Night Life 5.8.19

Service was so good!! I’m so thankful for the truth!!!! Here are a couple of our highs from service

  • Analyzing immediately opens the door to unbelief!!
  • Unbelief is the fruit of intellect
  • When you allow intellect in your mouth it will deceive your heart!!

So, what were your highs from service? What did you receive?


  1. Wednesday night chiurch was so good! Here’s my highs: *Nothing of value happens if not authored by the Father and revealed by the Holy Spirit! This statement was huge for my life! *He sees the beginning from the end and will give us the next step,knowing what He directs me to do I will do it! It will bare witness to my Spirit when I do what He wants me to do ! * To analyze opens the door to unbelief !* I’ve got to be good with me, then I will be good with others! * The Wisdom of God is always revealed by the Spirit of God! Thanks Pastor Dean This was all good Word!🤗

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  2. Last night was so great!! These are some of my highs: Intellectual Christianity produces compromise! If you think too much or hang around those that question what you believe, you’ll find yourself wavering.

    To reason or analyze immediately opens the door for unbelief! Unbelief is the fruit of intellect. A deceived heart is a doubting heart. Entertaining reason is personal treason!!

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  3. Such a great sermon!!!
    Here are a couple of my favs!

    We should expect the Father to Author our lives! He has promised to bless His plan not ours! I want His plan for my life NOT MINE!!!!!! i WANT TO DO WHAT HE WANTS ME TO DO-This will be what I vocalize to him everyday because I want nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him and His plan for my life! Things he shows us to do will come with challenges or pressure but we can be of good cheer because His Word says we can because he has overcome the world!
    When you know who he is and you know hes in you you definitely dont get excited about the pressure but nothing will stop you!!! You dont quit but keep on continuing In HIM!!!
    Man has become enamored with his intellect-His ability to learn, design, or generate things! I DO NOT WANT THAT TO BE ME.. gosh!!! I will depend on HIM!!!! HE will show me what i need to do, where to go, what to say!!! THE FATHER WANTS ALL MY HEART!!!! He is already in my future and he will take care of me!!! Your success is drawing from the Spirit of God, the Word of God and being able to put things to work in your life. I HAVE TO BE GOOD WITH ME!!! IM GOOD WITH ME AND IF IM GOOD WITH ME THEN IM GOOD WITH OTHERS!!!! GOSH SOOOOO GOOD!! DEAL WITH ISSUES FACE TO FACE PUT THE BLOOD ON THEM AND STAY GOOD!!!! YESSSS!!!!

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