DEEP 5.21.19

Tonight was the last night of DEEP☹️…but we definitely ended it right; class was so amazing! Here are a couple of our highs:

  • if you repeat it you haven’t released it. If you haven’t released it, you have an open door for the enemy
  • ask myself: what am I doing with my life? What is my “win”?
  • it doesn’t make sense to make Him my Lord and then not MAKE HIM MY LORD!
  • you can’t handle the miraculous if your “house” isn’t in order
  • don’t complain about the thing you were believing God for
  • don’t drag stupid into tomorrow because you don’t want to deal with it today

So, what were your highs from class? What stood out most to you? 🤓

Remember, registration is going on NOW for next semester!!❤️👏❤️


  1. Last night of Deep classes, hate it when that happens! Lol! Here’s some of my highs: Leadership: The Kingdom Pt 3 *The little things matter in the Kingdom! If you repeat it, you haven’t released it, if you haven’t released it , you have opened the door to the enemy! This was so good and so true! * I’m making Him the Boss of all of my affairs, not putting my own spin on His things! * When you’re under pressure you just begin to enforce everything He’s told you in the Word! * Leaders and followers both have positions ,Leaders are present and followers are to be with their Leaders!*1 Cor.13:4-8 Love always believes the BEST!♥️

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