DEEP 5.13.19

DEEP was so good tonight!!! I’m so thankful for the Word and the teachings we heard! Here are a couple of our highs from class!


  • Don’t make what I do more important than what He’s done
  • He always has to be the biggest denominator in the equation
  • Be serious about how it looks in the kingdom

Blood Covenant

  • The Covenant Community is important to God
  • There is no peace without order!!

So, what were some of your take-a-ways from class? What stood out most to you?



  1. Deep was so good,so very thankful for the truth of the Word! Here are my Highs : Leadership/ * When we understand the Kingdom we should want to take our place! * God always has to be the BIGGEST denominator in my life! * I refuse to make anything more important than Him! *God has given us the invitation to do things His way, what do we have if we don’t have this?* The only way you fail in the Kingdom is to quit! Covenant/ We are to accept our place ,doing it as unto the Lord, the key is walking in love with one another knowing every part is so significant!* I’am Chosen, anything else is below this call—we are chosen to do our part in the church and to be faithful! * We’re to be respectful and submitted! * I have to guard myself against offense, the enemy wants to divide!* We are to keep the Covenant!!!!!!🤗

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