Don’t Look Back- Pastor Charles Nieman

Wow, service was amazing tonight!!! I’m so thankful for Pastor Charles and the truth he brought! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • growth happens because I want it to happen!
  • He can be in you, but you still be far away!
  • if you want the milk and honey you have to be willing to put up with the cows and the bees!!

  • without a conscious effort we will always go back to what is comfortable and easy!

  • growth requires effort!

What were your highs from service? What stood out to you the most?


  1. OMG!! Tonight was sooo awesome!! I love Pastor Charles!! Here are my highs!!

    The Kingdom of God is not drive through…growth is to become fixed gradually…one of the signs of growth is originate…BE AN ORIGINAL!! growth is to be self-motivated and conscious of advancing in wisdom!! Sometimes the new agitates us because it requires effort and moving faster!! Am I willing to be stretched??

    And the ultimate: Old skins can turn into new skins with OIL!! the Holy Spirit will keep me progressing right in time and in sync with the plan of God for me!!


    So grateful for all the body builders at chooselife that made tonight happen!!

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  2. What an amazing night!! These are some of my favorite things he said:

    The message is sacred. The method is not!!!

    Milk and honey- land that promotes health and prosperity. If you want milk and honey you have to put up with cows and bees!!

    The price for the new wine is the old. You pay for it! I will not be stiff. I will grow!

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  3. Wow!!! Service was SOO good and I’m so thankful for Pastor Charles Nieman!!!! I definitely got answers tonight! God has no limits!! If u want the milk and honey u got to put up with the cows and bees! If we don’t make a conscious effort we always revert back to what’s comfortable!!!!
    The price for the new is the old!! I’m determined to grow and be all that God has called me to be👏🏻I will hunger and thirst for growth!

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  4. Wow!!!! It was such a good word. I’m so grateful.
    It’s so encouraging that in every way God made a way. You can become new and then you can renew yourself by the Holy Spirit.
    The old skin can become new with the Oil. Sooooooo good 🙌🏻

    Also, if you want the milk and honey you have to be willing to put up with the bees and cows. Sooo good. 👏🏻👏🏻

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  5. The message Pastor Charles brought was amazing, so grateful for him! Here are my highs: *We convince ourselves the old wine is better, gosh, I want the NEW growth everyday to please the only ONE that matters, My Father! *I’am willing to be stretched to be all God has called me to be and do!* The message is sacred the method is not!* If you want the milk and honey you’ve got to put up with the bees and the cows!* Don’t be stiffnecked making things for other people hard and difficult ! I refuse not to have the New Wine skins in my life,for growth , staying hungry and thirsty for more of Him, and who the Word says I’am , remaining teachable all the time in my Father’s house!* Old wine skins can become NEW by the oil soaked massage of the Holy Spirit! This is good news no matter how old you are! Praise Jesus! Such a powerful message !♥️

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  6. Monday night was SOOOO GOOD! Pastor Charles Neiman preached such good Word! Im so grateful!!

    Aint no blessing on being dumb! I WANT TO GROW!!! I REFUSE TO STAY THE SAME!!! I WILL GROW!!! I DEMAND OF MYSELF GROWTH!!!! I really really liked when Pastor Neiman said Kingdom of God isn’t Drive Thru! Wow!!! Wow!!!! LIFE TAKES TIME & its a PROCESS & I will purpose to continue!!!! Signs of growth=Originate; We dont have to copy! Gosh He Is Soooo Good! I refuse to be stiff but I will GROW!!!!!! SOOOOO GRATEFUL!


  7. This was such an amazing message!!! So grateful for Pastor Charles Nieman and His love for the Word!!
    -If you’re not growing, you become stagnant.
    -One reason we struggle with new is becauae it’s moving too fast and it agitates us!!
    -If we don’t make a conscious effort, we will always resort back to what is comfortable and easy!
    -Soak in and massage yourself with the Holy Spirit in order to become that new wine skin ready for growth!


  8. The oil (Holy Spirit) helps make the new happen. As I depend upon the Holy Spirit more he will help me grow and stretch. I don’t want to be old and stiff and doing the same thing as always but I want to grow!!


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