Don’t Look Back- Pastor Charles Nieman

I’m so thankful for Pastor Charles!!!! What a great message!!! It might be the end of conference, but this is just the beginning! Here are a couple of our highs:

  • Zech. 4:10 do not despise small beginnings
  • Despise// disrespect
  • In life it’s what’s in your hand that gets you what’s in your heart
  • You have great by taking care of small

So what are your highs? What was your favorite part of service?


  1. I’m so grateful for Pastor Charles. That meant so much to have him here in such short notice! That was so awesome what his wife said to him…if you can’t get a pilot charter a plane…wow!! Our pastors are so loved and respected. Also when Pastor Greg said to not be familiar even in calling our pastors PD and PK. I immediately made a shift and I am grateful so such strong leadership in my life!! I love my pastors!!!

    I will not despise small beginnings!! Jesus gives you the beginning you need to give you the ending He desires for you! The ending brings you another small beginning!
    Preparation is what defeated Goliath, not size and power. Ask myself, what’s in my hand? It’s all about being faithful it’s what is smallest. God doesn’t tell me the end from the beginning. God loves small beginnings!

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  2. This was definitely one of the best messages I have ever heard. I think it meant even more to me because my life is a direct by-product of Pastor Charles’ faithfulness in the smalls…had he not been, Greg may not have ever been…that is a very sobering and personal reality for me.

    My take-away will be to be MUCH MORE intentional in my smalls, to not concerned with the much, or the omegas but to discern the smalls…each and every day!! Love Pastor Charles so much!!

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