Don’t Look Back- Pastor Willie George

WOW!! What a way to end week 1 of conference!!! Service was soo amazing! We are so thankful for Pastor Willie George! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • We have to use the tools; specifically the tools HE provided us!!!
  • Don’t go by what you are feeling but what He is saying!!
  • If you keep fear out of your mouth you can keep it out of your heart!!

So, what were your highs from service? What did you get out of tonight?


  1. So grateful for Pastor Willie George! Such a great message!!

    The feelings of fear will not hurt you, but the affects of fear will so I will keep it out of my mouth by using the tool of the Word of God and prayer in the Spirit!! S
    Satan uses feelings because he wants me to quit…I refuse!!
    The Word of God is like a fighting seed…OMG!! So good!
    I will keep the Word of God in my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fear will not win!!


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  2. Pastor Willie George was amazing. We need to train and put the word of God in our hearts. The word is our tool. His comparison of the word being like a bullet was really good. We have the ammo to shoot back to the fears/circumstances that come our way. Fear and darkness will come but it’s how we deal with it that matters. Also, when he talked about the word being a seed in the ground though it’s surrounded by darkness it will not quit, it will push through.

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  3. This word was just for me. I am SO grateful. This ministered to me big time. I will use the tools that God had provided me. I really like the illustrations he used. I will speak the word and not allow it to get In my heart. I’m so thankful. ❤️

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  4. Don’t let fear ride the elevator of my brain down to my mouth then into my heart. Don’t let it even get on!

    Keep fear out of your mouth then you’ll keep it out of your heart!

    I have been given offensive tools, the Rhema Word, the spoken Word of God is an offensive weapon!

    When I’m fighting a battling it’s not time to pray it’s time to speak the Word I’ve put in my heart!

    It may not feel like I’m doing anything when I’m putting the Word in my heart but I’m actually loading the chamber if my gun getting ready to use it when I need it!

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  5. I really liked this whole message !!
    The gun analogy was so so good !
    The bang doesn’t come when you put the word in- it comes when you speak it out!
    And that you can’t go by how you feel- you can feel fear and speak the word. You have to base your decisions on the word Of God not how you feel !

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  6. The message Pastor Willie George brought was so good! Here’s my highs: * We have to use the Tools God has given us to make contact with fear and put that tool on the problem! *You can’t use your feelings or your senses ! * Like the gun analogy , the bang happens when you put the Word in your heart and it comes out of your mouth! * It’s how I deal with darkness determines the outcome, when trials come I will use the tools God has given me. The devils a liar , I win!! *I can’t overcome fear , but my TOOLS can! Speaking the Word only!!!!🙌🤗


  7. Gosh!!!!! I’m so thankful for Willie George aka Gospel Bill LOL!! His message was a POWERFUL MESSAGE! Here are a couple of my favs!

    People hate because of fear! Wow!!!! When he said that it made so much sense to me!!!
    We need to learn to use the tool we’ve been given-THE WORD OF GOD!!!!! Put the tool on the Problem, on fear!
    I cant control what I feel but I can control what I say!
    You can have the feeling of fear but that doesn’t mean you have lost! YOU KEEP STANDING AND SPEAKING THE WORD! I like how he said you keep swinging the sword and you don’t stop swinging the sword until eventually your hand is stuck to the sword! My favorite part of all was when he said we will have times in our lives where it seems dark, trials. He used the seed analogy, GOSH! This analogy brought so much Perspective for me in my journey! The seed being in the dark and the dirt being heavy and how the seed is a butt kicking seed-THE WORD OF GOD and how it pushes through! As I continue I WIN in the THE LIFE HE HAS FOR ME! I don’t quit I keep keeping on and speaking and speaking and speaking & I don’t stop!!!!! EVER EVER EVER!!!!! The Word pushes me through into THE VICTORY IVE BEEN GIVEN🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


  8. Wow!! Pastor Willie was amazing!! He brought the word in such a way that was so easy to get!!
    I want to stay ready so I won’t have to get ready when fear comes!! We have the tools and we should use them!! The word will sustain us!! I don’t want to apply feeling to what’s going on, I want to apply the word!! The feeling is there but it will be up to me to use the correct tools to drive it away!! I know that when I meditate on the word and put it in my heart it will be there for me when I need it the most!! It all starts in our thoughts and when we police those thoughts and reject them immediately, we won’t allow strongholds to be built!! Then we follow up with the words of our mouth!! I will keep “swinging” because when it’s all said and done, it will be the word that sustains me!! Thou I may get tired BUT I refuse to quit!!! 2 Sam 23:10 Glory to God for the tools available to us!!!


  9. I soooo enjoyed Pastor Willie George!!! So so grateful for the truth He brought!
    Enthusiasm won’t win it for you!! You need a tool!

    Applying feelings, sense, etc. to fear will NOT work!

    Peace comes when you’re speaking the Word! The moment you’re quiet, the fear will come back!

    No amout of inspiration can offset the absence of the right tool!

    I will not let fear ride the elevator down from my head to my heart!


  10. I have to keep speaking the word over any fear in my head. I cannot allow it to have place in my heart.
    I have to remember to use my tools…don’t hammer a nail with your hand. Use the word to combat the feelings or fear and put them in their place.


  11. It’s up to you to police your thoughts!

    Feelings can cause you to live a roller coaster existence! —-don’t let how you feel derail you out of your destiny! The enemy desires to take you out by getting you to focus on dark things; but if you’ll choose life irregardless of how you feel, you’ll come out victorious!!!


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