Healing Sunday June 23

Service was so good today! I’m so thankful for Jesus, the truth, and the healing He made available for everyone! Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • You’re anointed then appointed
  • You don’t own your anointing or place, you steward it
  • Walking away from divine for that which is temporary is STUPID
  • Faithfulness produces my passion and endurance

1st Service

  • What I do with what I have right now determines what I’ll have in the future
  • The Holy Spirit helped Him do GOOD! Not sometimes good and sometimes evil! Just GOOD!
  • Healing is always present but not always received
  • The woman with the issue of blood had a faith posture!!
  • There are NO waiting rooms when it comes to the promises of God!

So, what were your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Jumpstart/
    Every time you open your mouth your telling your story! GUARD CONVERSATIONS! Maintain the right perspectives! Gosh so so good!! The Word is to be taken seriously-KEEP YOUR BODY UNDER! Everything Jesus did I can do! I AM ANOINTED! I will stay humble in a place of sincere Surrender to Him!! I will continue to look at my life and ask myself WHAT ARE YOU DOING PATRICIA? I want to be doing what he’s showing me and speaking to me to do through His Word by the Spirit! My place is in The Church!!!!!! I was made for that place… HUMBLE!!!! I will run my race!!!! I wasn’t meant to fit into society like others or to blend in! IM ANOINTED! I can’t do whatever however! I will Deny myself!!!! I’ll look at life from his perspective! I WILL MAKE HONORING HIM MY LIFE!! FAITHFULNESS IS FOCUSED! Focus involves Direction, Discipline, and Desire! If I’m looking at my problem face to face I’m looking at it wrong! The enemy is under my feet and from that place I see the enemy defeated! NOTHIN & I mean NOTHIN IS A BIGGER DEAL THAN HIM & HIS WORD!! My goal will be JESUS!

    1st Service/
    The only sufficiency I have is His sufficiency. My security comes from Him! I wrote in Big Bold letters in my notebook-BE FOUND FAITHFUL PATRICIA !!!!
    I’ll Honor God!!!!!!!! I have to be willing to take what belongs to me! I have to fight for it by not relying on what the world has to offer! ONLY HIM!!! I HAVE BENEFITS THAT BELONG TO ME BECAUSE IM HIS KID! I have to take God at His Word! HUMBLE!!!!! HE IS THE ONLY FIX! When you know he’s your father no one can take that away from you! HE WILL ALWAYS CAUSE YOU TO TRIUMP! Everything was put on Jesus so I wouldn’t have to deal with it! I HAVE TO BE WILLING!! Gosh!!!!! Fear will try to interrupt faith but you can say No! I WILL SAY NO!!!! That will be me…. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I won’t settle for less! He’s a GOOD GOD & EVERYTHING GOOD COMES FROM HIM!!!

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  2. Church was so good today , I’m so thankful for the Healing Word! Here are some of my highs:The Kingdom of God is within you! * We have an anointing , then an appointment! I don’t own my anointing or my place, I have to acknowledge it and protect it! * If you walk away from what’s Divine that’s just stupid! 1st/ Offering * What you have and do with what you have right now determines what you’ll have in the future! * The promises have already been given to us, healing, deliverance, prosperity, all the abundance Jesus paid for has been done!* Jesus was anointed to do good and only good, He wasn’t looking for attention , He just went about doing good , never evil! Healing all that was sick and oppressed of the devil! *Fear will try to interrupt your faith, but you can say NO!!! Just do it!😍

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  3. Such a great day at church today!!!

    1st service//offering//My security is in my submission to Him.
    To enjoy the benefits of the kingdom you have to honor the head of the kingdom!

    message//Healing belongs to me!!!
    I always enjoy hearing about faith and what Jesus has provided for me. I will meet Him where He is, exercising my faith in all that He has made available for me. I am not moved by what I feel or see but what the Word says!!
    Acts 10:38…soo great!!
    1. Jesus had to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
    2. God ALWAYS does good!!
    3. ALL were healed!!
    4. oppression comes from satan!!

    My self-talk matters. The woman with the issue of blood said within herself…if I can just touch Him!!

    2nd service//offering//I will do what I do not because I can “afford” it but because I am directed by the Spirit of God
    There is a short distance between my heart and my wallet.

    message/Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!!!
    My part of receiving all that has been done for me is rejecting the voices of intellect and religion!!

    It is not a miracle to be healed!!! Healing has already transpired!!
    I am required to do with what I have been given…I have to take responsibility for the truth I have and walk in it!!!

    My confession will be consistent!
    My gratitude will not be based on what I see but what I believe!!!!!!!!!

    Hallelujah!! Such great services!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Church was amazing! 🥰🙌🏻

    2nd service
    He will always be my health and He always cares! He is my healthcare provider!! 🙌🏻

    You cannot find word to back your excuses!!

    It may “look” impossible but with Him all things are possible!! As I’m directed by Him and obedient to His voice I can rest knowing it’s all gonna work out!

    Fear will always try to interrupt faith but you can say NO!! Keep on trusting and believing in His ability and it will happen for you!

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  5. healing is always present but not always received… so i will position myself in FAITH to ALWAYS receive!!! as for ME i will honor God & do it HIS WAY!!!!!!!

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  6. “If the people around you laugh at your faith, they are on assignment from Satan!!”

    Be bold in Faith! Don’t back down! Your life’s success depends on it!!!


  7. Your anointing and appointment is at stake if you don’t control your appetites!

    Jesus bore all so we wouldn’t have to! Just believe! Healing is always present but not always received! I will be one who receives🙏🏻


  8. Jump start// If He did it, it was modeled so you could do it.
    appointed is positioned. He has set everyone in the body as it pleased Him. It is my responsibility to steward my anointing and appointment. You don’t in and of yourself own your anointing. You first acknowledge then protect it.
    Faithfulness is focused, which requires direction, discipline, and desire.
    I have to want to know what my life should look like from HIS perspective.

    Service highs//If you aren’t wiling to do what you know to do, you’ll never have what Jesus had.
    I do what I do at HIS direction. There’s a short distance between your heart and your purse. Jesus came as a man and needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. This is what I need in order to be successful.
    My self talk or confession of the Word sets me up for whatever I need.
    He will take care of me IF I will let Him.


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