Sunday 5.5.19

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! It was so fun to celebrate our freedom in Him! ❤️🤗🌶 Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • In order to be followable you have to be consistent
  • Leaders are 1. learners 2. not prideful 3. not discouraged when they miss it 4. not excuse makers 5. not content with the status quo

1st service:

  • Faith works by God because God is love
  • Do whatever it takes to enjoy His freedom
  • You are free but you have to fight to make it a reality in your life

So, what are your highs? What was your favorite part of service?


  1. Church was sooo fun today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st service//Freedom is worth fighting for!! I have to choose to stand fast! I really really liked the definition of persevere//to continue in the face of difficulty even when success looks unlikely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My profession of faith must become habitual in order for it to become who I am!
    I refuse to allow circumstances to enslave me!!
    Christianity without experiential change is religion!

    2nd service//We may not always “feel” it but we choose to honor Him!
    I will bring heaven to earth!
    I am accountable for growing personally! I have to steward my freedom!
    I refuse to let betrayal, the curse or the fear of man keep me from what Jesus has provided!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soooo great!! Awesome church today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Sunday Service was so good! A fun, fun day! Here are my Highs: * In Him we are operating in full peace and perfection! * It’s not over until the fat lady sings so to speak , or until we see Him! *We we’re born to follow His example, looking like— Jesus!* people who grow are learners! * Not prideful!*Not discouraged when they miss it! Not excuse makers! Not satisfied with the status quo! 1st/* Freedom is worth fighting for, but you have to receive it, fighting through adversity and mistakes! 3rd/* You know you’re doing better when you’re doing better! *What man says disqualifies you doesn’t mean anything, it’s God Who decides! *You’ve got to fight the strongholds with the Word!

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  3. The Cinco De Mayo service was so fun! I liked the music, the food, the decor, the special music!!! I love our church and church family!! We also had 3 new partners yesterday and that was exciting!!

    My highs from the service were the 5 freedom thieves! There’s nothing Jesus has paid for that I cannot have regardless of my past!! Thank you Jesus!!! I also liked when PD said to let go of myself and put my arms around Him and hold onto what He says. Also when he said the statement, “To persevere is to continue in the face of difficulty even when success seems unlikely. I will have it if I just do not quit!!!!

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  4. Church was SO GREAT AND SO REFRESHING & on POINT!!!!! I’m GRATEFUL, so very Grateful!

    Jumpstart/BE STILL-the foundation of where we live! WOW!!!!!!! I like that! There should be A Progress-PROGRESSION in my life! Be consistent, not moved by what’s going on around us! Make the focus of our lives to be consistent with Him & everything else will be straightened up in our lives! When your not good everything you touch is vulnerable! Grace lifted! I WANT TO FIND MYSELF BEING COMFORMED TO HIM! This isn’t about a destination! It’s not about getting somewhere & then being good when you get there! No, it’s about operating from HIM, a place of PERFECTION! The enemy is an accuser and he wants to accuse you of all you aren’t to get you to give up!!! WE JUST DONT QUIT, WE KEEP MOVING, TRUSTING GOD, MAKING CHANGES & GROWING!! We win!

    2nd Service kids/we deny ourselves by putting God first! I like how PK told the kids if your sleepy and you haven’t done your quiet time then you deny yourself and put God first! My purpose is to do what I know to do! Step by step-Doing what God wants me to do! THE DEVIL WANTS YOU TO QUIT-DONT QUIT!!!! Go to HIM instead of your friends! STEP BY STEP I WILL LOOK TO HIM & DO WHAT HE WANTS ME TO DO!

    3rd Service/ DONT CARRY YOUR PAST INTO YOUR FUTURE! FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM! Make a decision everyday to believe Gods word! LOVE HIM ENOUGH TO DO WHAT HIM SAYS!! If he was willing to die for you he won’t set you up to hurt you! HE PAID FOR EVERYTHING! To persevere is to continue in the face of difficulty even when success looks unlikely!! GOSH!!! YESSSS!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 GODS BIGGER! Don’t put Him in a box!!!!!! HIS WORD IN MY MOUTH WILL FIX ANY ISSUE!

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