse to worry!
    How do you know if you are worrying…if you are thinking about it!
    God has provided an abundant supply for all of His children and the hand of faith is what lays hold of that supply and brings it into your life.

    I am so grateful for it and excited for next month’s!!!

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