Don’t Look Back- Nancy Alcorn

Tonight was so amazing!!! I’m so thankful for the Word, for truth, and for Gods love! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean you stay in your situation and say that it’s ok
  • Forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision
  • Choose choices that bring change!
  • Don’t let pride keep you from doing the right thing

So, what are your highs from service? What was your take-a-ways?


  1. I love Nancy so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 It is miserable to not be all in! That was sooo good to me!!
    What goes in corrupts!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! So simple but so true!!
    I have entered into His blood line therefore I have power over all generational patterns!!
    2 Timothy 1:7 I TAKE THE WORD OF GOD AND I DO WARFARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So great tonight!!!!!!!!! God is soo good and sooo faithful!!!!!!!!!


  2. I’m so thankful for Nancy’s passion for people. It’s inspiring and just like God!

    My favorite statement was who is on the other side of my obedience to God? The mercy girls were on the other side of her obedience.

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  3. Loved the message!!!! The first step to move forward is to be all in and make a total commitment to Christ! It marked me when she asked us to think about the question “Who is on the other side of your obedience to God?” God has a good plan for me because He is good and He does good!!! By holding on to unforgiveness the enemy can keep you in bondage! The curse is broken in Christ! We have a new bloodline! Psalm 119:9 I will confirm my life to the Word!👏🏻❤️


  4. Love her!!! What an amazing woman of God. What’s on the other side of your obedience to God?? It’s amazing that she grew up hating God, cause she didn’t know, and then grew up to learn the truth and look at what GOD has done thru her. Truly amazing!!!! I believe God wants to use all of us in such a important life changing way but we have to be willing to obey 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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  5. Nancy Alcorn was amazing was so glad to see her, so thankful for the truth of the Word! Here are my Highs :* My past is over, God has a beautiful plan for my life!* To move forward means to be All In , committed and transformed in my mind constantly being renewed by the Word! Forgiveness isn’t a feeling , it’s a decision! When Nancy said that I was so grateful for the Holy Spirit , who over time I mean years helped me to forgive! There was at that time in my life no Mercy Multiplied that I knew about or could run to for help! So very thankful for Nancy and the huge difference she’s making in these girls lives! Once we meet Jesus we are free to make choices that bring CHANGE! * The Blood of Jesus is enough!

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  6. I just listened to Nancy’s Message and I was Gosh WOWED & SO MOVED!!!!! This message marked me!!!! Im so thankful for her coming and being a part of the 30th Year Anniversary!
    The entirety of her message was all my Sooooo Good and everything about it was my High but here are a couple of nuggets that really spoke to me.

    Needs will be met through your giving! That really spoke to me at the beginning!
    God loves you right where you are! He want you to know the past is over and he has a great future for me to walk in! IM SO GRATEFUL FOR HIS LOVE!!! WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT IT!?
    Its miserable not to be All IN! I will be All In!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God knows everything about me and he wants me free!
    WHO IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF MY OBEDIENCE TO GOD? wow!!!!!! I will continually have this at the forefront of my mind all the time!
    If you dont believe in the character of God you will never be able to trust Him and be All In!
    Forgiveness isn’t a feeling its a choice!
    The curse is broken in my life and now I choose my destiny! Ive been born into a new family, a new bloodline! YOU have no idea how is went off in me.. GOSH GOSH GOSH!!!! IM SO THANKFUL!!!!!!!!! THE CURSE HAS BEEN BROKEN!!!!!!

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  7. Sooooo good!!! Raw, in your face Word!

    -be all in!
    -your past does not have to destroy your future!!
    Q: who is on the other side of your obedience to God??!! ——-POWERFUL!!!!


  8. Wow!!! Nancy was soo great!!
    -It’s miserable to not be all in!!
    -Who is on the other side of your obedience?! So grateful to be in this side of PD and PK’s obedience! I will be so sensitive and not allow myself to get comfortable!
    -If you wait till you “feel it”, you’ll never forgive!
    -You must choose to speak out what is right no matter how you feel!
    -Take the Word and do warfare with it!


  9. Who is on the other side of your obedience!!? You have to be all in…I will be all in. My life effects so many others and Mercy Multiplied was a great example to see how one life can effect others.


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