Sunday 4.7.19

Church was so good today. I am so thankful for the Word. Here are a coupe of our highs from service.


  • A true leader has the voice of their leader in their head
  • The most important person I lead is me because I can only really control me
  • Progress requires humility
  • If I don’t live by the right order I’ll loose it all

2nd Service

  • People don’t produce because they haven’t handled what was sown in their heart right
  • Just hanging around the crowd doesn’t give you access to the blessing
  • When you don’t take it personally it is easy to forgive
  • When you’re giving right and living right you’ll never have to “store up”

So, what were your highs from service? What are you going to apply to your life?


  1. Church was so great today always excited to hear the truth of God’s Word. Here’s some of my highs! Jump Start/ The most important person I can lead is myself! * We can’t take even one day off from allowing our Spirit to rule! * Complacency does allow you to take s day off from the Word! * Be consumed with what He says to do! * Make the Word Your #1—divorce yourself from everything else around you! * If you’re not PASSIONATE about Him and the Word you’re loosing! This was all so very very good, thanks so much PC ♥️ 1st/ Offering/ Without forgiving and giving we have no visible Christian connection! * There are always those who want more and will stay around when everyone else leave! * Just Your Presence doesn’t assure you the promises ! * Taking your eyes off the Word for any reason will cause devastation! *When we want plan A you’ll hang around for it, but you have to want it! 3rd/ My high in this service was the 7 people that came to Jesus as their Savior and the one who rededicated! Praise Jesus!!!!! Thanks PD for the uncompromised Word!!😊

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  2. I was only able to attend third and wow!!

    While the praise team was singing “Love is war” the Holy Spirit was convicting me of my fight and I was realizing how I am not doing enough! Then with the baby dedication I was reminded and encourages that I CAN do this parent life. By the end of service I felt like I was getting saved all over again! I am so happy to call CLC my home. Thank you PD for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and stepping out on a limb today! It reminded me that people come to church who aren’t certain of their eternity, and leave without making that commitment.

    Here are a few things that stood out to me today!

    Luke 6:37
    Don’t judge! Don’t condemn! Our job is to FORGIVE!

    It’s the hungry and the thirsty who will be filled. This that seek will find!

    We have to get moving on what we know to do now. If we don’t it will be ten years later and we’ll be the same person fighting the same problems.

    Are you more concerned about what people think of you rather than the eternity they will experience?

    Romans 1:16
    I will not be ashamed of the gospel!!

    John 17:23 God loves us as much as He loves Jesus

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  3. The parable of the sower is one of my favorites!! Every time I hear it I hear more and learn more.

    1st service//I really liked when PD described the thorny ground and when he paralleled weeds as unattended thoughts! I will not allow the wrong thoughts to remain in my mind!!
    “No matter how great the seed is, bad soil will not produce abundance.” I commit to steward the soil of my heart with more diligence than I have ever before! I have to pay attention to how I hear, what I hear, why I hear, and then put to work what I hear.
    “The enemy always comes to challenge the Word by putting my eyes on things naturally.”
    “Casual listeners are easy pickin’ for the enemy.”
    I will not let promotions in my life give Him a demotion.
    “His things will interfere with the flow of my flesh”…good! It needs to be messed with!
    “My new creation has to be worked out! My will says, I will have all God has for me!”

    2nd service//I am equipped by the Spirit of God to be attractive to those who are looking for what I have to offer.
    I will not just be “a part” of a crowd”
    “If I honor God correctly all I do will be multiplied in my life.”

    Its so easy to be weighed down with wrong thoughts and wrong attitudes that just get in the way of what matters most, which is His Word and His plan. I commit to steward my mind more effectively this week so I am not moved and tossed all over the place by every little thing that is said and done around me. My eyes are on Him. He is the author and the finisher of my faith!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS tree at the wagon was epic!!! 😉 So grateful for our staff, interns and volunteers who helped make that possible!!!


  4. Church was beautiful today!! I was challenged & encouraged in SO many ways! Which is an honor to have the opportunity to change & better my life!

    //Jumpstart- When PC pointed out “Follow me as I follow Christ”. Because I know all I can control is myself,but that the people in my influence can be affected by what I do as well. With different circumstances that have been going on in my family life,when I’m speaking the Word & being led by the Holy Spirit in all our interactions. There is a HUGE difference. In my family, we have all been stirred up for the better & decided together to follow each other as we all follow Christ. Even being a child in the family, what I do and the examples I set make a change in my parents life(good or bad). So hearing that today was great! And me and my family have literally all been bonding in the word all day. Each of of us being led by the Spirit is how we should do life!!!! This is the life I want & the LIFE I CHOOSE!!!! We choose!!!!
    -divorce yourself from your own desires.(I’m getting a divorce this week)!!!!!
    -you overcome the flesh by having a reality of “IT IS WRITTEN”.
    -if you lose in the Spirit, you’ll lose in everything.

    //1st Service-
    -it’s not just the seed,it’s the soil(condition of your heart)
    -weeds, like evil thoughts unattended, destroy plants and life.
    -taking your eyes off the word for any reason, will cause devastation.
    *My favorite high from PDs service was “casual listeners are easy pickin for the enemy”. The Holy Spirit led me to underline that this morning & this afternoon while going over my notes, I realized why because it didn’t necessarily stand out to me at first. But in my flesh, causality is something I fight & win, In Jesus Name! So I have to be extra on guard & ready to receive the word. I will no longer be casual. This week I will work on the soil of my heart! I want to & will be good ground!!!!! I’m encouraged to work the word into my life even more,and produce Gods reality into my reality!

    //PFS- PD’s quote of the day!!!! Such revelation!!! “The same Spirit that taught Jesus wants to teach you”
    Are you kidding me?!? Me!?!! A person who has made mistakes,turned away from church at one point, just a recreated soul by the power of God. How awesome!!! How awesome to have the Spirit that help mold Jesus INTO JESUS, & a God that always wants to bring you revelation,always want to help you & show you the right way. A Spirit that wants to make you into the best person possible. PRAISE GOD!!!! I am so humble & grateful to be a child of God!


    1. This is soooo encouraging Justice!! I am getting a divorce from my desires this week too!!
      Love you sooo much!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL NOT BE CASUAL WE ARE FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Jumpstart
    -Don’t fear something that’s already been handled!!

    -Anything that Jesus paid for is not a test or trial!!

    -You don’t fail, unless you quit!——SO GOOD! No one, no thing and definitely not the enemy can keep you from finishing your race but you!!! Irregardless of people and situations, trials and circumstances…you only fail when you quit and because He didn’t quit you, determine not to quit Him or His things! Because in Him, is you!!!

    -Progression requires humility!

    -no matter how great the seed is, bad soil won’t produce a harvest! —-always be aware of the condition of your heart!!

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  6. Jumpstart// divorce yourself of your own desires!! So good!!! What you hold on to over Him, you will eventually loose. You become what you behold!! Our minds have to be renewed everyday by keeping our eyes on the Word! My purpose is in the Word! Win the war within yourself! Thank God His mercies are new every morning!

    Casual listeners are easy pickin for the enemy, I don’t want to be casual! A negative circumstance, verbal or physical, are designed to steal the Word! It’s all about the soil of your heart!! I will keep my heart stirred up with good soil! ❤️❤️❤️

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  7. 2nd service//until God has your heart, He won’t have your resources. He can’t work in your finances without first having your heart.
    Hanging around in the crowd won’t get you the blessings. You have to want what He has in order to receive. Actively seek it. Only 120 in the upper room received the Holy Spirit even though it was promised to every believer who received Jesus and His message during his travels and ministry. Only those actively seeking and obedient get the promises and blessings.


    1. I really liked that too Shevon, hanging around in the crowd…I don’t want to just be a part of the crowd! I want to get it!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. 1st Service// The condition of my heart is on me! It is my responsibility to know the condition of it! The responsibility of the sower is to SOW, nothing else! What happens to the seed sown is on me! My heart is my ground! It is on me to “work it” and stir it! It is vital for me to “work” (till) the soil of my heart so that when I come to church to hear the Word the seed sown can be planted and will not be eaten!
    This reminded me of when I was little and I would go to my grandmas. I would see people outside working on their yards. You could tell which ones were serious about their yards and took time to care for their yards. Their grass would be lush and green. Their rose bushes would look and smell amazing! Oh! and don’t you dare walk on their grass! They would come after you…lol! I realized that I must be this serious when it comes to the soil or condition of my heart! Like PD said yesterday, “Casual listeners are easy picking for the enemy”! Also, “Taking your eyes off the Word for any reason will cause devestation!

    2nd Service (Kidz Church)// Being unfaithful to God will cause you to be unfaithful everywhere else! -PF
    My relationship with Him is a sign of my relationships with others! If I am unfaithful to Him then in the natural my flesh will rule and I will be unfaithful in every area of my life!

    The parable of the talents… PK
    This part of Kidz Church encourage me to share what I have been given! To not hide it,hoard it, or sit on it, but be willing to share it! I do not want to hear you wicked (twisted) lazy servant!


    1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing example!!! People in their yards and people who aren’t!!!!!!!!!! We all have “yards” or hearts but what we do with them will eventually be evident in the fruit of our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Sunday was AWESOME! From beginning to end!! He just knows what we need! Some of my takeaways:

        **I don’t fail – unless I quit! Grrr of course it’s ALWAYS ON ME!! I’m in charge of my destiny Deut 30:19! Life is available for the taking, but it’s always on me to believe & TAKE IT!!
        **For you turned away from me—to death; your own complacency will kill you. Fools!
        Proverbs 1:32 Woow!
        **Live by the order or you’ll lose it all! If we don’t choose Him, we lose by default🤷🏻‍♀️
        **I have to win within, before I win without! What’s going on in me will manifests on the outer
        I CHOOSE TO CHOOSE LIFE!! EVERY DAY!! I refuse to quit!!


  9. Jumpstart High:
    WOW JUMPSTART ROCKED ME & MARKED ME!!!!!!! So so so grateful! Don’t remain comfortable or casual! I WILL DIVORCE MYSELF FROM MY DESIRES.. when PC said that everything was brought into perspective that some will and some won’t but I keep moving ahead and know HE IS MY DESIRE & when HE IS life will be all he created and called it to be-SIMPLE!

    2nd Service/ALWAYS FORGIVE & DONT JUDGE!!!! Gosh I will be better in this arena because I want his plan for my life not my own plan!
    Only the right soil produces! A lot of people don’t produce because they don’t handle what’s been given to them! Wow!!! So so good! I want to find myself being a good steward over everything he’s blessed me with! EVERYTHING NEGATIVE IN LIFE IS MEANT TO STEAL THE WORD! The enemy is after the Word in my life. Where I am and what I do with what I have and my devotion to Him will determine my Harvest!
    I want to find myself HONORING HIM CORRECTLY!

    3rd Service-Kidz/GOD IS FAITHFUL! I have to choose to be faithful! It’s my choice! I WILL BE FAITHFUL! Faithfulness requires Effort! I represent God! If I’m not faithful to God I won’t be faithful at all! If he’s not number 1 I won’t be faithful! When I’m faithful to God things will be added to my life! OBEYING GOD=FAITHFULNESS
    IF THE ENEMY CAN GET US TO NOT BE FAITHFUL THEN HE CAN GET US TO BE FAKE! 😷 I REFUSE FAKE! I CHOOSE TO BE FAITHFUL! 2 things that war with faithfulness = Laziness & Wickedness
    Wicked is a little bit of me and a little bit of good! 🤢 YUCK! I don’t want any of me… he’s my answer and I want to be like HIM! Laziness thinks I deserve this.. NOOOO!!!


  10. Jump start// get a divorce from my own desires. To move forward you have to get rid of something.
    If my flesh doesn’t know and do the Word I will lose in life.

    1st Service// Jesus used common illustrations to reach those with uncommon hunger.

    Weeds, like evil thoughts, unattended destroy both plants and life.


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