Sunday 5.19.19

Service was so good today! I’m so thankful for the truth! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • My attitude is my inbox, laundry, or mailbox- if it’s full or not sorted it leaves life a mess!
  • Don’t just clean the fan but everything else that made it happen on the inside

1st service

  • God made commands not demands
  • Transitions happen but following never changes
  • There are only 2 choices in life: His way or the wrong way
  • I should reign in this life not get rained on

So, what were your highs from service?

Congrats Class of 2019!🎓


  1. Today was such a great day! I really enjoyed celebrating the graduates and having so many of their family members come to church…that was really tender 🙂

    1st service//I will approach Him as a child and I will not complicate His Word!! Religion complicates!!
    We are all one forgiveness away from a new life!!
    You can’t expect people to know how good He is if you don’t tell them.
    I think my overall favorite statement in the message is this is not “us and them”…it is we!!!! so good!!

    2nd service//God is good at restarts!! sooo awesome!!
    Kings and Priests//both assignments are HOLY to God…we are equal partners!!!!!!!!!!! soo awesome!!!!!!!!!! We are in this together!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO AWESOME!!

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  2. Church was so great today!!!🙌🏻 Here are my takeaways:

    Jumpstart/ where you invest the most, you’re most invested!! I can have the right attitude when I know I win! My attitude is the manifestation of my soul! If my attitude is wrong it’s because my thoughts have been wrong. Everyday I’m going to focus and think the right things according to His truth and not be distracted(:

    1st/ every sin brings the wages of death. I am called by God!!!! Our assignments, whether kings or priests, are HOLY! To be “all in” means you will stay “all in” during the transitions of life! 💗

    2nd/ you’re either for Him or against Him. To follow Him is to be a lifelong student! Be ready to tell people the truth! The Holy Spirit has already been showing me who to talk to and I will be bold and courageous this week!👏🏻

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  3. Sunday Service was so good! so thankful for the Word! Here are my Highs : * If my Attitude is full of funk, like my laundry or mailbox , it needs to be sorted out then put in Order not having a messy life! *What you think becomes what you feel determines what you Choose ! 1st/ Religion complicates things! *The Words not complicated when we approach God as a little child! * There are only two choices in life, His Way or the wrong way! 3rd/ Transitions will come, but my life with Him will be better!*Favor, like Grace provides all I will ever need!!♥️

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  4. Jumpstart:
    When you are mentally constipated, you will be emotionally exasperated, and then physically incapacitated!!

    There are only 2 choices in life:
    1. HIS WAY
    2. The wrong way

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  5. Jump start// your attitude is 50% what you believe and 50% your perspective.
    You have to keep your eyes fixed.
    Yo can maintain your attitude when you know you win.
    Your attitude is the manifestation of your soul.
    The enemy is after my perspective. He’s after the patterns of my life. He knows what happens every time this one thing happens so I must guard against this.
    You have to address thoughts. Just because your feelings are wrong doesn’t mean your life is wrong.
    You have to process every negative emotion.

    2nd Service// what difference does it make if you hear the truth when you are unwilling to do the truth.
    God needs an opportunity to be heard from.
    He knew what I would do when he called me!

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  6. Transitions happen but following never changes .
    I LOVE this because as I simply follow Jesus , he makes every transition so simple 💖💖

    This service was 🔥!
    I love how PD broke down the king assignment and how my call is to be about the Fathers business in the assignment he has given me .
    * both assignments ( priest and king) are holy sacred and carry the responsibility of the Fathers business being their #1 motivation.

    There is such an amazing rest in doing your assignment for his cause 💖

    * we have different assignments but the same Father and responsibility to honor him in what we do with ALL we have!

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