Sunday, May 26

Service was so good today!! It definitely is so sweet to be loved by HIM! 🍭

Here are a couple of our highs from services:


  • You aren’t getting out of life what He wants you to have or what He paid for; you get what you believe!
  • Where my attitude goes, my health and prosperity go
  • Give life to good thoughts; wrong thoughts have to be spoken to

1st Service:

  • When we do it his way it will work 100 percent of the time

  • The process NEVER ceases

  • In order to be progress there has to be process

  • A life vs THE LIFE- big difference

So, what were your highs from service? What were your take-a-ways?


  1. Church was SO GOOD! Here a couple of my favs!

    Jumpstart/ Eradicate from my vocabulary “This is hard”! Even if in the moment you feel that, the enemy is working on you! Your not exempt from pulling a piece of stupid to walk away! WOW! So humbling! I will stay humble!
    DONT GET COMPLACENT IN YOUR BELIEVING! Live life from the Word-WHAT DOES THE WORD SAY?! The word needs to be my go to in every situation! The Word is the answer!!!! Don’t become familiar with your feelings. What you think is what you feel, what you feel is what you choose! WHAT ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT?! 🤔
    WHERE YOUR MIND GOES YOUR LIFE GOES! GOSH!!!! So thankful for the truth!!!!

    2nd Service PK/with God we get it all!!!! The devil wants you to follow his plan because he knows it leads to destruction. When we follow Jesus we have a GOOD LIFE, LONG LIFE, PROSPEROUS LIFE! GOD WILL SUPPLY ALL MY NEEDS I just need to TRUST HIM!

    3rd Service/ I LIKE when PC shared PRAISE POSITIONS YOU!

    We have access to The Father’s nature-LOVE GIVES!! LOVE SERVES!!!!
    Everything Jesus did was the Truth-He’s the Truth, The Way, The Life!
    We have insight because of our relationship with The Father! Go by “what does the Word say”!!!! Natural intellect opposes the mind of God! BOMBARD YOUR MIND WITH THE WORD!!!! Is 26:3-SO GOOD!!!!!!
    My flesh wants to oppose God! I have to DOWN MY FLESH!!!! I do that by being consumed with HIM! I can trust God is all he says! He’s not a man that he should lie!!! GOD IS A GOD OF ORDER!!!! Because he’s a God of order I want to be a woman of order!!!!!

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  2. It was a very sweet Sunday!🍬🍭🇱🇷 here are some of my takeaways,

    Jumpstart/ anything in Him is not hard!!! You aren’t getting out of life what He wants you to have or even what He paid for but what you believe for! Where your mind goes your life goes! This week I will sort through all my thoughts daily (so I’m not mentally constipated) and not go to bed bad by maintaining the right priorities🙏🏻

    1st/ someone who is hungry for the truth can start to study Jesus!! Truth is not subjective but settled! Eternal life starts the moment your receive it! Focus on having a rich relationship with God because that is the key to being rich, it’s not a number but a POSITION! Unbelief is the only thing that will restrict the Word of God! I will believe God and take Him at His Word and not follow the ways of the world!!

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  3. Church was so good today thankful for the truth of the Word! Here are some of my highs: Jump Start/*The Word becomes your meditation and then your Revelation!*I will not allow myself to be overwhelmed, but will work with Him!* Don’t Be backed up in your mind,every thought must be sorted out! 1st/*Compromise like leaven takes the power out of the truth of God’s Word! Unbelief is the only thing that restricts the Word of God! * To Be Word minded as you possibly can be will work 100% of the time ! * Truth is not subjective but settled!! 2nd/* Christianity is a heart matter, religion complicates things!* God promotes those who loves His Word! Hallelujah! So good!♥️

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  4. It was such a sweet Sunday!! Here are my highs:

    1st service//Compromise is like leaven…it takes the power out of truth.
    Unbelief is the only thing that restricts the Word of God.
    I refuse to be distracted by wealth; I refuse to be concerned about what anyone else has.
    Rich is not a number it is a position.
    The Father always knows the heart and how much.

    2nd//My giving always positions me for the blessing.
    If He doesn’t have your mind He doesn’t ave my body.
    I will guard against greed AT ALL TIMES!
    He doesn’t mind what I have as long as what I have doesn’t have me!!
    God doesn’t promote politics but principles.

    I determine this week to be more aware of the Holy Spirit as my Financial CEO…I will not tolerate greed or comparison on any level; I will spend at His direction and I will give always!!!


  5. Compromise like leaven takes power out of the truth in your life.

    I should be as word minded as possible. 🙂


  6. Jump start// Where my mind goes, my life goes.

    Give life to good thoughts. Wrong thoughts have to be spoken to.
    How other people treat you is none of your business!
    Reasons why people don’t address their thoughts:
    1) They prioritize the wrong things. (get it out of your head!)
    2) Pride – don’t want to deal with it.

    Pastor Dean 2nd service
    Truth is not subjective, but settled.
    Only He can put me in the right spot. Make Him my primary interest and my life will be right.


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