Sunday, May 12

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms!! ❤️❤️❤️ We love you!!

Services were so great today! Here are a couple of our favs:


  • We love Pastor Kathy!!!
  • Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher
  • We HAVE to be kingdom minded not selfish!!!
  • Don’t make what’s not the main thing the main thing!

1st service

  • We need to treasure all the opportunities we’ve been given
  • We live between our ears; if it’s not right I can only fake it for so long
  • I can’t be real sensitive and a child of God
  • I’m either all in or I’m just hanging out!!!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?!



  1. Mother’s Day was so beautiful today for all the Mom’s!🌷Here are my Highs : Jump Start/ what better example to follow than our own Pastor Kathy! Love her so much!* Be surrendered to His order! 1st/ I have to want to be exposed to God’s light and truth,then I have a responsibility to take Him seriously in order to receive what He wants for me personally!* When we hear what we hear from our Pastor we are not to reject it * If you don’t hear the truth in the Father’s house you will never be free! *Keeping Him as our focus , God gives us the desire of our heart! All the world offers is false promises, fleeting gradifications, and disappointments !* You’re either all in , or hanging out!This is a piece of cake, JESUS paid for us to be able to do this!!!! 2nd/ * I will always hear something valuable to help someone else with!* knowing Him is my #1 assignment ! Hallelujah! 3rd/ My Father has a way to take me places I can’t get there any other way! Woo !Hoo! Thank you Pastor Dean really good Word!!!🤗

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    1. It was such a great day!!!!!!!!!
      I really liked that too in second, about hearing not just for me but to be prepared to share with those around me and that I come in contact with!!!! Glory to God!!!!
      Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. It was definitely a beautiful day!!!❤️🌺❤️ I really really liked you are either all in, or hanging out!!!! Such a good example! I don’t want to hang out through life!


  2. Jumpstart:
    Conduct your life in order: Spirit, soul, body
    My attitude will cause a ripple effect…change your perspective, change your attitude!!
    Stay consistent…just like Him…He never changes!!
    There is an order to His things…we don’t just wing it!!
    I can not cater to emotions…they will only take me lower!!
    Love someone the best even when they are acting their worst….that’s the love of God!!
    The nature of God in me is sweet and kind!!
    Surrender to His order…Spirit, soul, body!!
    2nd service
    He can reverse all things wrong…you are never to far gone!!
    Don’t allow your emotions in the driver’s seat…they will take you down the wrong road!!
    When I truly understand all He has done for me, I will honor Him correctly!!
    The word is what makes me valuable!!
    Stand for truth!!
    When you know how good He is, you will want more of Him!!
    Knowing Him is my #1 assignment!!
    Worldly things are not of God…they are not for us!! The world has nothing of value to offer us!!
    All good from God….all bad from the enemy!! Plain and simple!! No grey!! John 10:10
    Jesus came to give life, the enemy is out to take it, fight for what belongs to you!!👊🏼

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  3. I’m so thankful to be apart of a church that goes above and beyond to make sure we know how special we are to The Father and each other! Happy Mother’s Day! Here are my highlights from today:
    PreK 1st service –
    * Disobedience is heavy! You have to actually go out of your way to be rebellious and it’s exhausting because you’re actually fighting against God’s plan for your life! When I’m carrying all MY things first, it’ll all fall down one day and where does that leave His things? ~ So good!!!!!!
    2nd Service –
    * You can’t make decisions for your family! ~ Ouch! I am NOT Holy Spirit Jr., I lead by example!
    * There’s always collateral damage when I don’t do as I’ve been told! ~ what I do or don’t do affects those around me!
    * The more I know how good He is, the more I’ll want to know! ~ and I want to know!
    * Knowing Him is my #1 assignment! ~ not saving money, making a name for myself, buying more stuff, etc…
    * If it’s not from God, it’s not for me!
    * I thank God for what I have RIGHT NOW! 🙌🏼

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  4. Happy Mother’s Day!! This is such a special day and definitely one of my favorites from the whole year!

    1st service//I am wired to love, show and reflect the love of God!
    His design should be my desire!!!
    You can’t be sensitive and thin-skinned and be a successful child of God.
    He won’t meet me in my carnality, I have to meet Him in humility!
    I am so grateful for the breakdown of lust of flesh, lust of eyes and pride of life…that makes it all so simple and I located myself in a way that I haven’t seen before and I will choose progress out of some of the pressures of the world that I didn’t even realize were dogging me!!!

    2nd service//”When I lay down at night its just me and Him…between my ears is where I live.” I will determine to be whole and surrendered there!
    Knowing Him is my #1 assignment and it requires #1 wanting to #2 moving the stuff out of the way on purpose that would keep me from it
    I really liked all that the Spirit of God shared with PD at the beginning and throughout really about the character of God and I believe it was a divine set up for that woman’s salvation! That was really beautiful!!

    Great day! Great church! Great pastors! Great God!!

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  5. I have a responsibility to take Him & His Word seriously! I won’t reject what I know to do! I am ALL IN cause we are either all in or just hanging out!

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  6. I really enjoyed jump start and I’m so thankful for PKs example. It made me want to be a better woman of God and be more spirit minded on how I do everything!

    From 8:45 service: you cannot be thin-skinned and be a successful Christian. My emotions or how I feel will not control how I live the life God has planned for me!

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  7. what a great mother’s day!!! 1st Service Pastor Dean said if I don’t hear the truth in the Father’s house, I’ll never be free. I’m so thankful we are taught the truth!
    When I do the Word I set myself up for all Jesus paid for. If I choose to do nothing, I have chosen to do something.
    2nd Service// the more I know how good He is, the more I want to know Him. When I know Him, I’m known by Him!
    3rd Service// being all in requires me taking the steps I know I need to take.

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  8. GOSH!!! Church was so good!!!!!! ALL OF IT!!! The serving and the messages I was able to hear really blessed my day and refreshed me!!!! I’m thankful for all the Moms out there but especially thankful for my Spiritual mom-PK she is such a example of love for me in my life & a great example of what a mom should look like!

    It’s important what we feed on! Whatever you feed on you have to deal with! Surrender and hear his voice.
    Recognize we have a responsibility. Be aware Because my life is influencing others!
    Responsibility as believers to conduct my life in order!
    Stay consistently before Him! GOSH!!!!!!
    HE IS EVERYTHING & I NEED HIM!! I’m nothing without Him!!!!! I want to conduct my life not moved by others and what they are doing but only moved by Him and what he shows me to do!!! INTENTIONAL IN ALL I DO!!!!!!

    2nd Service PK/
    SAY NO TO YOUR FLESH! DOWN FLESH!!! I want to be constantly NOT MY WILL BE DONE BUT YOURS FATHER-Denying myself & putting God and His things first! I have to make sure I’m holding on to the right things-HIS WORD!!!!! Following the World will bring nothing good! I want to IMMEDIATELY DO WHAT HIS WORD TELLS ME TO!!!!! You become who your friends are!! WOW!!! DONT BE INFLUENCED BY THE WORLD!

    3rd Service PD/
    I like when PD said in offering “If the goal isn’t God centered it won’t bring fulfillment!” HE NEEDS TO BECOME OUR TREASURE!!!
    God has a great future for me! HE LOVES ME!! The things of God are real!!!!’ It does things no one else can for you! He just wants my heart-he will help me be who he created me to be! NEVER SHORT CHANGE THE FATHER!! It doesn’t matter how big your mess is HES ABLE!!! The enemy is a Liar!! IM SOOOO BLESSED & I WILL I KNOW HIM, really know HIM FOR ME!!!!!

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