Don’t Look Back- Brother Keith Moore

Wow! Another AMAZING service!!! I’m so thankful for Brother Keith and the Word he brought!! Here are some of our highs:

  • My faith will be praised by the Father!!

  • We have to learn what to yield to and what to resist!!!

  • If you’re not rejoicing you’re not believing!!!

I will rejoice and be GLAD!! So, what were some of your highs from tonight? What stood out to you the most?


  1. Yes! Brother Keith Moore is one of my favorites!!! Such a great night!! I have the greater One on the inside of me!! People who really know God have genuine joy which is a product of eternal life- God!!!! He is life and because Jesus tasted death, I will never have to!! You don’t hang with Him and not get edified! You believe first and then He will reveal Himself to you! If you love Him, you will love His.


  2. Praise God…I was so blessed by Bro. Keith Moore!! I always am!! These are my highs:
    * Eternal life is to know The Father and The Son, JESUS CHRIST!
    * Knowing Him is knowing life!
    * Ephesians 2:7 Ooooh! Ahhhh! Wow! That will be us in Heaven! 🙌🏼
    * John 11:40 Because I believe, I will see the glory of God!!
    * Hebrews 2:9 Thanks to JESUS, I will never have to taste death!
    * Proverbs 17:22 I don’t need a pill, I need the Person of the Holy Spirit!!
    * John 10:27 Identify where the voice is coming from and speak to it! You’ll know His voice through His Word!
    * I will learn what to yield to and what to resist!
    * There’s no such thing as a depressed, down and out, BELIEVING believer!
    * Fellowship – to keep company, companionship – I determine to fellowship with The Father through His Word by The Spirit EVERY DAY!!
    * What’s your rush? What are you rushing from? What are you rushing to? 😵 ouch! I will spend quality time in His things because there’s NOTHING more important!
    * “Do as I say and enjoy what I have” – The Father
    * Three signs that I know Him: JOY, LOVE, OBEDIENCE ❤️
    I could go on and on bc it was so good and necessary for my life! Bro. Keith mentioned how special spending time with God in the early morning is and I knew that I wanted to dedicate the first part of my day to Him…I’m on my back porch, hearing the birds, listening to the water fall, and encouraged to NOT LOOK BACK! Here’s to the next 30, Pastors Dean & Kathy!


  3. it’s not about doing the right thing it’s about KNOWING! i have to know what to yield to and what to resist! if you are too satisfied you will stay where you are!


  4. Paying too much attention to your feelings will make you perpetually unstable!!! —-let your focus be on Him and His things and nothing else, especially how you feel will matter!!!


  5. Paying too much attention to your feelings will make you perpetually unstable!!!—-when He is your focus, how you feel won’t matter!


  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! This was such an awesome message!!!
    Knowing Him is not about performing rituals or even knowing about Him. The results of knowing Him will be joy, love, and obedience. HE IS LIFE!!

    One of the most important things to learn is what to yield to and what to resist! OMG!! This is soo powerful!!

    Faith is a choice…

    Why are you in a hurry…what are you rushing to?? SO GOOD!!

    I will determine to know His voice through His Word and He will let me know if I need to know anything else. So grateful!!!!!!!!! So humbled!! Glory to God!!!


  7. Keith Moore was so special to me!!!! His message was so amazing in every way! Im so grateful for The
    Word in my life!!! Its such a BIG DEAL!
    Here a few of my treasured nuggets!!!!!!!!

    ETERNAL LIFE=KNOWING HIM!! I will KNOW HIM for myself!!!! I will yield myself to HIM!!! t
    Traditional religion is a phony substitute! THAT WILL NOT BE ME… i refuse that!! I WILL KNOW HIM!!!!
    I WILL HEAR HIM!!! AND I WILL BE LED BY THE SPIRIT!!!!!!! This has nothing to do with Doing the right things but KNOWING HIM!!! As I know Him and yield to Him I believe everything in my life will get exactly where it needs to be THE WAY HE CREATED IT AND CALLED IT FORTH TO BE!!!! THIS IS ABOUT INTIMACY WITH HIM!!!! There is always More to Know!!! I REFUSE TO BOW DOWN AND JUST BE IDLE.. i will grow and know him!!!!!!!!! HE WILL NEVER PEAK OR RUN OUT! Life isn’t just about existing but truly being CONNECTED TO HIM!!! I WILL CLING TO HIM-HE IS MY ANSWER!!!!!!! GOSH!!!!!!! IM SOOOO GRATEFUL!!!!!!!!


  8. My faith will be praised by the Father!!!
    The joy of the Lord will boost your immune system! I don’t need a pill I have a person!! Ps. 23-learn what to yield to and what to resist.
    If you’re not rejoicing you’re not believing! Faith is a choice. When I do what He commands I will have greater!

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