Sunday 4.14.19

Happy Palm Sunday!! Service was so good today! I’m so thankful for JESUS!!!🌴🌴🌴 Here are a couple of our highs from service!


  • Right order = Spirit, Soul, Body
  • If I don’t handle things by the Spirit my soul will be out of control
  • We should not fear what already belongs to us
  • EVERY day I have to tell my flesh what to do

2nd Service:

  • He paid for our life to be amazing no matter what our past is!
  • Don’t allow who you were to define who you are
  • Everything hinges on Him being first thing
  • It’s up to me to allow what happened to me be available through me!!

So, what are your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Service was great and so thankful for a church that preaches truth…here are some of my takeaways from 2nd service:
    *Our blood is one!! His blood
    is our blood….that is pure blood!!! We all came from the same blood…we are His seed!! We are to reproduce after Him!!! Genesis 1:26
    *We are to be willing to place ourselves in a position of discomfort for His sake…I don’t want to find myself comfortable or complacent!! And when I find things getting hard for me…I must confront myself and recognize that I am in the wrong place and eliminate those things that are trying to take me out of my seat!! When I take my seat my perspective changes and get to enjoy all that heaven has to offer!! Ephesians 2:6
    *He is my definition…I am defined in Him…I can overcome who I was!!! I am new in Him!!! Thank you Father!! I love me because of what He has done for me…I am valuable in Him!! 2 Corinthians 5:17

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  2. So thankful for Palm Sunday 🌴🌴and Jesus today ! The Word was so good!!Here are my Highs : Jump Start/ You can’t think in advance in the Kingdom of God!In order to do spiritual things , you have to be Spiritual! Pressure shows up as the plan of God meets your flesh, everyday I get up I have to pressure this pressure! There is a Spiritual Order— Spirit , soul , body!!! I choose to please God, not people! Jesus 1service/Jesus’ Words are red because His Blood was shed! Success comes from the Word comsuming me and some other things have to be removed from my life! 2nd/ Loving God is the Highest level of Faith! The more you’re willing to love Him, the more you will Love Him! 3rd/ Loving God is Loving the Word!!Thanks PD for the Truth!😊🌴

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  3. Omg!!! Today was such a great day!!!

    1st service//Success comes from the Word consuming you!! I don’t want to just know the message but I want to be the message!
    My love for Him should “move” me!!
    If I take my eyes off of Him I will sink like Peter!! I REFUSE!!
    Discipline sets me up for success! Hallelujah!!
    All that I do in living Him is a seed THAT WILL PRODUCE in my future! I sow in faith!!

    2nd service//You can’t live your Christianity waiting to happen what already happened!!! THIS IS THE MOMENT
    Issues in my ethnicity don’t have to become my identity!! GLORY!!
    How do I get to know Him? Do what He says!!
    In Him what Heaven has to offer is mine!!!
    Everything you do in life is a seed!
    Wow!! There was soo much today and I will continue to review my highs here and my notes so I can be a doer!!! ❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️✔️✔️✔️


  4. Palm Sunday was special🌴
    Here are some of my highs//

    I really evaluated how I want to progress spiritually because it’s going to require that I cut some things in my flesh! Everyday I’m either pleasing Him or me! You’re not gonna know what He has for you if your not first set apart for Him! So good!!! Jesus is God in man form! He faced all this a man!!! Gosh this is so amazing and I’ll be meditating on that this week!!

    Success comes from the Wors consuming you!! Like PC always quotes, “ the Word isn’t in you if it doesn’t govern and dominate you!!” Honor Him NOW love Him with all your heart NOW. That love is a seed❤️ To deny oneself and carry one’s cross is to become totally dependent on the Master and accept His direction for your life!!!! I will not pursue my own plan or desires, but trust in the love He has for me and His plan for me!!!

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  5. 2nd service//
    Quit saying, “well, but…” Because your butt will never be well. The playing field is only level IN HIM.
    I am one with Christ, He is my identity. He is my definition!! There should be no one I want to please more than the Father. I please Him by loving Him.
    I’m so grateful that He made it easy for us to just love Him. Every day this week I will remind myself that my only assignment is to love Him the most!

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  6. From Jump Start I really liked the whole comparison between how people who walk by there soul, body, spirit will be at opposition to the peope who walk by their spirit, soul, body.

    From 1st service: We are seated in heavenly places (a kingship position) so the worldly things are below me. I shouldn’t be bothered by the world or what it has to offer. My job as his child is to please Him and do what He says because I love Him.

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  7. 1st// I was really challenged to examine in my life what moves me most and what it takes to move me. There are times I have had and I know others have too when you don’t do what He has said for whatever reason or you are slow to do it. The Holy Spirit corrected me through the message and said “when you tell your children to do something you expect them to do it right then. You wouldn’t take it to well if they questioned and asked why or if they did it when they got ready to or felt like it. It’s dishonor to not allow what He says or has said to move you”! I made the decision to leave the distractions behind and remain focused on what He has said to me and not let myself off the hook to get it done! Also, when PD said,”God is not trying to take your life, He is trying to give you His”! This encourages me to stay child like!

    Kidz Church// PK was talking to the kids about being a faithful friend and she had said Jesus is your BFF and you can tell Him anything even though He knows. The Holy Spirit revealed this to me He said, “Even though He knows what’s going on, when you take the time to tell Him about it, it strengthens your relationship with Him. I then was reminded about how as a parent I know about the things that may be bugging and bothering my kids, but when they come and tell me about those things it does something to me and it makes our relationship so much sweeter! So I have began to tell Him and let Him be my all in all! Also, this encouraged me to stay child like and run from this adult state of mind!

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    1. I really liked the example you used when instructing your kids. I believe every day in every way I am becoming more and more sensitive and tuned into His voice and I obey quickly!


  8. Sunday was such a great day! Church blessed me.. Here are my highs….

    Jumpstart/ I’m Spirit! I handle everything in a spirit way! What does the Word say? GOSH that is so so good! My word will be my go too…As His kid I should continually find myself cutting away things in my flesh! Gosh! He paid everything for me.. I determine to do this life one day at a time continuing to grow and cutting things out of my life! All know is I need Him & he’s been so so good to me! Like PC said we are SET APART for Him we should stand out! I don’t want to find myself pleasing people but pleasing Him!! EVERYTHING GOD IS I AM & EVERYTHING GOD HAS I HAVE! Darn, JESUS SO SO SO GOOD! That takes me out of me and totally consumed in Him!

    2nd Service/GOD IS MY BREAKTHROUGH!!!! HE IS!!!!!!! He has already broken through for me!!! HE HAS GIVEN ME EVERYTHING that has to do with LIFE AND GODLINESS!!! We are 1 in Him!!! We all came from the same blood!!!! We were all created in His image! See people the way he sees people Patricia!!! I will not allow who I was to define who I am!!!! A successful life isn’t about feelings but doing what He says! Dang! YESSS! I will do what he tells me through His word and be led by the Spirit! I will love God by doing what he says!!!!

    3rd Service Kids/I was created to be faithful! We should be faithful to God, The Word and our friends! FAITHFUL=DOER OF THE WORD
    TWISTED=a little bit of good and a little bit of bad
    LAZY=controlled by the flesh
    I HAVE TO HE WILLING TO SHUT MY FLESH UP!!! Faithful people don’t complain! I don’t want to find myself complaining! When I’m faithful I will be full of joy! I want I find myself being a faithful friend.. The wrong friends will take us in the wrong way! God has specific people for my life.. FOREVER FRIENDS.. CHRIST CENTERED!!!!!!


  9. Jump start// spiritual things are not naturally discerned.
    Put pressure on your pressure.

    1st Service// if God is your Father and Jesus is your Lord, why don’t you do what He says?

    Just because He won’t make you do something doesn’t mean you should diminish what He says.

    The sooner I obey Him, the better things get.

    To deny oneself and carry my cross is to become totally dependent on the Master and accept HIS direction for my life.


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