Seed Sunday 6.2.19

Service was soo good today!!! I’m so thankful for the truth! Did you plant some seeds? How fun! I’m so excited to watch my seed grow!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • Prioritize leading myself!!
  • If I’m a leader i’m ridiculously in charge of me!!
  • You aren’t getting out of life what He paid for but what you choose
  • Look past the deficiencies and celebrate who people are!!

1st service

  • The Parable of the Sower
  • A “witness” is proven by their transformed life!
  • Where humility & hunger flow, God’s Word will always grow!
  • Just because results aren’t immediate doesn’t mean it is not worth the wait!!

So, what are your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Church was so so good today! So thankful for being a part of such an intentional church! I so liked being able to do the flower pots! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 🌸 🌺 🌹 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️BUT MOST OF ALL IM THANKFUL FOR THE TRUTH THATS TAUGHT HERE!!!! 😍😍😍🙌🏼🙌🏼

    Here are a couple of my highs:

    Jumpstart/ I DONT DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH MY LIFE! My life is not my own!!!!! I should be personally growing!!! I CAN ONLY CONTROL ME…I’m the only person I should be leading! My flesh should not be leading me! I should not allow myself to be pampered, giving myself whatever, whenever! IM NOT MY OWN!! Leaders don’t live for themselves! I don’t want to find myself living for me myself and me! 🤢 I like when PC mentioned this statement “seed is buried so it can rise to life”! WOW! I want to find myself RID OF SELF IN EVERY WAY SO THAT I CAN GROW!!!! Grow into what he created and called me to!!!! THE THINGS YOU GIVE UP IN YOUR FLESH IS NOTHING COMPARED TO HIM!!! HIS THINGS SHOULD BE NUMBER 1 in my life! Selfish people aren’t in a good mood! I want to find myself living on the written word of God! IM RIDICULOUSLY IN CHARGE OF ME… 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    The life you choose is the life you have! POWERFUL!!!! THE WORD IS ALIVE! The soil of my heart has to be right! I have to continually feed it the word! THE LIFE OF A CHRISTIAN IS A SIMPLE LIFE! As I grow there will be things I have to do differently so I can continue growing and flourishing! I will face stuff But the Word works!! I have to be willing to be honest with myself! A life without Him is no life at all! I will DEMAND OF MYSELF TO CONTINUE & I will be aware of where I am, where my heart is and I will stay humble and sincere-SURRENDERED TO HIM!!! Satan knows if he can steal the word he can destroy my life! I WANT WHAT GOD HAS!

    3rd Service kids Service/ being friends with someone is Serious! The world downplays what friend is!!!! A friendship is someone your joined with because your going in the same direction. I should be cautious about who I join myself with! God doesn’t look at things from the outside-He sees from the inside! I should be asking Him who my friends need to be! It requires effort!!! When your joined to the wrong people it will leave you fatherless and take you out of your position of being supernaturally provided for! God knows the heart of people so ask Him who your friends need to be! He’s a good daddy!!! SHOW ME YOUR FRIENDS AND I WILL SHOW YOU YOUR FUTURE!

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  2. Jump start and 1st Service was so awesome . It’s amazing how the spirit allows me to have ears to hear and the message always applies to exactly what I need to hear . I am blessed and grateful to belong to this excellent body of Christ !

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  3. Today was a special seed Sunday!🌷💦I really enjoyed the opportunity to plant some seeds in my pot and also grow spiritually!! Here are a few of my highs//

    Where humility and hunger flow, Gods Word will always grow!🌱Religion is complicated, I don’t want to be religious but be sincere so that the Word can affect my heart!❤️ When you’re forgiven, you can head in the other direction! All of creation is held up by the Word of His power, it’s holding the Word up and it’s holding ME up!!! Only the Word in ones mouth will make darkness depart!!!!🗣 I can’t just know the Word but I have to intentionally speak it and even MORE aggressively when thoughts that are contrary to the Word come! Satan can’t have what YOU won’t give him!👊🏻 If my eternity is counting on His Word then I can stand on His Word and He will surely take care of every other detail! Hallelujah!!🙏🏻🙌🏻

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  4. I had soo much fun at church today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1st service//Hearing doesn’t mean you have made a connection; you have to be receptive.
    Satan can’t have what you don’t give him.
    If my eternity is upheld by His Word, His Word will hold up every other detail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was sooo good to me!!

    2nd service//you don’t have a life until you’re serving Him and in His plan
    When you know you need to turn your life around–you need to turn your life around…

    Sooo many other things I stared in my notes!! THE WORD IS LIFE AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE LIFE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. jumpstart – i really liked the statement PC made “I’m ridiculously in charge of myself” because it’s so true!!! i probably couldn’t count how many times i’ve heard statements like that but for some reason it just clicked today! maybe it was the ridiculously part hahha!! but it’s so true!!! it challenged me to just check myself like where am i letting my flesh run? living a fasted life!

    2nd service – i’m so thankful for PD breaking down the parable of the sower in that way!! there must be a sincere humility and hunger!! i bought my flower pot but didn’t plant so my goal is to plant next week lol!!


  6. Jump start// leaders don’t live for themselves. How inconvenienced am I by people? When I give my life to Him, my life of over but death in me is life in them.

    I am getting out of life what I believe for, not what He paid for.
    I would have nothing if I didn’t have this! I am simply responding to the commitment I made to Him and the life He gave for me!

    3rd Service// He designed every seed I sow to grow.
    The dynamic of the soil is just as important as the seed.
    Where humility and hunger flow the seed of the Word will grow.
    God is always trying to get me in a position to produce more. He doesn’t want me just in. He wants me to win.


  7. ‘the seed’ does not have an expiration date…it is perfect & incorruptible! the enemy can’t have what i won’t give him!!!


  8. Seed Sunday was so fun! 🌱 so thankful for the Word! Here’s some of my highs : * We must prioritize our own lives for personal growth!* You have to hate something else, in order to LOVE HIM!!! * You are ridiculously in charge of you!!!! * You have to look past people’s deficiencies, and celebrate who they are to help them!!!!💞 1st/ *Where humility and hunger flow, God’s Word will always grow!* Only the Word delivers , Only the Word sets free!!! * I believe my heart is good soil that God’s Word I hear is seed planted and begins to reproduce a harvest bringing forth good fruit for His glory!!


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