Night Life 6.19.19

Tonight was so fun at service and of course Pastor Kathy’s Birthday Bash!!! It was definitely an amazing night!!! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • We should progressively be doing better

  • It doesn’t just get better it gets simpler

  • When your kids learn to honor Him they will honor you

  • If you don’t know who you are as unmarried you will never be a successful spouse

  • Parent’s voices are the most influential. Make yours count

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Gosh!!!!! Just finished listening to the message and going over my notes… As I’m on vacation I’m SO SO GRATEFUL TO BE A part of a BODY that genuinely loves God & serves the people with such love and devotion! I continuously tell myself “Where would I be first off without the Fathers love and secondly without the Shepard’s (PD & PK) God so graciously provided in my life for me and my family!!!” IT IS A BIG BIG HUGE DEAL TO ME because it’s continues helping me grow and learn things that I never would have had I not been a part of something bigger than myself. Here are a couple of my highs from tonight. ❤️

    CONTINUE IN THE WORD!!! KNOWING & BELIEVING-they have to be put to work in my life for me! BE A DOER OF THE WORD! Loving Him means I do what Him says! I’ll do better when I do what his word says! My life should be progressively getting better and more simpler!! SERVING GOD IS SIMPLE!!!! Family success is about members learning to love God with all their hearts, souls, mind and strength. BE ADAMANT about that!!! DONT WANE!!!! I will be aware! I’ll keep my eyes on HIM!!!!
    Being a part of the church is vital-keeps you protected and provided for!
    Be someone who recognizes that His life is life! GOSH-THAT WILL BE ME!!!
    Continue learning and not being satisfied where I’m at! I can go further!!! I can learn more.. I CAN GROW MORE!! THERES MORE!!! I will take advantage of what I have been given. I will be a person who wills to do the will of God! I know I haven’t arrived but I know that I know THERE IS MORE & I will stay humble!!!!!! He’s everything!!!!!! I’m nothing without HIM!

    Also another High of mine was MY VOICE COUNTS TO MY CHILDREN! It’s the most influential voice in their lives! GOSH!!! YESSS!!!! I’m so thankful!!!!! SO THANKFUL!!!!!

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  2. We had so much fun celebrating Pastor Kathy tonight!! I’m so thankful to be a part of such an AMAZING church family ❤️ I never would’ve thought that having a series about “Life at chooselife” could be so revolutionizing but it is!! 🙌🏼 Here are some of my highs:
    * Honoring God makes me victorious!
    -Simple I know BUT I have to remind myself that in order to win, I have to do life HIS way!
    * You know you’re doing better, when you’re doing better! – I want GOOD fruit to show up in my life!
    * Family success is about us all doing our part! – We are in this TOGETHER!
    * Make your voice count! – If I want my kids to follow Jesus, I have to lead them to Him!
    * What greater thing can you do than serve? – Nada. Nothing. Zilch.
    * No one can do more for my kids than the Holy Spirit! – GLORY!! That is right!! In Jesus name, my kids are led by His voice!!
    Happy Birthday again, Pastor Kathy! We love you!

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  3. I am so grateful for pastor Kathy and the chance to celebrate her. There are no words really ( although I have lots of words lol)
    The fact that my children have her to teach them the word is a no messing around kinda way … I am so so soooo grateful!!!

    My high from service
    Kidz church is there to work with the parents to help the kids know their value and be successful in life.
    My voice is the most influential . They won’t do what they hear at church unless I reinforce it.

    I have a big job at the house. I need to be very intentional in my voice reflecting the word and teaching them to have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit so they can do what they hear at church

    I’m so so grateful for truth 💖

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  4. The Word was so good, topping it off with celebrating Pastor Kathy’s Birthday was so fun!!! Here’s some of my highs: *It’s the doer’s of the Word that’s blessed!*We should be doing progressively better in our lives! * It gets simplier too!* The # 1 priority is to be responsible doers of the Word! Parents voices are the most influential in their kids lives! * when they learn to honor God they will honor their parents! * If you don’t know who you are as a single person, you’ll never be a successful spouse! Such good Word!😁


  5. I like how pastor dean shared again about all chooselife has to offer us and our children. I’m so grateful that our pastors are so passionate about our young people getting it!!

    God knew Abraham would lead his family! This is what I want my legacy to be.


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