May Pastor Kathy Pick of the Month

Hardness of Heart by Andrew Wommack 

The Crisis: People who are in rebellion are not the only ones with hard hearts. The dictionary defines hard when it applies to matters of the heart as being cold; insensitive; callous; unfeeling; unyielding. This malady has stricken every Christian in some area of their life. This is what keeps us from hearing the voice of the Lord and being led by Him in our everyday lives.

The Cause: The condition of our heart is determined by what we focus our attention on. It doesn’t matter what we know, its what we think on that controls whether our hearts is hard or soft (Proverbs 23:7). Once this is understood, this same law that will sensitize us towards God can be used to harden us towards the devil.

The Cure: The Cure for a hardened heart is a total commitment to keep our minds stayed on the Lord. This teaching will give you one of the clearest understandings of the relationship between faith and unbelief that you have ever had.


  1. Chapter 1
    Wow wow WOOOWW!!!! This first chapter was knock me off my feet to my knees status! SERIOUSLY SO SO GOOD!!
    I should not find myself being sore amazed!!!!! It shouldn’t be a surprise to me as His kid to know(Believe) that he is able!!! Sore amazed is not believing! I really really liked how this chapter broke it down about hardness of heart is relating more easily to the natural realm than the supernatural! I SHOULD COMPLETELY FIND MYSELF BELIEVING !!!!! He is a good God!!!!!i want to perceive the truth in a way it changes me!!!! GOSH!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  2. Wow!!!! Chapter 1 was amazing!!! The things God does in my life should not amaze me!! Jesus was never amazed at the miracles of God working through Him… He expected it!

    Also, when you forget what God has done for you and begin to look more at what’s going on naturally.. that’s hardness of heart! You cannot give natural things any place to take your focus off of what God has already done in your life ! Look to Him for what He wants to continue to do for you! He will always deliver but you must guard against the hardness inside!

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  3. Chapter 1/ Gosh! this totally changed my thinking about what a hard heart truly is. I don’t ever want to forget what The Father has done for me in my life , even if it’s something I don’t understand I will trust Him anyway ! A little leaven will absolutely wipe out my Faith, looking more at the natural than the Spiritual! I Don’t want to be moved more by what I see than what or who I’am supposed to be! I really liked it when he said ,Just the facts won’t do!

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  4. Chpt. 1// in thinking about what Dr. Goudeaux taught us about recognizing or perceiving Jesus it puts this chapter in total perspective for me. Jesus almost passed them by, why? Because they didn’t recognize Him!!! If I were to see Hesus walking in the water, or do any other supernatural miracle would I be shocked? Then I have a hard heart! Wow! I don’t want to relate more to the natural than the supernatural because that means I don’t recognize Him!!! I will get to the place where I am more moved by what God says than anything else!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    The eyes crossed story really ministered to me because my eyes used to be crossed lol!!! 🤪 the man that prayed for me did believe when he prayed for me and I’m so grateful he did! I’m sure everyone else is too 🙌🏼🙌🏼😂😂😂😂

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  5. Chapter 2
    God does not harden our hearts we do! Gosh!!! I like how he asked God what incline thine ear meant.. God told him that it’s not about the position you hold your head in but how you pay attention! A hardened heart dulls ones memory. Your memory is linked to your heart. Whatever your heart is sensitive to you’ll remember and whatever it isn’t you will harden your heart to! Hardness of heart produces spiritual retardation. I want to become hardened to the world and sensitive to God!!!

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  6. Chapter 2/ A hardened heart will dull our memory, Mk.8:18 my memory is linked to my heart! What my heart is sensitive to I will remember, what my heart is hardened to I will forget! When our heart is hard we don’t reason correctly ! I liked what he said about the Ostrich in the story of Job, this hardening is defined as being deprived of wisdom and understanding! I want to be more hardened to the world and more sensitive to God, God doesn’t harden our hearts , we do! Believers can hear the voice of God, and ignore the voice of the devil! John 10:4-5 and the sheep follow Him! For they know His voice!♥️

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  7. Chapter3/ whatever you focus your attention on is what will dominate you, but this is where we miss it and it’s so simple, whatever you don’t focus on can’t dominate you! What I don’t consider—what I neglect- is what I’m going to be hardened to! When we keep our minds on Jesus instead of lapsing into the natural realm always trying to figure it out , then we can begin to expect the miraculous! This is what happened to the Disciples in the boat when the storm came, JESUS said where is your faith? This is where most of the church is today! Like he said the Bell Tolls for Us ! This is because of neglect for the things of God, I’ll put this in first person; I’ve not considered the things of God as I should with the confidence and ability I’ve been given! But I will with the Holy Spirits help do this, He doesn’t expect me to do it alone! ♥️

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  8. Chapter 3/
    When your heart is hardened the immediate result is Unbelief. If your living in sin your heat will be hardened. You can’t live life in sin and have a heart sensitive toward God! Living a holy life does not produce! Whatever you focus your attention on is what will dominate you. I do not want to find myself not considering or neglecting what God has done ! Seriously it’s a big deal and when we neglect or don’t consider all he’s done and got us through our hearts will be hardened! HE IS ABLE!!!!! My focus will be on Him!!! Such a great chapter!

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  9. OMG!! This book was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here are my highs from each chapter!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to type them and commit them to the memory of my heart in Jesus’ name!

    Chapter 1//Hardness of heart is not just rebellion towards God. Hardness of heart, in its simplest sense, is relating more easily to the natural realm than to the supernatural!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am going to keep meditating on that statement and allow the Holy Spirit to help me to no be hard AT ALL!!
    One of the characteristics of a hardened heart is that it will make you amazed at the power of God…this was soo good.

    Chapter 2//Hardness of heart doesn’t mean that you don’t know what is true in your head, but it means that knowledge isn’t productive.
    The choice is mine! I choose what I will be sensitive to and what I will be hardened to. I choose to be hard towards the things of the world!!!
    My memory is linked to my heart! What my heart is sensitive to I will remember, what it is hardened to I will forget.
    Hardness of heart produces spiritual retardation!!!! OMG!!!

    Chapter 3//
    When your heart is hardened the immediate result is UNBELIEF!!!!!!!! A hard heart is at the root of all unbelief.
    Holiness is not what produces…
    Whatever you focus your attention on is what will dominate you!
    What I neglect is what I will become hardened to…I will neglect the things of the world!!
    We’ve not “considered” the things of God…

    Chapter 4//
    Consider//to take into account; to ponder; to examine, to deliberate on;
    What you hear is going to affect you.
    If you have been tempted with doubt and unbelief, its because you have been thinking about something other than the Word of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!
    What really made Abraham strong was not his great faith, but his discipline over his own thoughts.
    Abraham was a great man of God because of what he considered and did not consider.
    What do all great miracle workers have in common: a separated life!
    Sadu Sundar Singh–in New York for only 30 mins in 1910!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS SOOOO EYE OPENING!!!!!!! By His grace I will take no part in this kind of living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you fill yourself with the Word of God…it will come out of you!!!!!!!!!!
    Whatever your life is, is the result of what you have been thinking!!
    Worry is simply keeping our minds on the negative things in our lives.

    Chapter 5//
    There is nothing within you that makes you sin!!!!
    If we neglect the Word of God, if we neglect time with the Lord, we will be hardened towards the Lord, but if we neglect the devil, we will find it is not easy to hear the voice of the devil. We can stop that temptation in its tracks.

    Chapter 6//
    The only consistent way to live in victory is to decrease your unbelief level, to just pull the plug on unbelief.

    Chapter 7//
    Prayer and fasting doesn’t move the devil and it doesn’t move God.
    Prayer positions us!!!!!!!
    We need to fast because of carnality, not to move God.
    Prayer and fasting affect your senses, to bring them into line with your spirit.
    You can’t overcome your body if you never discipline it, never train it, never control it!
    We are missing one of the greatest blessings in life when we don’t make time to be still and know God.
    I will dominate ME!!!!!!!!
    You can focus your attention on God so much that regardless of what you are doing, your mind always gravitates back to Him!! HALLELUJAH!! THAT WILL BE ME!

    Chapter 8//
    Its not your holiness that moves God, but your holiness your separation, and your commitment does determine how sensitive you are to God and how susceptible you are to Satan’s doubt and unbelief.
    An opportunity is the most advantageous time to respond to God, not when it is a necessity.

    Job 23:12// I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.

    Putting God first may cost you. It may cost you some of your time, some of your conveniences, some of your pleasures; but it will also cost you your strife, your sickness, your carnality–all the things that are destroying your life and making you frustrated, depressed and ineffective!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, its time to read it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Chapter 4/ to consider something is to take into account or ponder , to meditate on! What you spend time considering is what will dominate you! Nothing can happen to you unless you conceive it in your thought life! You can’t sin unless you think sin! WOW!!! So if we or I consider nothing but the Word of God , meditate on it , ponder it , examine it, study it , deliberate upon it, that’s what will dominate me! A separated life is not about holiness it’s about being sensitized to what our Father has already given us, and staying our focus and attention on it! We have to stay sensitive to God and we do that by the things we consider, this takes commitment! You will see the power of God operate more in your life than you ever thought possible ! Gosh! I think I want that! 🤗 I really liked the Road Runner cartoon he shared if I have a weakness but watch it any way thinking it’s not wrong and get in trouble and out comes “beep beep”, I’ve had it!!!!!Soooo good! This can be anything that nullifies the power of God! We have to start spending Quality and Quantity time with The Father, being separated unto Him ! Consider Jesus , and He alone will dominate you !♥️

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  11. Chpt 2// pharaoh could have asked fir the frogs to leave instantly but when he was asked said “tomorrow”. Now that’s being hard hearted!
    Incline your ear means how you pay attention.
    I really like the Vietnam story!!
    When your heart is hardened, you don’t reason correctly, hardness of heart creates spiritual retardation.

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  12. Chapter 5/ There is nothing in us that makes us sin!!!!!! Sin has to be conceived! Just like a baby! If you stop the conception with the Word of God then you don’t have to fight such a strong battle when sin presents itself!!! If we neglect the Word of God, if we neglect time with the Lord, we will be hardened towards the Lord, but if we neglect the devil not hearing his voice , we can stop temptation in its tracks!!!!

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  13. Chapter5/ we can have faith and unbelief at the same time! I believe I understand this now like I never have before! Glory to God! This chapter was a huge turning point for me concerning Faith and Unbelief! You can have both at the same time. Most people think you have one or the other but not a mixture of the two! That was me! In Matthew 17:14 my eyes were opened to a Truth I never considered before I was always focused on the faith part, not realizing it was the unbelief part that I didn’t understand! Remember the way your heart becomes hardened is by what you do not consider or understand! As we look at the positive side of things here, we can exercise our senses to the point that they will be sensitized-to God not all the other junk in the world, this is tremendous hindrance to faith. The disciples related more to the physical manifestation than they did to their faith. That’s where their unbelief came from! The upside to this is so good, we can bridle our emotions and be so much more receptive to God!!! By being more disciplined and bringing our thoughts and emotions into subjection to the what the Word says!Mk 11:23!!!!!♥️

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  14. Chpt 3// you are the one who hardens your heart. When your heart is hardened the immediate result is unbelief.
    What you see is what you get. Whatever you focus your attention on is what will dominate you. Whatever you don’t focus on can’t dominate you.
    The disciple’s hearts were hardened because they neglected what God had done in their presence and didn’t give it priority. What you don’t consider, what you neglect, is what you are hardened to.

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  15. Chapter7/We need to Fast because of carnality, not to move God!* lf I cant control my eating, I’ll also have trouble releasing my faith! Gosh ! I’m the only one that can control me, I refuse to let my body or food control me! Like a child without discipline! But will put the Word of God first telling my body you will eat when I say you eat, to “Be still and know that I’am God.”We’re missing the greatest blessings in life if we don’t stop, take time with the Father to be STILL and KNOW! When I will make a serious decision to continue this discipline ,my body will not rule me anymore!I will dominate instead of my body! Prayer does this same thing, it causes your natural man to rebel! As praying in tongues does as well! Jesus said, “ Man shall not live by bread alone , but by every Word that comes from God!”As I focus on The Father all of my attention regardless of what I’m doing my mind will always gravitate back to Him! That’s where my heart is , so it’s natural I gravitate back to it again and again! We need both Prayer and Fasting!

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  16. Chapter 4

    WOW AND WOW AND WOW AGAIN!!!!! This chapter so blessed my life!!!!!! IT WAS LIFE CHANGING!!!!

    Nothing can happen to you unless you conceive it in your thought life; you can’t sin unless you think sin! I SOOOO LIKE THAT because it takes all excuses out of the equation!!!’ Seriously!
    What am I considering?! ITS EITHER THE GOOD-LIFE, or THE BAD-DEATH!!!!! There’s no in between! I want to find myself being WELL DISCIPLINED concerning the things of God-my mind staying on what his word says and letting that be MY FINAL AUTHORITY NO MATTER WHAT I FACE SEE OR ENCOUNTER!!!! I so enjoyed the Tv chapter!!! WOW!!! So so so blessed my life!!!! I want to be the woman of God that is hardened like Smith Wigglesworth to the things of this world! I want to be INGRAFTED in what HIS WORD SAYS that, that’s the only thing I speak think or believe! A SEPARATED LIFE!!!! SINGLEMINDED TO ONLY THE WORD!!!! Preoccupied with GOD ONLY!!! SENSITIVE TO HIM & HIS VOICE! HEARING HIM!!!!! Gosh!!! I’m so thankful for this chapter and the entirety of this book!!! WOW

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  17. Chapter 5
    The reason other things enter is beverages we entertain contrary thoughts. Sin is conceived! I as a believer have the power and the authority to stop the conception of sin! Again, it’s my choice!! If I neglect the word and time with the Father then I become hardened towards the Father but if I neglect the devil, then it won’t be easy to hear his voice! I CAN STOP TEMPTATION IN ITS TRACKS!!!

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  18. Chapter 8/ Concluding Thoughts.*Your holiness doesn’t move God! *Understand that you have to be single-minded, Abraham was absolutely single-minded on God, which is where his strength came from, Not considering any other option! *Then Remember It’s not about getting more faith, we already have it! *We should be like Job 23:12- I have esteemed the Words of your mouth God more than my necessary food! * Putting God first may cost you, preferably all those things that are destroying your life , but it will be Worth it! I learned so much from this book, will read it again!♥️

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  19. Chpt 4// what you spend your time considering is what will dominate you. Nothing can happen to you unless you conceive it in your thought life.
    Abraham was a great man because of what he did not consider. Abraham was strong not his great faith but his discipline over his own thoughts.
    He was well disciplined, that’s why he saw his miracle. Because Abraham did not consider his son dead he wasn’t even tempted not to offer him.
    Smith Wigglesworth hardened himself to anything contrary to what God said. That’s what made him so successful. You have to be more sensitive to the supernatural than the natural. Don’t entertain alternatives.

    Chpt 5// there’s nothing within you that makes you sin. Sin has to be conceived. You can stop the conception.

    Chpt 6// you can have faith and unbelief at the same time. The problem is you can have faith but it can be hindered by unbelief.
    Most Christians have never learned how to bring their senses into subjection. Don’t be someone who relates easier to the physical manifestation than their faith.
    Most Christian have never disciplined themselves and brought their feelings into subjection.

    Chpt 7// when God called us he gave us all the anointing we will ever get. We fast because of carnality, not to move God.

    Chpt 8// my holiness doesn’t make any of this work. Be singleminded. Any person who has been mightily used by God it wasn’t because he was a great man of faith but a little man of unbelief. Quitting should not be an option for me. I’m not tempted to go another direction because I don’t consider any other options.

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  20. Chapter 6
    What you focus your attention on, you’ll be sensitive to; what you neglect you’ll be hardened to. Most of us have neglected the things of God and paid attention to the things of the World! WOW AND WOW!!!!! I want my FOCUS TO BE ON HIM!!!!!!! His things!!!!!!!!
    Unbelief will negate our faith! I have to be willing to deal with the Unbelief, to get rid of it-PULL THE PLUG ON UNBELIEF, kill it off!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!! I HAVE TO BE SINGLEMINDED!!!! NOT QUESTIONING HIM, HIS WORD, OR HIS CHARACTER ON ANY LEVEL!!! This takes discipline and I will discipline myself more to be about HIM & HIS THINGS!!!!!!

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  21. Chapter one

    Wow! I’m so thankful my eyes have been opened to having a hard heart. I always looked at it as being rebellious but now I see that it’s being more moved by what we see than we are supposed to. Hardness of heart will stop your faith. One of the characteristics of a hardened heart is being amazed at the power of God. We should expect miracles because God is faithful! I will not forget all the God has done for me! He has done amazing things and He will continue to!


  22. Chapter 7
    Every demon ever created trembles at the name of Jesus. SOOOO GOOD!
    Fasting and prayer don’t move God. What fasting and prayer does is affect your senses to bring them into line so they respond to the spirit when faced with something. If you can’t control your eating, you’ll also have trouble when you try to release your faith! GOSH! I will endeavor to be better and live a fasted life to put my flesh where it needs to be UNDER!!!!!


  23. Chapter 8
    Putting God first may cost you. It may cost you some of your time, some of your conveniences, some of your pleasures; but it will cost you your strife, your sickness, your carnality-all the things that are destroying your life & making you depressed, frustrated, and ineffective. GOSH!!!!! So so good! I will have my priorities right! THIS BOOK WAS GREAT!!!!!


  24. Chapter 2
    It is so important how we pay attention to the Word! You can be sensitive to what you want to. I want to be sensitive to His voice so the I have to turn off the noise of the world and my flesh. I really liked when the author said “what your heart is sensitive to, you’ll remember; what your heart is hardened to, you’ll forget.” I don’t want to be a forgetful hearer!! I want to pay attention to the Word and let it penetrate my heart! Hardness of heart produces spiritual retardation! I refuse to let my heart be hard and choose to become sensitive to God and hardened to the world!


  25. What you consider is where your faith will be.
    I loved that this is about what I CONSIDER. And unbelief is where I consider ANYTHING other than the WORD!!
    I will discipline my flesh to ONLY CONSIDER the WORD!!!


  26. Chapter 3
    What you don’t consider-what you neglect- is what you’re going to be hard to!! I don’t want to be like those who neglected what God had done in their very presence!! Unbelief is the result of a hardened heart! I asked myself do I really believe Him enough to prioritize what He has done? My mind has to become more disciplined to only stay on Jesus! What I don’t focus on cannot dominate me, so if I want the Word to dominate me, it has to be my number one priority!!

    Chapter 4
    You can’t sin unless you think sin!! Wow this is so powerful!!!! Nothing can happen to you unless you conceive it in your thought life!! I don’t want to think sin or consider (meditate) on it! I will meditate on the Word more so that’s all I can do is believe it!!! Abraham was great because of how disciplined his mind was! I like the story of Smith and how he hardened his senses to what was contrary to the Word!! My senses need to be hardened! I’m grateful PD always preaches plan A, I don’t want to consider plan b-z! Loving God and being carnal is going to cost my effectiveness! I’m done listening to the devil more than God! Whatever I am today is what I thought about yesterday!

    Chapter 5
    If we neglect time with God we will be hardened towards Him, but neglecting the devil will make us hardened to the voice of the devil and that should be our goal! Being victorious will take standing up for truth and your convictions, or your heart will get hardened to that!


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