Pastor Kathy’s June Pick of the Month

Who Offended You and stopped you from receiving your miracle? 

By Dr. Phillip Goudeaux

Have you been offended by another person? If so, you need this book. I can provide the reasons you may not be receiving all of God’s blessings.

5 keys to identify if you are offended:

  1. If someone mentions a particular name, does it bother you?
  2. When you are talking to someone who has offended you, is the offense all you can think about?
  3. Do you purposefully try to avoid people who have offended you?
  4. Do you spend a great deal of time thinking about the person who offended you?
  5. Do you constantly talk about the person who offended you?


  1. Chapter 1 high/
    WOW!!!!!! This book is going to be a great read. As I finished reading chapter 1 it literally just brought tears to my eyes as I finished reading the Prophecy part at the end. 😭 I AM SO GRATEFUL!!! Here are some of my highs!

    Many times we are where we are because we are being victimized by situations that were designed by the enemy to stop us from going where we were supposed to go. WOW AND WOW 😮 SOOOO GOOD!
    because we allow ourselves to be victimized (or carry a victims mentality), and hold onto things that we should have let go of a long time ago, we have placed ourselves in a bad situation.
    I REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM FROM THIS DAY LONGER! I OVERCOME! I have a responsibility to step out and be a Word person by DOING THE WORD & getting over things quickly! JESUS!!
    We cannot stop the attacks of the enemy, but we can learn how to handle them. GOD HAS A PLAN FOR MY LIFE!!!!!
    When you make positive strides in your life, the enemy tries to take you backwards! I WILL BE AWARE!!!!!
    Christians have missed Gods plan and purpose for their lives more than anything else because they are easily offended & immature. They do not love the Word with all their hearts. wow!! When I read that it registered with me deeply that offense is not worth it.. I want Him to be number one and his Word to be number 1 in my life. I want it to be the biggest deal in my life and it’s not when I allow offense of any kind in.

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  2. Gosh!!! I couldn’t put the book down! 🤣 IT IS SOOOO GOOD!!! I believe I’m receiving exactly what I need in this season to continue growing!

    Chapter 2 Highs/
    Offense is the number one tool Satan uses to steal your destiny, Gods plan and purpose for your life.
    Satan comes to get the Word from you to make you useless and ineffective. DANG!!!!
    When the enemy starts attacking you in whatever you are taught you are going to have to fight to do what is right and what the Word says. Satan is not satisfied with just getting me offended he wants to take me out! HE WANTS MY LIFE! I like how it explained that John was offended and because he was it caused an early death! GOSH!!! I never have seen offense the way my eyes have been opened to it today! ITS A BIG DEAL!

    Chapter 3/
    Satan does not want you to get the Word and change the lives of people therefore offense will come at an accelerated rate! I HAVE TO BE AWARE AND INTENTIONAL!!!
    We should be striving to get to place where we are in the Word and nothing can offend us! Offense is what the enemy uses to steal kill and destroy our lives. It’s a major weapon Satan uses to rip believers off! DANG!!! Satan knows if he can get you into offense he can stop the power of God from working on our behalves! Gosh!!!!!!! I get with HIM & I will release any offense I’ve had and no longer allow it to keep me down! IM FREEEEE!!!! I continue and know as I continue I will continue to grow in HIM!!!!!!!!!

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  3. This is such a great book already!!! I am on chapter 3 and man it’s already helped me so much!

    Chapter 1// I really like how he continued to reiterate that making God’s Word a priority… which means you will not go a day without it… is the key to maturing to that place of being able to flick off any offense that tries to get you to stumble!!
    Also when he shared the story about the praise team member… “instead of sitting at home crying, you need to grow up. It’s not about you; it’s about the Kingdom of God!” This is true of any offense… stop and remind yourself that there is always a bigger picture… it’s never about you!

    Chapter 2//offense gives satan the open door to come in and destroy your life! What people do to you is nothing compared to what satan will do when you invite him in through offense!
    As soon as you feel like you are offended, the thing to do is shut up!! You only give offense what it needs to grow into betrayal and hatred when you spew off and constantly think on or talk about whatever it is they did to you to everyone you see.. LET IT GO!!!
    Offense stops the blessing of God in your life!!!

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  4. Chapter 4/
    Once you get offended, once you go there, the power of God is not with you anymore. GOSH NO ONE IS WORTH BEING OFFENDED OVER WHEN IT MEANS LOSING GODS POWER AND PLAN IN MY LIFE!
    Moving past offense is a sure sign of maturity because what used to move you no longer moves you!!!!!!! All Satan wants to do is Stop Gods miracle working power in my life. LET IT GO! Whatever it may be LET IT!! If someone hurt you, yes, it’s okay to admit that it hurt but never stay there forgive and refuse anything or anyone the right to move you out of the Power of God-LET IT GO immediately!!! I liked the example of the dog behind the fence barking and barking.. GOSH! I don’t want to give attention to offense I want to let it go!!!!! I DONT WANT TO FIND MYSELF GOING THERE! I have no right to go there, absolutely no right!!

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  5. Chapter 5
    GOSH!!!! After reading this chapter it’s so evident that the enemy is after the Word & he will go to great extents to try getting you offended! It’s so important to make the word priority in ones life because without it GOSH life will be NOT BE GOOD!!! SATANS JOB IS GET me OFFENDED BECAUSE HE DONT WANT THE WORD WORKING IN my LIFE! We’ve all had opportunity to be offended but we have to Stop in our tracks and not stay there! I liked how he used the example of the Mouse trap and the cheese being the bait which represented the Offense… when your offended you will speak negative and poisonous words because you are angry or bitter. SOOO GOOD!! I have to be aware and guard my heart! It’s my responsibility to guard my heart! I have a responsibility to put the Word in my heart! Satan doesn’t want me being a woman of the Word. I HAVE CONTROL OVER MY LIFE!!!!!!! Sooo good!! Gosh I will be aware of where my heart is and I will continually keep the word in my heart making it priority in my life!!!!!!

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  6. Chapter 1/ Psalm 119:165 says “Great peace have they which love thy law (Word), and nothing shall offend them.” This first chapter was amazingly the best I’ve ever read on being offended! We have an enemy who is always looking for ways to rip us off.We cannot stop the attacks of Satan , but we can learn how to handle them.It is what we do with those attacks that determines what God is able to do for us! God has a destiny, a plan , and a purpose for my life! The Word If God has to be more important to me than anything else!The Bible says once we are offended , you are harder to win back! I don’t want to run around with a victims mentality about the past! I can’t do anything about the past it’s over , done. But what I can do is know I have power over my life, not the enemy , He is defeated and has no right to my life! I make the decision to move past offenses and move on with Jesus! To be set free from everything that would stop me from receiving what The Father has for me! His blessings, the promises, the breakthroughs, and the miracles God has for my life! This is Great Peace! 🙌🤗♥️

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  7. Gosh I so like how this book continually reiterates Psalm 119:165 GREAT PEACE HAVE THEY WHICH LOVE THY LAW AND NOTHING SHALL OFFEND THEM.
    The enemies main goal is To Steal the Word from my life by bringing offense so that He takes me out from underneath Gods umbrella of protection. ITS TIME TO GROW UP & STOP ALLOWING HIM TO STEAL KILL AND DESTROY MY LIFE!!!! I like the illustration he gave if the duck! I want to be like a duck and allow anything that comes at me to roll off, having no place in my life. The enemy just wants a little entrance and if he can get in with just a little entrance he will come in full force! It’s imperative that I stay aware and disciplined in This life because of I don’t it will be easy to become offended! The Word has to be BIG IN ME, in MY LIFE!!!!! I need to be aware more so of what’s going on inside of me than outside of me, natural carnal things!

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  8. Chapter 1// Great peace have they which love thy word and they will not be immature and offended. The Bible says when you are offended you are harder to win back. When you get offended, walls go up, windows start closing and you are locked into your place of offense. If the word is not a priority in your life you are always going to be subject to offense. The enemy wants to keep you offended. He wants you to build up walls so that no one can help you, not even God.

    Chapter 2// Offense is the number one tool Satan uses to steal your destiny. He uses it to keep your prayers from being answered And receiving your healing.
    I have wondered why so many Christians who have heard the word we’re not getting the breakthroughs that God wanted for them. God told me that it was because they were holding on to offense. You want to get to the place where you are no longer offended. This is a sign of maturity. Grow up!!!
    Offense is a killer!! It brings betrayal and hatred and eventually death!!! It happens because of immaturity!! As soon as you feel offended, shut up!!!

    Chapter 3// once you allow offense you open yourself up for betrayal and death!!
    Matthew 18:7…Woe to me when offense comes!! It’s on me!!!
    Jesus didn’t deal with the person but the spirit operating through the person.
    If I do not grow up and mature, develop and learn how to let things go and deal with issues in my life, I might not make it!!! These chapters were so powerful!!! Thank you Pastor Kathy for helping us grow!!

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  9. Chapter 3// The Word is what makes you powerful!! Until you grow up and make the Word alone what you are standing on then you are just opening the door for offense to come make its home in you. I must put the word on every situation and determine to see and take authority over things the way Jesus did! In that place I will be FREE!!

    Chapter 4// Getting offended is a sure sign of your immaturity in the Word.. ohhh.. I want to be so aware of the Word so that when offense tries to come, my go to is the Word, NOT crying, whining and talking about it to everyone who will listen!! No!! I will take authority and recognize the spirit behind the offense and kick him right back where he belongs! Offense has no place in my life on any level!!! Praise Jesus!!!

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  10. OMG!! This book is soo awesome!!!

    Chapter 1//”What separates you from everyone else is when you come to the place in your Christian life where the Word of God is more important to you than anything else.” That will be me in Jesus’ name!!
    Christians have missed God’s plan and purpose for their lives more than anything else because they are so easily offended and immature…I know this to be so true!
    If the Word is not a priority in your life, you are always going to be subject to offense.
    Whatever is being taught, when the sower is sowing the Word, satan comes to steal it because he wants you to keep a victim’s mentality.
    My God likes doing big things, and if He is not doing big things in your life, then you had better check yourself because satan can do no more than you will allow!

    Chapter 2//Offense is the number one tool satan uses to steal your destiny, God’s plan and purpose for your life. OMG!! I will not be offended//annoyed, irritated etc.
    If there is offense in your life it is because of a lack of commitment to the Word.
    When you start learning the Word, you have to fight to keep the Word.
    Offense brings betrayal and then it brings hatred.
    When you become offended…DEAL WITH IT RIGHT AWAY!
    If you are feeling offended…SHUT UP AND GROW UP!
    The problem is when some people get offended, they do not want to say they are offended or they start trying to make excuses, but it all boils down to pride.

    Chapter 3//Being easily offended is a sign of immaturity in the Word. Deal with the spirit behind the offense; the person is not the problem.

    Chapter 4//Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy your life through someone who was misguided…when someone does something wrong, no matter what it is, they are misguided..let them go.
    The protection for your life against offense is ruling your spirit.
    You can’t make confessions for God to do something big in your life and stay in offense…let it go!
    You have serious issues in your life if you let a dog get to you…don’t stoop to that level.
    Offense keeps you bound…regardless of the activity of your life; if you are offended, you are bound
    You become angry, moody, and critical easily your spirit is out of control.

    Chapter 5//THIS IS SOO GOOD TO ME: You will know you are offended when you murmur about someone or are negative, critical, resentful, angry, bitter, or have malice in your heart toward another person.
    If you become offended, then Jesus can do no mighty works in your life.
    You must take charge of your life by taking charge of yourself…I CONTROL HOW I FEEL!
    When your mind is messed up everything else in your life will be messed up.
    I am the bishop or the diligent overseer of my heart…I will not allow offense or strife in!!
    I choose to keep the WORD in and everything that opposes it OUT!

    Chapter 6//If you are operating in unforgiveness, bitterness or anger, you are operating in offense. OMG!! I refuse!!!! By the grace of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    “I am working on me all the time.” YESSSS!!!!!
    When I let hurt and offense in, I have opened the door to the enemy in my life.
    I cannot afford to be offended or hurt or angry or upset with anyone because I will not let the enemy build roadblocks in my life!
    I choose to stay in love with the Word of God and allow it to be the focal point of my life!

    Chapter 7//Offense//trap with the intent to maim or destroy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would I ever yield to that!! Its a trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Because God forgave me, who am I to not forgive others.
    I will NOT let the enemy attach himself to my emotions, feelings or attitudes
    Great peace means shalom//nothing missing and nothing broken
    I deal with potential offense RAT NOW!! LOL!!
    Time doesn’t heal stuff or make it go away, I put it away by yielding to the Word of God and the spirit of God!

    Sycamine tree=offense
    1. It will produce death
    2. It grows fast
    3. It grows anywhere
    4. It grows best in a dry environment…I will NOT be dry but stay wet with the Word of God and Spirit of God!
    5. It is hard…I will not be hard hearted…I am tender, sweet and kind
    6. Roots spread like crazy!!
    7. Produces bitter fruit…just crunchy, judgmental, ugly…THAT WILL NOT BE ME!!

    Chapter 8//This is a big statement; offense is the number one weapon that satan uses to get you out of the will of God to get you out of position.
    Satan is a master manipulator
    I will experience great peace as I love the Word and let the Word have pre-eminence in my life!
    Love the Word=no offense
    Immature=blow up, get offended, get ticked off, get angry…gross!!! I will not have any part of this in Jesus’ name!
    This was sooo good; every time a circumstance rises up, do not ever measure it according to your size and ability but the size and ability of your God
    This is huge: you will never kill the giant of adversity in your life until you are unable to control your emotions, your feelings, bitterness, unforgiveness and offenses.


  11. Chapter 2/ Many people are offended by betrayal! Everyone has been hurt at some time in their lives even betrayed. Once you open the door to offense by holding on to hurt , anger, and unforgivness , you are ready to become greatly victimized! There are Christians not getting their breakthroughs God wanted for them because they are holding on to offences! Don’t do it , it’s not worth it.Satan comes to steal the Word immediately out of your heart, He will use different things to try to get the Word from you.but he cannot do it unless you let him! The biggest challenge you’re going to have is to protect the Word that’s been sown in your heart! It’s our job to fight off offense every time we have the opportunity. To make the decision I will walk in freedom and I will stay free and to walk in the goodness of God in Jesus’ Name!!!!!🤗

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  12. Chapter 7
    Offense is meant to maim and destroy me! WOW!! Maim is to disfigure, lacerate, wound etc.. WOW! That’s intense! OFFENSE ISNT WORTH IT!!!! The enemy wants me to have a victims mentality! He wants me to hold on to all the bitter fruit of offense like pain, hurt, bitterness, anger, etc! As long as I bite into it I will always cry about it! I DO NOT WANT THAT TO BE ME!!!!!!
    There will be Restoration of things that have been stolen from you when you come to the place where you can stay free from offense. THAT WILL BE ME…… YESSS!!!!!! Jesus! My job is to simply and humbly stay in the Word so I can build up my spiritual muscles and stay free from spiritual attacks. I really liked how he explained the characteristics of a sycamine tree. WOW!!! Like it’s literally death to be offended.. 😮

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  13. Chapter 3/ I really liked the picture he set in this chapter about how Satan lays a rat trap using a small offense , He baits you like with a piece of cheese, then when you grab the offense, he can destroy you! Omg ! That was all I needed to hear, never have I known or understood what being offended and holding on to it could do to my life like I’m reading now in this book! You can’t go around crying about what someone has done to you, you have to come out of that and realize Satan is setting you up to destroy you! He is the author of offense, not people! Release the pain, hurt, and bitterness out of your life.It is not the person who offended you! We have to grow up and learn how to deal with the issues of life now or you might not make it! WOW! That’s a huge statement right there! We are in grace now!God wants to manifest His power in my life in a bigger way than I can even imagine but I have to be mature , grow up , be bigger than any situation and deal with it! To put the enemy under my feet, get him behind me in Jesus’ Name!!!! 🙌🙌🙌

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  14. Chapter 4/ Stay Free From Offense! Satan doesn’t take a day off he will always be working against us, he doesn’t want your prayers to be answered! You have to grow up and recognize when Satan comes against you.You say,NO I’m not going there!Ps.119:165!!!! When you can move past being offended, you have a strong spirit! Praise God that’s the only way to live, to have all that the Father wants to bless our lives with! If you are angry, moody,and critical, it’s because your spirit is out of control! I can rule my spirit, now I’am greater than someone who can take the whole city !Prov. 16:32! I will not let anyone or anything take me back to where I’ve been delivered from! This is not a God problem, it is a Me problem!Get back to where God’s anointing and presence can be upon your life so you can be effective again, He wants to do something special in yours and my life, in Jesus’name!🙌♥️

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  15. Chapter 4// once you get offended, once you go there, the power of God is not with you anymore. Grow up!!
    You are in greater danger now that you are offended than you were when it happened to you. If you want to experience victory in your life you have to let it go.
    Who do you think you are??? Why do you think you have the right to criticize anyone??? Your job is to pray! Nothing else.
    The protection for your life is you staying out of offense by ruling your spirit.
    Proverbs 18:19 you become harder to win over…don’t be bitter!!! This is a me problem!!

    Chapter 5// you are immature if you get offended. You are out of position with God. Your job is to be in the Word so much that offenses bounce right off of you.
    You have the responsibility to guard and protect your heart just as you are responsible to brush your teeth.
    The story about the root was so powerful.
    I must understand I won’t have challenges with my flesh when I keep the Word in the midst of my heart.
    No one has control over my life but me. God has sent his Word so I will only have up days.

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  16. Chapter5/ If I will not take control over my life, Satan will! We must guard our heart with all diligence because out of our heart flows the issues of life , your prosperity , your increase , your breakthrough, your health, and your family blessings! We are to look to our future. Quit crying about the past. Let it go! Do not allow anyone to hold you down any more! We have the responsibility to watch over our hearts! Proverbs 4:20-21😍

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  17. Chapter 8/
    Satan uses offense to get you out of position!!!! He wants to rip you off and keep you out of your destiny and your wealthy place. We cannot allow people to get to us easily! WE HAVE TO BE A PEOPLE WHO ARE AWARE AT ALL TIMES.. just like the enemy roams around seeing whom he can devour with offense we as His kids should be SO AWARE OF HIS STRATEGIES! People Tend to give up and commit suicide because they have gone through so many things and they don’t understand that it’s the enemy working against them. I really like this “Great peace means something extraordinary is going to be upon your life when you love the Word and you let the Word have pre-eminence in your life.” SOOOOOO GOOD 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 gosh!!!!! This is well said “We can be students of emotions, students of entertainment, but not students of the Word.”
    I WILL BE A TAUGHT ONE! I will stay aware and be a continuing learner!! All Satan wants to do is manipulate people to get them offended with hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness, etc so he can run us!!!!!!!! GOSH!!! BE AWARE PATRICIA!!!! AS GODS KIDS WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE BLESSED!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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  18. Chapter 9/
    Gosh I really liked how Pastor Goudeaux mentioned You can get to a place in your life where no matter what anyone does to you, it will not bother you but that you might have a way long way to get there. MY GOAL-TO GET THERE…. seriously tho! I will continue and grow because I want All he paid for me to have!
    Satan challenges you where you are spiritually and where you are in the Word. He goes on to explain how you can be right there at your manifestation of your prayer or breakthrough and someone comes to offend you and you react by getting offended. All Satan wants to do is get us out of position! GOSH! Continually be aware Patricia because he wants to take me out of the race and keep me from my blessing but it’s my choice what I will React to! Gods not finished with me!!!!! THERES MORE!!!! When you become offended you run in with your head not your behind… WOW!! There’s so much truth to that because our head (mind) can take us to a UGLY place if we allow it! NO ONE IS OUR PROBLEM-WE ARE OUR PROBLEM! Grow up already!!! It’s time to get to that place of maturity and blessing that GODS GOODNESS IS SO EVIDENT IN THE LIVES OF HIS CHILDREN!!! I endeavor to WORK ON ME EVERYDAY!!!!!! Today will be great but tommor even better because I refuse to stay where I am!

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    1. Gosh I didn’t even mention one of my favorite parts of the book-The mountain climber… I DO NOT WANT TO FAIL TO ACCEPT THE FATHERS HELP!!!! I want to turn loose of EVERYTHING THAT IS BIGGER THAN HIM IN MY LIFE AND TRUST HIM!!!!!!!

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  19. Chapter 9//Psalm 119:165: As I love the Word and to the degree that I love the Word, nothing will offend me; nothing will hurt me, nothing will bother me, nothing will anger or frustrate me!! Hallelujah! I confess that I love the Word the most!!!!!!!

    It is your lack of spiritual growth, maturity and commitment to the Word of God that is the issue! I have been so encouraged and reminded in this book that NO ONE IS MY PROBLEM BUT ME!!

    God is never going to work in you or through you the way He wants to when you become offended.

    Satan’s plan is to get into your head because he wants you to have vain imaginations so he can beat you up!

    It’s your lack of spiritual growth!!

    Hosea 5:15: God cannot do anything with me if I am polluted with offense.

    Everyday will be a good day! Everyday I will be on top!

    Chapter 10//There will always be someone either knowingly or unknowingly being used by the enemy to offend you! I can’t be ignorant of the enemy’s devices!!

    Offense is the tree trunk and the branches from this tree produce unforgiveness, strife, and anger!!

    Churches aren’t perceived to be meeting people’s needs because the people are running around with bad attitudes!!

    When you are free from offense, you are someone He can add and multiply blessings to!!

    Proverbs 25:28: When you cannot control your emotions or your focus on what is upsetting you, then you are a double victim of the situation. OMG!! THIS IS POWERFUL!! I WILL CONTROL MY EMOTIONS!!

    1 Peter 5:7:I will cast all negative emotions on HIM!! A care is a terminal disease!! When you hold on to that thing, the enemy uses it to eat you from the inside out!

    Acts 24:16: EXERCISE!! I choose to work on myself!!

    Offense//trip the trap!! I will not let the enemy have control of my mind!!!

    The first thing that happens when my emotions are out of control is I will start running at the mouth!! I REFUSE!!!!!!!!!

    How can you tell someone is out of control: you are dominated with a spirit of crazinesss and all the things going on on the inside of you! BY THE GRACE OF GOD THIS WILL NOT BE ME!!

    Chapter 11//Again, offense is the trunk of the tree; the fruit of offense is unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, and anger. I can’t be blessed by God when I am out of position…and the enemy loves to get me out of position.

    The armor of God is not automatically going to jump on me!! I have to suit up!! And I will on purpose!!

    I will not give the enemy a road of access into my life! He has to have that or he can’t get to me!!
    When he has your mind and emotions, your mouth starts running and your mouth is going to get you in trouble more than anything else. I WILL NOT GIEVE THE ENEMY ACCESS INTO MY LIFE!!

    I RESIST THE ENEMY THROUGH REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS!! HOW EASY IS THAT!! Nothing is worth going to bed upset about!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The enemy is after my soul: he will not get in!!

    I really liked all the confessions in these last few chapters:
    I declare that my body is a temple of God and i will not allow the enemy to come in and steal, kill, and destroy my life. I will always do those things that are pleasing to Him. i am blessed coming in and I have no road or access for the enemy to come into my life for I am a forgiver, I am a lover and not a hater.

    Satan is a bully! He is not going to take no for an answer the first time! He is a bully! I will be steadfast and resist him!!!

    Confess: This is going to be my greatest year because i am not going to let the enemy rip me off anymore. God is setting me up for bigger and better blessings and I am going to grab hold of this Word to receive them in Jesus’ name!

    Chapter 12//Most Christians are giving him entrance through their big mouths!! IN JESUS’ NAME!! I WILL NOT DO THAT!!

    When you love the Word of God and the Word of God has preeminence in your life it means more to you than anything else! That will be me!!

    I will not hold on to anything!! When you are hurt the worst thing you can do is open your mouth!!!

    This statement was great: If you do not know who you are in HIm, you do not know how to stand on the Word. My security will be found NO WHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If satan can get your mind messed up, he can get your mouth messed up! I refuse!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to be protective of my heart at all times!! It is not the things that are going on around me that affect me but the things that I let IN ME!!!

    I refuse!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever is in your heart will come out of your mouth. You can tell what is going on in someone’s heart by what is coming out of their mouth!!

    You are on duty to guard your heart and make sure nothing gets in your heart to defile, hinder, block, or stop you from reaching your potential.

    To live a victorious life, you must keep the Word of God in the midst of your heart!!

    Every time I have an opportunity to hear the Word of God I am going to believe for clarity and understanding!!

    Matthew 15:16-18: No one else is my problem!! My problem is always my big mouth!!!

    When you speak death, you get death!!

    Proverbs 6:2: My mouth alone is the one giving me all the problems.

    Chapter 13//I am going to show you in the bible that offenses and challenges come…but I choose to not let them in!! Glory!! That is my choice!!!!!!

    I will not stop God from manifesting in my life through challenges and offense.

    God is a God of love and Hie is in me therefore I love!! NOTHING ELSE!

    I will not let offenses in!!!!!!!!

    When I deal with the situation it WILL OBEY ME!!!!! My situation is not hopeless!! I speak in faith and nothing will be impossible for me!!!

    I am free from pain, hurt, offense, resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness!
    I take authority over myself and over my life!

    Why did Jesus say cast it into the sea…it will die there! It cannot live! What I remove from my meditation is DEAD TO ME!! Glory to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CHAPTER 14//Satan is after the Word and he only attacks those with the word in them! My destiny is bigger than what I see right now! I WILL NOT BE OFFENDED!

    I will not allow the enemy to dismantle me by talking about circumstances!!

    These 9 steps are POWERFUL (in Pastor Dean’s voice)
    1. Stay focused on your purpose. I have purpose. I am someone. I have reason for living. God made me with a purpose. He has an expected end for my future. He has a plan for my life.
    If the enemy can get you to lose focus you will never have what God has planned for your life.

    2. Let the fruit of the spirit have perfect work in your life.
    When you operate in the fruit of the spirit no weapon formed against you can prosper.

    3. Walk in holiness. Holiness causes you to draw lines and set standards

    4. Pray the Word regularly and pray in the Spirit.
    God confirms His Word when I pray His Word.

    5. Be quick to forgive.

    6.Make a quality decision to walk in love!

    7. Choose to believe the best! Love believes the best!!

    8. Ask God for help when you are being attacked! He is present to help!!

    9. Recognize, satan is always behind all the trouble!!!

    Confess: Father, in the name of Jesus, my dumb days are over. I say I walk by faith and not by sight. I am not moved by the circumstances. I am a doer of the Word. Father, thank you that you confirm the Word in my life with signs and wonders. Thank you, Lord God that I have a sound mind, a sober mind with no fears, no worries, no anxieties, and no concerns. They are all under my feet. I declare that I am the head and not the tail. I am above and not beneath. I am blessed coming in and going out, because I walk by faith, free from offenses, unforgiveness, bitterness, and resentment. They have no place in my life. I am a child of God and I trust in Almighty God. Father, You are the Almighty God and You can do anything. Thank you, Lord, that you are taking charge of my life for I say everything is all right, in Jesus’ name! Amen!

    I am so grateful for this book and I am so grateful for chooselife community so we can post our highs and then refer back to them! This book was for sure life-changing just like Pastor Kathy said. I put all the confessions on a document to go with my quiet time stuff so they can be my “daily” vitamins!!
    So grateful!! WE ARE GROWING AND NOT LOOKING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. “ I do not care how much God loves you and how much God wants to do for you ; He is not going to do anything for you until you get out of there.
    I do not care what you do, if you are running around with anger, bitterness, u forgiveness, resentment and offense in your life , God is never going to show up for you “

    WOW!!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🙌🏻

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  21. Chapter6/ Satan is going to use people to get you offended, He wants to steal your peace and get you out from underneath God’s protection! Offense will come,it will come in different ways, but when it does you can choose like a duck, I like this I have heard it all my life but did not know the meaning really what it meant. Now I understand the power of its meaning! WOW! So very Good! When(water )an offense comes I will let it roll off , I choose to be just like that duck!Iam going to use the protective oil of the Word of God! You have to examine yourself continually! You cannot afford to be offended,or hurt,angry, upset with anyone because you cannot allow the enemy to build up roadblocks in your life!God wants to bless me , the question is do I want to be blessed? Yesssss! For sure I do! The Word says God shall supply all my needs according to His riches and glory ! He has no shortage! This is one of my favorite scriptures,Mark 11:24-25 it says Therefore I say unto you Whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them! And when you stand praying ,FORGIVE ,if you have ought against any…. if we don’t do this it will hinder or stop manifestations , breakthroughs, and your prayers from being answered! It’s not worth it to think we have to be right to be offended it will diffenitally cost you more than you’ll want to pay, and God is our defender! He will do it right and so can we if we want to! But only when we do this offended thing His way!♥️

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  22. Chapter 12/
    So so grateful for this book! GOSH!!! This chapter so so blessed me…
    GOD CAN DO ANYTHING! I like how Pastor Goudeaux went on to say “God owns everything so why does it look like we are the ones missing out in many areas of our lives? GOSH!!!!! I want to experience all he paid for me to! I want to live the life he paid for me to live so I will be aware of what’s in my heart! Unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, anger, and malice in your heart are all offspring and fruit of the tree of offense. Satan cannot come in to destroy my life I GIVE HIM ACCESS WITH MY MOUTH! I will be aware!!!!!! When you love the Word of God and the Word of God has preeminence in your life, it means more to you than anything else. THE WORD WILL MEAN MORE TO ME THAN ANYTHING ELSE!!! YES!!!!! I need the word!!!! Satan is a mind player! I will be aware!!!!! I will hold everything else loosely but his word tightly! If you do not know who you are in Christ , you do not know how to stand on the Word. I WILL KNOW WHO I AM IN HIM!!!!! I will be aware of my attitudes! I will watch myself because I’m my only problem-NO ONE ELSE IS!!!! I will protect my heart!!! I will be aware!!!


  23. Chapter 13
    I have to keep my heart clean and right! If someone wrongs me I have to keep myself right! No one is worth getting twisted about and in a place of offense! I like how the book mentioned If you do your job, God will do His. GOSH! I will trust him and keep my eyes on him so my heart stays clean and right. The enemy will fight against you and try keeping you offended in any possible way. BE AWARE PATRICIA! I WILL FIGHT OFFENSE OFF!!!!! I will walk in FORGIVENESS! I have to be willing to move past my past and walk in forgiveness, free from offense! The enemy wants to get to my heart, mind, and my emotions! He wants to get in me to eat me up from the inside out because he wants to steal my destiny and my purpose! JESUS!!!!! It’s my choice to allow the enemy the power to get in me with offense. I have to be willing to deal with hurt but not allow it the power to get in me to get me to that twisted place of offense! GOSH!!! I like this, “The problem with some of you is that you are still looking at your husband, boss, neighbor, or your friend as your problem. They are not your problem.” GOSH GOSH GOSH! Jesus take the wheel!!!!!!! I HAVE THE POWER-ALL POWER! I have to be willing to deal with situations and take authority over them! I can’t sit around and expect everything to be jolly! I have to DO SOMETHING!!!!! I have the power! I have the authority! HE GAVE IT TO ME TO UTILIZE! JESUS!!!!! NO SITUATION IS HOPELESS!!!! I HAVE TO SPEAK TO IT!!!!!!! I WILL NOT BE A VICTIM!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 omg this chapter double blessed me!!!!


  24. This book gets better and better!!
    Chapter 6//
    Let it roll of like water off a ducks back!! I never knew a ducks feathers had protective oil on them!! Soo awesome!!! I have the oil of the Word and as I cover myself in it by spending time in the Word, offense will have NO PLACE!!!
    It’s always what’s on the inside that defiles or pollutes your life!!! We are so serious when it comes to the natural things we put in our bodies but so unaware of all the spiritual things that are being deposited in us everyday! If we do not watch ourselves ever will be contaminated by everything the enemy puts in us!

    Chapter 7//
    As long as you are crying and talking about it, the enemy is going to spring a trap on you!!
    My responsibility is to stay free, release and let go of any and every offense and stay in love with all people no matter what!
    Get in the Word! STAY in the Word! Fall in love with the Word!!! From that place you will experience the very life God has for you full of all His blessings!!
    The sycamine tree illustration!!! Wow!!! I’ve read about it before in another book but man it’s sooooo good and I definitely got more revelation on it!! Offense, bitterness, resentment, unforgivness… it’s all soo ugly and sets you up for death in every way if you aren’t intentional about getting it out with the Word!!!
    Immaturity has to GO!!! We must grow up and develop if we expect to experience His life in this life!!


  25. Chapter 7/ God said in this scripture 119:165 we would have great peace. The Hebrew word for peace is Shalom. This means nothing missing, nothing broken, and wholeness in your life! Who wouldn’t want that in their life! I know I do! There will be a restoration of things that Satan has stolen from you when you come to the place where you can stay free from Offense! Do not stop God from working in your life! These Offenses will stop you from living s victorious and overcoming life and keep you from experiencing God’s GREATER BLESSINGS! Our job is to stay in the Word building up your spiritual muscles and stay from spiritual attacks! We have to walk in a mindset that says we have to walk in a Spirit of release! We have to let go of any Offense immediately! The Word says at the devils onset we are to deal with him right then, putting him under our feet! We cannot hold on to it because it is destructive, It is acid!!! It will eat us from the inside out! It stops God’s Miracle-working power on your behalf! There are a lot of people who have missed God’s blessings because of their immaturity and are Offended at their Pastors for not babysitting them , going to the hospital or to their house to pray for them. It is time for people to get out of those diapers and put on some training pants! Lol!!!!


  26. Chapter 8/ Great Peace means something extraordinary is going to be upon your life when you love the Word and you let the Word have pre-eminence in your life and nothing shall offend you! Satan will not be able to have a place in your life to steal, kill, or destroy if you are a student of the Word! Satan can come from many directions , but it just bounces off of you, in fact you will be the one laughing at the devil instead of him laughing at you because you were offended by someone! Now because you are strong in the Lord and in the power of His might it doesn’t mean anything to you! When you can pass over some things and let them go and just say what Jesus said, they don’t know what their doing or saying. You’re not going to meditate on it or talk about it! Don’t allow Satan to rip you off because of a funky attitude toward someone else! Don’t have resentment and bitterness in your life because of what people have done to you, let the monkeys go, Lol I thought that was cute, just LET THEM GO!!!!!!!😍


  27. Chapter 9/ In this chapter I especially liked the story he told about the mountain climber how when he was almost at the top he lost his footing and fell about ten to fifteen feet before he was able to grab a branch.Then he started calling for help help , can you help me? Help! Help! Finally someone hollered from over the top, Yes, I can help, the climber said thank God! Thank you, you can help me? Yes , Turn loose of the branch. The climber ask, what is your name? The voice on the top said, Jesus. I can help you. Turn loose of the branch, Trust me! Then the guy hollered out, Is there anyone else up there!!!!!! Omg! I don’t want to be like that, don’t you be that way! Someone is trying to help us, but we don’t want to trust Him. We want to do it our own way,but our way won’t work, Turn loose of the branch!!!!! In Acts 24:16 Paul finally came to a place where he said , “And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offense toward God , and toward men!”


  28. Chapter 8
    The way he gets you and is able to destroy you is through your attitude!!
    When you let the Word have pre-eminence in your life you will have great peace… extraordinary things will start to happen!!
    When your faith and commitment is based on the Word, NOTHING will offend you!
    The enemy will come and try to work on the insecurities in my life… I will beat him every time!! I work on me with the Word daily do he has no in into my life!!
    The only way to kill the giant of adversity facing your life is when you are able to control your emotions, feelings, bitterness, unforgiveness and offense.

    Chapter 9
    My own lack of spiritual growth, maturity and commitment to the Word is what sets me up to be offended!! When I’m on top of these things on the other hand… the enemy will not be able to bother me no matter what he does!
    As long as you are justifying and trying to make everyone understand why you acted a fool, you are compromising.
    God has a bigger plan for me. He’s not finished with me! But when I allow myself to become offended, He cannot work in or through me!


  29. Chapter 10/ There will always be someone knowingly or unknowingly being used by the enemy to offend you. Our job is to fight the good fight of faith, walk by faith and not by sight or your feelings and stay away from the the appearance of offense having any place in your life.People will always know you are offended by the way you act. You will have a bad attitude, I like this because PC has been talking about our attitude! This is so true! You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time, you can’t fool God ever!!!!! The point is you must acknowledge the offense. The problem is most people have not been taught this!😳hello this was me! They know they are angry, upset , but don’t know how to deal with it. 1peter 5:7 casting all our care over on Him, for He careth for you! Yes ! God cares for me effectually !we are not made to hold onto care because a care is a cancer! A care is a terminal disease !Holding onto to a thing the enemy can eat you from the inside out!God wants to show Himself big and strong on my behalf , I like it when God does something BIG for me! Don’t you???? You cannot be strong in yourself. We are dealing with spiritual things. This is not about you! You need God to help you, I cannot live this life without God I have to have Him every minute of the day helping me! We need God’s strength and God’s power , Glory to God , in the Name of Jesus!!!!😃♥️


  30. Chapter 10//
    My job is to fight the good fight of faith, walk by faith and not by sight and to stay away from the very appearance of offense having any place in my life!!! This is ultimately on me!! It’s my job to fight off offense at all cost!!
    When you can not control your emotions or your focus on what is upsetting you, then you are a double victim of the situation!.. things will come up but what I do with the emotions that creep up will determine the severity of the situation in my life personally!
    Casting every care on Him is a must because care is a cancer and I was not made to hold on to it in any way!!!
    If satan can get control of my mind, he has the rest of me! … it’s up to me to control the thoughts that linger in my mind!! I will not give the enemy any place in my life!
    The moment you allow your emotions to get out of control, your mouth becomes a babbling brook… control your emotions!!! Your life depends on it!!

    Chapter 11//
    Everything God has for you is not just going to come to you because you are pretty or you smell good… you have to do something!! Everyday I must do something with what I know in order to see God show up in my life!
    You open the road to the enemy through your mind!!! Think about the Word ONLY!!!
    The enemy is writing things down and attacking you in a greater way because of your big mouth!! Shut up already and talk about things that bring glory to God! 😬🙌🏻
    If you’re not dealing with offense, it’s going to deal with you!


  31. chapter 6// God is not the problem, we are the problem. I cannot allow him to get to me through other people. I start working on me and my attitude. When hurt, pain, bitterness, resentment, or strife gets inside of you, woe unto you because you have opened the door where the enemy can attack you and destroy your life. You have the responsibility to protect what comes inside you. You must guard your heart, mind, and your soul. You are the bishop of your own life. Why are you still going through the same things you were a year ago? You should have grown past that! Grow up, come out, stop being dumb, stop being stupid and go to the toilet and flush it LOL!!!!!!!

    chapter 7// Have you ever heard someone say, “Just give him some time,” or “Time heals everything?” that is a lie. If you don’t deal with it yourself, time will not heal it. The Greek word for forgive is to let go. I liked all the characteristics about the sycamine tree…I will not build my coffin with offense!

    chapter 8// Offense is the number 1 weapon Satan uses to get you out of the will of God. The Israelites measured Goliath according to their size instead of according to the size of their God. You will never kill the giant of adversity in your life until you are able to control your emotions and your feelings. When you get an opportunity and are mature enough to handle it, you can step over the offense.

    chapter 9// Quit blaming satan. It is your lack of spiritual growth, maturity, and commitment to the Word of God. The issue is that you need to be spiritually mature so when you are assaulted you can just let it go.

    chapter 10// People will always know when you are offended by the way you act. You will have a bad attitude. When you become offended you are a subtracter and divider. You were not made to hold on to care because care is a cancer. A care is a terminal disease. He wants you to release it. Offense works against me. When you get offended, Satan has already mapped out a strategy against you.

    chapter 11// It is not a God problem, it is a YOU problem! God is not going to bless you as long as you are out of position. You have to give place to him. It is God’s will that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. If you do not deal with the offense, it will deal with you. No one can get you out of the pit but you. You can justify all day but until you deal with offense, you are never going to have the life God wants you to have.

    chapter 12// You have to give place to the devil. He is always looking for an avenue. Most Christians give him an avenue through their big mouth. The negative poison of unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, and resentment or the poison of offense on the inside of you will destroy you totally from the inside out. What is in you will come out. You determine what is going on in your life by what is coming out of your mouth. No one is your problem. Your big mouth is your problem.

    chapter 13// Jesus said there is nothing He can do to protect you from offenses coming, but what He can do is protect you from letting them get inside of you. Once the offense gets inside you it will destroy you. When you get angry with someone, the enemy is able to work overtime on you. The word rebuke means to deal with the person immediately. Not by getting in their face but dealing with it right away not waiting 20 years. Luke 17:6 God is saying if you deal with your situation, your situation will obey you. If you do not deal with it, it is going to deal with you.

    chapter 14// 9 steps to avoid offense: 1) stay focused on your purpose. 2) Let the fruit of the spirit have its perfect work in your life. 3) walk in holiness. 4) Pray the Word and pray in the Spirit. 5) be quick to forgive. 6) Make a quality decision to walk in love. 7) choose to believe the best and not the worst. 8) Ask God to help you when you are being attacked with offense. 9) Recognize that Satan is trying to get to you.

    what a great book! Pastor Kathy thank you for loving us and helping us grow. Love you!


  32. Chapter 12//
    *My safety and the blessings of God and everything that God has for me is in my obedience to the Word of God!
    *When you are hurt, the worst thing you can do is open your mouth!
    *he is attacking your emotions, your feelings, and your reasoning all the time to try and get an avenue in your heart and your head!!… I will align every part of me with the Word so the enemy has NO entrance into my life!
    *I determine what is going on in my life by what is coming out of my mouth!!… if I want His life I must speak it out of my mouth!!

    Chapter 13//
    *offense must get inside of you in order to destroy you! Do not take the poison the enemy is throwing at you!
    *if you will deal with your situation, your situation will obey you!!
    *You release the power of God to work in the situation when you speak to the offense!! It needs to hear your voice!
    *don’t be like the monkey holding onto the fruit! Let go of every ounce of offense in you so you can walk free and not continue to be hit over the head by the enemy!

    Chapter 14//
    *when your feelings are on your shoulders, you will always be taken advantage of and manipulated!
    *When you are in the flesh, you are out of the Word, out of the Spirit and out of faith… definitely NOT a good place at all!
    *If the enemy can cause you to lose your focus you will never have what God wants you to have in life!
    *Holiness will cause you to draw lines and set standards in your life!
    *Choose to be positive and not negative. Be proactive and not reactive!!

    Such an amazing book!! Thank you Pastor Kathy!! I will definitely read this book over and over!! So grateful for the truth!!


  33. Chapter 14
    Wow this book blessed my life!!!! I so liked the 9 steps to avoid offense. When your feelings are on your shoulders you will always be taken advantage of & manipulated. Satan uses people your closest to and even people you do not know. Satan is after the Word! My destiny is bigger than what I see right now. I CANT AFFORD TO GET OFFENDED! I need the Word to walk in victory and triumph over every work of the enemy. I SO liked the confession!!!!!


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