Father’s Day 2019

Happy Father’s Day, dads!!!! We are so thankful for you!!! What an amazing story today at church about the father of the prodigal son! What an amazing example of the Father’s love! I’m so thankful! Here are a couple of our highs from service!


  • If i’m not growing, things around me can’t grow
  • Carnality always brings dissatisfaction
  • Not having priorities in line with God’s Word is sin and just as detrimental as “big” sin

1st service

  • Love has nothing to do with feelings
  • We are fruit inspectors not fruit judgers
  • If you’re not smart you can loose all you have…quick!!!!
  • God is about the end result…He walks by FAITH!

So, what were your highs from service? What were your take-a-ways?


  1. Today’s message was so so soo good during 2nd service !

    The focal point is the Father and his love.

    *As a believer my assignment is to figure out what it looks like to love him with all my heart mind and strength.
    When I know his love and I love him with ALL my heart mind and strength then I can love myself right!

    The greatest legacy you can leave your children is love and devotion to the things of God.

    You forgiving YOU for real is your biggest challenge!
    God doesn’t need me to do something to love me he loved me when I was a sinner.
    He does for me because he honors what his son did not what I did!!!
    I have to see myself as Invisible. Not invisible like I don’t matter but I mattered so much to the father that he paid for me to be in Jesus so I can be free.
    Dead people don’t get upset. My life is hid in him. I matter so much that he died to give me his life !!
    Wow . I saw his love today in a whole new light and the gift of being Invisible !!!!

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  2. I really had a lot of fun at church today and I hope all the dads felt loved and encouraged! WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!

    1st service offering//You cannot out give God! This is my favorite! I can never hear this too much!!
    The enemy isn’t all powerful…his devices…he is total chaos…don’t give him so much attention and press! HE IS A TOTAL LOSER!! This was soo good!

    1st service message//Any deficit in my life is a love deficiency…not appropriating and understanding His love the way I should!
    Love has nothing to do with feelings!
    I can be a fruit inspector but I am not a judge! Glory!
    The Word is the judge.
    Sincere repentance//1. admit 2. ask for forgiveness before there can be restoration
    Compassion is supernatural!
    Older brother is religious…that will not be me!
    How many believers have always been with Him but they don’t understand the benefits

    2nd service//Prodigal Son
    #1 is about the Father’s love
    #2 sincere repentance
    There will always be something missing when He isn’t your shepherd!
    In loving Him I will know how important others are to Him.
    I will look at myself as invisible therefore I cannot be offended or rejected! Hallelujah!
    I am a dead man…Galatians 2:20!! Hallelujah!!

    Mark 12:30…many believers don’t love Him this way because they are walking by sight!! I refuse!!

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  3. I really enjoyed 3rd service today. One thing that stood out was when we come to God asking for forgiveness in sincerity, we are able to move on as if nothing happened. There are 2 ppl who know if we are sincere, ourselves and God. Praise God for His mercy and grace.

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  4. aw i hope all the dads had a great day and felt loved (:
    jumpstart// incorrect priorities is as deathly as the things we’ve labeled as “no, no’s”! sin is sin! i also liked how pastor charity talked about how some siblings have seen their older siblings do something and they thought to themselves we’ll surely if they can do it i can do it! totally relate 🙋🏻‍♀️i’m the baby lol!! but that we should have the same attitude towards Jesus “if He can do it, i can do it”

    2nd// parable of the prodigal son- God is the focal point of this parable! as it should always be in everything and seeing myself as a dead person, it’s not me but christ in me!

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  5. Fathers Day was so great and fun for all the Dad’s such a blessing! Amazing Word too! Here’s some of my highs: Jumpstart/ If I’m not Growing, then things around me can’t grow!* Carnaility will always bring dissatisfaction! This was so weighty to me when PC said *Priorities not in line with God’s Word is as much sin as any other sin Jesus talked about! In order to love God with all our heart the kingdom must come first , He loved me first! 3rd/ * You don’t find what God has for you outside of His Will for you! * The two people who know you’re serious and have truly repented is you and the Father!*Change isn’t Change until it’s Change!* The Father isn’t moved by our behavior , but by His Love! This describes the parable of the Prodical to us clearly , our Heavenly Father as well as all of the qualities of our Spiritual Father,Pastor Dean!

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  6. Jumpstart/GOSH!!!! I LIKE THE WORD PRIORITY!!! God has to be my biggest priority!! Doing his things & being about his business!!what I accumulate isn’t the biggest deal HIM AND HIS THINGS ARE THE BIGGEST DEAL!!!! When you take care of his business he will take care of yours! So so good!!! Everything we do should be filtered through the kingdom! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    GOSH just finished listening to the message…… WOWZERS!!!!! I’m so thankful and this message was so Timely for me!! Here are a couple of my highs from the message, this whole message was seriously on point tho!!! 😄

    It’s ALL ABOUT THE FATHER-loving HIM with ALL my heart mind soul and strength! LOVING HIM REQS A MAJOR COMMITMENT! I like how Pd mentioned any deficiencies we have is only a deficiency of knowing The Father. HE LOVES ME, HE KNOWS ME & HES GOT ME!!!! Gosh! IN THAT I REST IN…… PSALM 23:1!!!! where would I be without HIM?! I’m nothing, absolutely NOTHING without him!!! HE LOVES US!!!! It has nothing to do with feelings and everything to do with understanding His love for me!!!!! I’m NO ONE TO JUDGE OR CONDEMN! GOSH! I will keep my eyes on me and daddy and I will be a person of COMPASSION AND LOVE! I won’t look around but know that I have what it takes and I have the authority and the power to live life exactly how he’s called me too!! Nothing revivals leaving my kids and grandchildren the legacy of knowing Him! THEY WILL KNOW HIM BECAUSE HIM IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN THIS LIFE!!!!!! I will love them enough to invest real living and life in them.. Don’t be An I TOLD U SO….. just be like the Father! GRACE…. don’t put the emphasis on the wrong thing! HEAVEN WILL BE FUN SO START NOW!!!!!! Enjoy life IN HIM!!!!! The fathers all about the end result! FATHER GOD WALKS BY FAITH NOT BY SIGHT! The father don’t rag about people! HE BELIEVES THEY WILL PUT HIS WORD TO WORK!!!!!!! Don’t be a religious DUDE-LOL!!!!!! Love people!!!!!!! GOSH!!! I will continue and make my goal Knowing Him!!!!


  7. Jump start// priorities-the kingdom has to be my number 1 priority and they must be in line with the Word.

    Things about Pastor Dean:
    1) filters everything through the kingdom
    2) disciple-reads
    3) faithful
    4) lover not a fighter
    5) friendly- not judgmental

    Service highs//the Father is about the end result. He’s in faith for me.
    I am my biggest challenge.
    I have to get myself out of the equation.
    You don’t find what your looking for outside of the will of God.
    True repentance IS!


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