Night Life 4.3.19

Service was so good tonight!! I’m so thankful for mid-week service and the TRUTH!!!! Here are a couple of our highs from tonight:

  • If knowing and doing the truth will make you free, why are so many still bound????

  • John 8:31-32 (one of my favvvv scriptures!!!!!)

  • Religion is man’s substitute for Holy Spirit revelation!!

Wow! We have the truth!!! Why do we allow anything to bind us!!!! I will take a stand and start eliminating any “bondage” I have in my life and just live the TRUTH!!! So what were some of your highs from tonight? What are you going to do with what you heard?


  1. – When you put YOUR priorities under and submit to Him all things will fall in place.

    -The Holy Spirit always reveals truth without confusion.

    -He doesn’t need our help just our obedience!

    I’ve realized that I’m trying to make things happen when that’s not what He wants at all. He wants me to depend on Him to meet my needs and He will provide it through my faith and obedience🙌🏼.

    Quit trying to live a works life and start living the Faith life!

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  2. Claiming victim makes you a victim!
    —>You must know who you are IN HIM otherwise you’ll settle for becoming a cheapened/watered down version of yourself!!!

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  3. Sooo good tonight!! I was definitely encouraged!❤️ Some of my takeaways:

    **Grace is the ability to do what we can’t do on our own(this is supernatural)
    **This is for WHOSOEVER WILL!! I continually have to tell myself, “I’m the 25%!” That’s not a very big number at all. So I know it’s a faith fight, it’s gonna cost me something. I have to keep myself in check!!
    **He’ll take care of the details, He just needs our obedience
    **If you want to continue to stay – you have to determine you’re gonna KNOW HIM & His character.(We have to DEFEND the decision – don’t look back!!)

    I choose to choose life, by keeping myself in check & I’m determined to know Him more & more!!

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  4. NIGHTLIFE/ I really liked how PD said people arent so excited about the Word because they dont know how GOOD GOD is.. SO true!! I know because at one time I was one of those people who didnt know how good God was.. Im so thankful that daily I am learning and growing and embracing the love of God the way I was created to so that I can become all HE created and died for me to be.
    At the end of the day the only thing that will make us free is the Truth but you have to be willing to apply it and take responsibility for the Word and become a doer. Its all about Continuing, taking up residence, Abiding in Him like PD said. You can please God with a little reasoning in you. NO!! You either believe or you dont. When you do and you apply and Honor Him and His word by being Obedient then he will take care of all the details. Things should be getting better for the believer! There cannot be a wavering when it comes to knowing how much God loves me. I have to know that I know for me and only I can do that.. Its a choice! Be rid of envy, strife and jealousy!!! Quit looking around! The life he paid for me to have is THE BEST LIFE! HE LOVES ME AND HE KNOWS ME AND BECAUSE HE DOES THERES MORE AND MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM FOR ME AND MINE! No need to look around just do the word and put myself in position to be a Victor and no longer a Victim. JEEEESSSUUUSS!! GOSH THIS MESSAGE ROCKED MY WORLD, SOOOOO GRATEFUL FOR OUR PASTORS AND OUR LEADERS!!

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  5. The Holy Spirit always reveals truth without confusion… if you’re confused.. it’s not Him!!

    It’s gonna take an adamacy on my part to show people who He is!!!

    His ways are not to be challenged but to be confirmed to!! He can be trusted!!

    The only way to prevent jealousy is to understand how speaking you are to Him and stop looking around at others!

    I will trust Him with every part of my life!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Religion is mans substitute for Holy Spirit revelation.

    You don’t need extra if you’re not doing the original.

    If knowing and doing the truth will make you free, why are so many still bound?


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