Night Life 5.15.19

Service was soo good tonight!! I’m so thankful!!!!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • When you are filled you will have greater clarity
  • The Holy Spirit is the helper and revealer; not the doer!!
  • When the Word is in your heart that is when it will make the difference

So, what were your highs from service? How are you going to apply what you heard to your life?


  1. Nightlife takeaways 😃

    Matthew 6:21/ what you invest your time in the most – reveals where your heart is(Really helps you get yourself in check)

    How valuable & powerful is praying in The Spirit ❤️❤️ it builds an intimate relationship with My Father, gives me peace, perfect direction, strength to say NO & to walk in Love, gives me confidence- AN INNER BOLDNESS 😃

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  2. Youth Highs//

    Having faith in God is having faith in love!! Having faith in Him is also having faith in His Word because He is His Word! This is the win, that we walk by faith! This is how we live! PC said faith isn’t faith without consecration💗

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  3. God loves me as much as He loves Jesus, but do I love Him as much as Jesus loves Him???
    When you pray in the spirit, you are prepared for things and not caught off guard.
    You will do better as you are intimate with the father.
    Faith comes by hearing, but praying in the spirit charges what you’ve already put in the inside of you.
    Praying in the Holy Spirit is my direct connection to the Father.

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  4. Night Life/ The Holy Spirit does all you can’t! * Speaking in Tongues is the secret entrance to the Father’s heart!*It is love that never fails those that never fail to love! Our relationship with the Holy Spirit is our direct connection to Love Himself!! Praying in the Holy Spirit will give me the ability to walk through life and not fall out of love with others ! I believe this is the key to never Quit quitting! Thanks Pastor Dean!!!🤗

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  5. This message was Super good!! so grateful!!!

    Praying in the Spirit is crucial!!! God wants a close relationship with me so he can lead me from the inside out! sooo good!!! EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW HE WILL LET ME KNOW AS I ALLOW HIM TO BE MY EVERYTHING AND TAKE TIME TO PRAY IN THE SPIRIT! GOSH!!! Praying in the Spirit is a Big Deal and so is walking in love!! I GROW!!! I WILL CONTINUE TO INCREASE MY TIME IN PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT AND I WILL CHOOSE LOVE OVER STRIFE!! LOVE IS where it is at!!!! When my relationship with HIM is right i will not find myself 2nd guessing things!!! sooooo GOOD!

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