DEEP 4.15.19

DEEP was so good tonight!!! I am so thankful for the truth!! 📚🤓📝 Here are a couple of our highs from class!


  • ambition in the kingdom always produces strife
  • if we will be obedient and faithful He will position me
  • “I don’t want to look cute I want results”
  • things don’t JUST happen
  • we have to take our place as a servant!!!

In Him

  • if we have faith in the world what do we get? EVEN MORE FEAR!!!!
  • we have holy spirit power!!! Quit being lazy and tap into it!!!!
  • I am an heir!!!
  • how good was the word picture of the well? I don’t want to put my faith in anything the world has!!!

So, what were your highs from class? What stood out most to you?


  1. Deep was so good this week! Here are some of my highs : Leadership/ * Jesus never preached the gospel, He preached the Kingdom!* The message of the Kingdom is to be constantly changeing , to be in the Word, then change will come!* When I take my place in the local church , I cannot fail, Satan can’t prevail!* When I’am faithful and obedient God will promote me! * Things dont just happen! I will have the Life Jesus paid for me to have only when I walk out the Kingdom and give myself to the local church(CLC) with all my heart , loving Him with all that I’am🙌 In Him/ *I have been positioned with Him In Heavenly places, therefore I have inherited the kingdom rights and privileges as a believer, a child of God! *The world’s system has nothing to offer but fear, more fear, and even more fear , perfect love cast out fear!Hallelujah!!!! * Your intellect will NEVER believe what the Word says!


  2. Deep was Soooooo GOOD LAST NIGHT! Here are some of my highs!

    PC CLASS / I like when she said “There’s no fear in the kingdom. Anything of fear is not a part of the kingdom.”
    If it’s not a part of the kingdom than I shouldn’t give it place as His kid in my life! I need to find myself staying in my place and that place is in Him and at Chooselife church being a vital part there. I want to Delight myself in Him, constantly changing and growing and embracing His love!
    It is the only place I won’t fail and the only way I will fail is if I give up! I REFUSE!!! I will take my place in HIM because in that place I Win!


    1. Oops!
      PK CLASS/ discipline my mouth to only say the Word! In HIM IS EVERYTHING I WILL NEED.. In the world, which is alternatives to the Word will bring you FEAR, FEAR, and MORE FEAR! Stand strong and Do what the Word says!


  3. Gloryyy!! DEEP WAS AWESOME!!! I purpose to not let this go!! Here’s some of my takeaways:
    **Be faithful to change your mind ->> be consistent & He will BRING YOU OUT!! Hallelujah!! The Word works for those that work The Word 🙂
    **I cannot decide who or what I become – there’s already been a plan set in motion(Matt 20:20-28)
    **A mature Christian see beyond themselves – this is not about me!
    **Self – control is essential for servants! Without self – control – you are open for attack

    IN HIM:
    **I activate faith ->> by hearing and doing The Word OVER AND OVER AGAIN!
    **Hebrews 10:23 You have to refuse to let it go 💪
    **When I choose to live by faith – success is guaranteed!! YESSSS!
    **Frustration = fear!! Ewww I refuse frustration!!!

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