Sunday, June 9

Service was so good today! Sand art on the patio was so fun!!! I am so thankful for the parable we learned about today! “Go and sin no more!!!” I’m so thankful for Jesus!

Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • I cannot keep the faith without the Holy Spirit
  • It’s His way or the wrong way
  • I’m either after the spirit or after the flesh…I choose
  • Just because you enjoy it, it doesn’t mean it satisfies

1st service

  • Those who achieve are those who serve
  • Solution = Go and sin NO MORE!
  • The only thing that has value is what He puts in us
  • Without HIM delivering you, you’ll get caught up time and time again!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Church was awesome today!!
    I had so much fun making my sand art! It will be the perfect reminder on my desk of how “temporary” sin can be in my life when I receive the Father’s love and forgiveness and “sin no more”!

    1st service//Other people’s business is not my business!
    I do what I do from the inside out; recognizing that anything good in me is from Him.
    I made a decision to hear from the Father regarding what I need to walk away from in order to experience more freedom!
    I want to live as if I don’t exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY FLESH will never yield to the spirit. I DIE DAILY!!
    The Word of God is full of commands; honoring it will bring deliverance and strength.
    Some level of death always follows disobedience

    2nd service// His forgiveness is bigger than our sin
    In forgiveness there is empowerment!
    There is only one way to be delivered and that is honoring His Word!
    As a vessel I pour me out–and I put Him in!
    There is only one way to serve Him and that is 100%!

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  2. Church was so so GOOD! I’m so thankful!! Here are some of my favs!

    It’s pride to be like “I already know that”. Do not GO THERE PATRICIA!!!!! Ever!!!!!THERES MORE!! I want to be found growing!!!! REVELATION IS PROGRESSIVE! My relationship with myself is the most important aside from the Relationship I have with The Father! I want to POSITION MYSELF In Worship, Surrendering to Him, offering my life to Him! THERES ONLY ONE WAY-HIS WAY OR THE WRONG WAY! HEAR THE WORD, SPEAK THE WORD, READ THE WORD & DO THE WORD!!! THE WORD IS THE MOST IMPORTANT! I establish the value of the Word in my life! I’m Anointed by God!!!! If I allow my security to be in anything I can lose I will find myself insecure! WOW! This ministered to me SO SO MUCH because my security should only be in Him!!! If the kingdom isn’t first my kingdom will fall apart!

    2nd Service/
    I want to DO MY PART! Gosh Serving is such a BIG DEAL!!!! It takes Work to make changes! I have to want to do better. In wanting to do better God will help me, he’ll meet me where I am at and work with me! THERES NOTHING BETTER THAN BEING GODS CHILD! He is no respecter of persons he sees everyone with a way of escape. LOVE AND FORGIVE!!!!! I have to make a decision to put ALL my trust in Him and no expectation or hope in man! I HAVE TO TURN MY BACK ON SELF!!! I’m his vessel! Being full of Him is being full of Life!

    3rd Service PF kids/
    It reqs effort to live right! Flesh wants to do what’s comfortable! We need to be praying about who our friends should be! Be cautious! Hs will show you!!! If you are friends with the wrong people you can become comfortable or familiar and from that place the enemy will take you out! Just because someone says “I’m a Christian” should never determine if they should be your friends. PRAY!!!!! Ask HS!!!!! We want to find friends that HONOR GOD, who are Honest, and TRUSTWORTHY! Don’t just join your life with just anybody!


  3. Church was so good!! Here are just a few of my highlights from 2nd service:
    * His forgiveness is BIGGER than my sin!
    * It takes work to stay free and move away from those things you’ve practiced out of habit all your life!
    * There’s only ONE way to be delivered and that’s through embracing God’s Word!
    * What you’ve done may have been wrong but RIGHT has NEVER changed!
    There was so much more that I received from the PFS to PreK and will post as I meditate more on it! ❤️

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  4. jumpstart // if i let my security be in something i can lose then i’ll be insecure forever! i need to find it in just Him and Him alone!!

    2nd service // it takes work to stay free! just because i’m going to heaven doesn’t mean i’m having heaven on earth, this takes intentional time!! i also liked when PD said He didn’t make a halfway commitment to me so why would i make a halfway commitment to Him!? He went all the way, i will too!!!!!!

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  5. 1st: it’s easy to be right in Him, but it takes work to be right in life!!!
    ——be willing to put in the work in order to enjoy life His way!!

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  6. Jumpstart//
    *I don’t want to be a person that thinks “I already know that”, it just cracks the window to pride. There is always room to grow!! Keep growing!!!

    *His way or the wrong way…I choose plan A…anything outside of that has no true value in the kingdom!!!

    *Hear it, speak it, do it!! It has to be important to me…I choose to be intentional with my time with Him!!

    *My relationship with Him will be all that matters at the end of my life….I believe to hear good and faithful servant!!

    *Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life…regardless of how I started, I can make it count toward His glory!!!

    2nd service//
    *There is so much freedom in this message!! I am truly thankful for a church that doesn’t sugar coat!! Glory to God!!

    *There is always opportunities to sow and we as a body have a part in the church!! Nothing outside of the kingdom has value!!

    *His forgiveness is bigger than our sin!! Thank you Father for your forgiveness and empowering me to walk away from those things that have held me back!! That person has been taken care of!! I don’t want to return to my “vomit”!! I remember what it “taste” like, don’t go there Linda!!! I recognize that it take work to stay free!! I don’t want to commit half way!!💪🏼👊🏼

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  7. Jump Start// today is the first day of the rest of your life.
    You can’t keep the faith without the person of the Holy Spirit.

    1st Service// life takes work from the inside out.
    Some level of death follows disobedience.

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  8. Jumpstart: Today is the first day of the rest of my life!! Hallelujah! Everyday is a new opportunity to seek first the kingdom and have the right priorities! The Word must have value, this is Jesus!! I really liked the confessions PC shared with us! To the degree that you stop growing, everything around you will also stop growing.. you’re either walking after the spirit or after the flesh! It comes down to who do you want to spend the most time with? If His Kingdom is not first, your kingdom will fall apart.

    1st service:
    If you’re sincere, He will forgive you! When Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery “Go and sin no more”, there was the grace and empowerment to walk free! You cannot get freedom without a constant relationship with Him!! Let the washing be more real to you than what you did! I’m hopeless without Him! He will be my everything in every area of life🙌🏻and the best part is He labors with us! We are not alone in this life! We can do this!

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  9. Jump Start/ I just listened to this message! Here are my Highs: As I continue to grow I’m always working on myself never arriving in my own development ! Never say I know this already you crack open a window for pride! * The most important relationship I have is to the Father is with myself!*You cannot keep the Faith without a Relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit! * You’re either yielded walking after the Spirit or walking after the flesh! * I have no past, I’am anointed to do His things in this life in the body of Christ! * This is the first day of my life!!!🙌♥️ 3rd/ Jesus came to give us justification , not for what we have done, but what He has done!* He has empowered me to do what I couldn’t do , to go and sin no more, just like the woman caught in adultery!* His forgiveness is Bigger than my sin!* The enemy has no right to me unless I open up the door to him!*We are never called to judge others , but to be the light to help them!I will submit to Him serve Him 100% , to be humble , draw close to Him! He is the Life, He is my life !

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