Don’t Look Back- Sunday 4.28.19

Wow! Services have been AMAZING!!! I’m soooo thankful for the TRUTH!!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • There is an order to all things!
  • Attitude//a combination of what I believe and where I focus my attention
  • I have to biblically handle my past, my present, and my future!
  • So many times we want to talk about and focus on our future but HE wants us aware of His presence in our present!
  • Yielding to fear always produces pride!!

2nd Service

  • No matter how high you go, there’s always more
  • He never came up short because of His relationship with the Father
  • Put a smile on your face no matter what is hitting the fan!
  • What you put your eyes on will determine where you are going
  • Don’t look back! You’ll never get to YOUR promised land if you do!!

So, what are some of your highs from service? What stood out to you the most?


  1. Church was so good today , thankful for the truth of God’s Word ! Here’s my highs : Jump Start/ Anytime we are frustrated , we are out of love! *My Attitude is all about a combination of what I believe and where I focus my attention! *I have to biblically handle my past, present, and future! *My Attitude is defined as my heart,I must guard my heart! *Yielding to fear produces pride!/ 1st/You can’t rest on the Past,you don’t want to Look Back! * Dead people don’t react to services! * To deny myself is to allow the Word to become my identity!* When you pitch your eyes in the wrong direction, you can lose God’s effection for direction! 3rd/ God’s perfect will is not in my Past! What He says about me now is so much stronger, and I can go further than I ever thought I could go! WOW ! Don’t Look Back!!! Such good Word!😃


  2. Being successful at anything requires effort! The kingdom promises will not be a part of your life if you look back! I am so thankful for the opportunity to let go of some things in the fire! I choose to not look back and receive all God has for me this week!



    1st Service//The enemy will do everything he can to keep me from the now! Today!
    To rehearse one’s weakness is to negate His settled substitution.

    2nd Service//God’s perfect will is not in your past.
    Nothing can stop the Word of God when believed and spoken by a child of God.

    3rd Service//The only defense against the enemy is the spoken Word! This went off on the inside of me! You can’t finesse him, out smart him, out work him or out “live” him…like live perfect enough! It is only the spoken Word that defeats him!
    I will maintain a NO NEGATIVITY POLICY!! I will instead have a decision policy!
    The master is always in front of me!

    I believe for supernatural freedom from everything I burned today! (all three services lol!) I am so grateful for the truth!! 🙂 and our amazing pastors!!


  4. I can’t allow any of my past to interfere with today. I have to make a decision every single day to not look back. Looking back can paralyze my future. I have to have a decision party and not a self pity party! When you judge your own behavior then you have no reason to allow shame to have a hold on your life.

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  5. Church was amazing Sunday. I believe the Holy Spirit was speaking directly to me and my situation thru Pastor Dean. One thing he said that hit home for me was that the enemy will try and remind you of the things you have put under the blood. Another was, looking back produces questions and regrets. I believe this was a Word for everyone and it sure help me to put some things to rest. I thank God that my Pastors hear directly from the God through the Holy Spirit.


  6. Jump start//Attitude is formed by your past, present, and future.
    you have to biblically handle your past.
    Handle//to manage or control

    Service highs// You have to cast down imaginations, this requires effort.
    If you don’t spend right, you’ll never have enough.
    If I’m all over the place, I’m looking back.
    He doesn’t want me to die for Him. He gave everything so I could live for Him.


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