Sunday 6.30.19

Service was so good today! I am believing you and your family took the opportunity in your step of faith by cursing some things from you life! Now that it is cursed, don’t look back! Don’t let the symptoms, the thoughts, the pride, the religion have any hold on you! Just like that fig tree was dead, what you cursed is dead!

Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • Faithfulness produces endurance and capacity
  • Don’t magnify a problem; the enemy is under my feet
  • If there is an issue with absolutes the enemy is always behind it
  • You can’t make a mistake publicly and try and be protected privately

1st service

  • Until your serious you’ll never enjoy the life that belongs to you
  • The tree is the perfect picture of those who confess but don’t produce
  • If you’re not teachable you are not reachable
  • What we do isn’t to turn a buck, but so your life doesn’t suck
  • Be selective in what you say because what I say will come to pass

So, what are your highs from service? What stood out most to you?


  1. Church was soooo good today! Yesss!left that thing I cursed behind today forever !!Praise God!!! Here’s some of my highs: Jump Start* Faith is what you CHOOSE based on where you focus! *Without a revelation of choice I will never mature!*I’am responsible for what I have!*When there’s a issue with absolutes the enemy is always behind it!😍 1/* If you know His Word you know His will is the Word! * Until you’re serious you’ll never have what He wants you to have! *If you’re not teachable you’re not reachable! 2/ * just like with the fig tree, how Jesus did things is how we’re to do things!!!! 3/ * His Word in my mouth is as powerful as it is in His mouth! 🙌♥️


  2. Such an amazing day today!!
    1st service highs
    My connection with Him is always more important than my connection with anyone else!

    Jesus always believed what He said would come to pass… when this revelation grabs ahold of me, I will become one quiet person!

    How can you just say anything and have faith in what you’re saying??


  3. Church was soo great today! Here are my highs:

    1st service//I really liked learning what the tree represented-the state of the Jewish ppl; religion, pride, lack of fruit! This was soo good to me and totally brought this story to life to me in a diff way.
    Even knowing the tree was on the side of the road and it had already been picked on; I was just thinking like the time for the Law and the way of life for the Jews up until that point was now over. That’s how things our in our lives. When we continue to mature, things that were ok last week aren’t ok this week, etc.

    If you aren’t teachable you aren’t reachable.
    We don’t do what we do to turn a buck but so your life won’t suck! So great to me!
    Darkness is waiting for me to spew trash out of my mouth!
    Success of all we says rests in the Father’s faithfulness
    We can’t just selectively not doubt when we have a huge need; we must always believe and not doubt that what we say will come to pass.

    2nd service//There are two ways to talk; right or wrong way!
    Idle words have faith behind them!
    Everything you say is a seed!
    The life I have chosen is the life I have spoken, and the life I have spoken and the life I have spoken is the life I have chosen!!

    BY THE GRACE OF GOD I AM GOING TO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!


  4. Church was SO GOOD!!! I’m so grateful I’m so so Blessed to have a wonderful church to come to and be a part of!
    Here are some of my highs from services

    Leaders lead themselves-they guide themselves! YOU DECIDE IF YOUR LEADING & GUIDING YOU either Spiritually or Carnally. I WILL LEAD MYSELF SPIRITUALLY!!!! It’s a big deal not to allow fear to rule you!! Your anointing and appointment have to be stewarded. To serve is to minister-Spiritual assignment! HUMILITY = SUPERNATURAL THINGS TRANSPIRE
    People quit because they aren’t faithful! I WILL BE FOUND FAITHFUL, GOSH!!!!!!
    A relationship with HS Will you keep you LIT🔥
    I can believe I have the power to Believe! Not to believe=focus on sight
    FAITH IS A CHOICE!!!! If you feel the enemy has you by the throat your looking at things wrong! YOU HAVE THE POWER – YOUR RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR CHOICES
    WITHOUT A REVELATION OF CHOICE YOU WILL NEVER BE MATURE because you don’t take responsibility for your choices!
    BE INTENTIONAL IN EVERY ARENA OF YOUR LIFE PATRICIA!!!! KEEP DIGGING, KEEP PRESSING, KEEP GROWING!!!! Stick with The Word! I should be progressing! Be correctable!! I need correction in my life because I know I don’t know it all and I have not arrived! I can change and I will grow!!!

    2nd Service
    Part of my stewardship is obeying Gods word as it pertains to the Word of God
    He is behind the scenes doing what I can’t when I choose to honor Him by obeying His Word. Revelation comes to those who are hungry & humble! RELATIONSHIP WITH HS IS VITAL FOR MY LIFE! Guard your heart – what you hear and see! BE SERIOUS! We are all in process! When we don’t take His Word serious we jeopardize the life he has for us! HAVE A HEART FULL OF HIS WORD so the Word will produce! Whatever your heart is full of it will produce! Move past your past! This will be me!!!! CONTINUE!!!! Honor Gods word! What I say will produce! Say the word!!!! I will determine to live my life QUIET EFFICIENT AND BLESSED!


  5. the tree looked so cool today (:
    jumpstart//i really liked the synonyms of responsible! the ones that stood out to me were steady and constant!! i could really work on those
    2nd//pastor dean had made the statement that Jesus always believed that what He said would come to pass (fig tree for example lol) and the same power that was in Him lives in me!! so i tied it up with another statement he made which was idle words have faith behind it!! if i truly believe that what i say will come to pass then when i speak anything idle that too will come to pass!! words are soooo important


  6. Church was so awesome today!! I cursed some things on the tree today!! Here are a few of my highs from service-

    Offering 1st: your faithfulness is tied to your faith! I want to be found faithful so that my faith will work!

    1st service: if you’re not teachable, you’re not reachable. I know I don’t know it all! PD said what’s affecting you right now is your comfort level! So good!! There is always more growth and more revelation!! I have to be tight with Him if I want to bear fruit! It’s fruit that strengthens me!! Glory! I’m so thankful He is an ever present help, I’m not in this alone!!!❤️❤️❤️I will only speak truth and get rid of doubt in my heart!


  7. if i want fruit from a relationship with Him then i have to be tight with Him! Jesus always believed what He said would come to pass!


  8. Jump start// faithful is responsible
    Worthy of ones trust – this is not owed to me. Dependable, steady, safe, constant, loyal, honest, single minded.
    Faith is what you choose based on where you are focused.
    I should be responsible for what I have and for my actions.

    Service highs// you have to say what you believe. You should be able to hear your faith.
    You can’t have faith in God when you only go to Him when you’re desperate. Don’t talk about what you feel! Don’t consider what you feel.


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