Night Life 7.3.19

Happy early 4th of July! Service was so amazing tonight, but we wouldn’t expect it any other way! Here are a couple of our highs from service:

  • Make sure you don’t get in your own way!!
  • People are worth the fight
  • What you’re a part of you need to be a part of!!!

I will not get in my own way anymore and will choose to be all in in everything I do! So, what are your highs from service?


  1. It was so good. The Holy Spirit always is right on time. it was such a good word. I’m so thankful for our church and pastors that are so real and unwilling to compromise the word.


  2. Church was so good! Here are some of my highs: * I don’t want to be known by what I do , but by what God does ! * Anything that is accomplished is in Him! * It’s a Big deal to be a part of a church where God is honored and promote’s His People! Uhh! That would be Chooselife Church! *Life flows from the heart!* If you don’t do what you do as unto Him, it WON’T WORK!! Thanks so much Pastor Dean for the truth of the Word!❤️


  3. I liked how Pastor dean shares during the offering about how grateful we should be. He said, “How many of you have a fridge, air conditioning, a roof over your head?” I am so grateful for all God has given me. He was referring to 1 Corinthians 9:7 that we should give cheerfully the way God has so cheerfully given to us. Don’t be a complainer or a hater! Be grateful. God is all about you WANTING to do what you are supposed to do.


  4. I was so grateful for this Wednesday night service! It truly brought to light how WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! This is truly about a body being in UNITY doing life TOGETHER WITH NO COMPETITION BUT TOGETHER! I’m grateful to be a part of this body and count it such a High Honor-ITS A BIG DEAL TO ME! What the Holy Spirit really showed me was TOGETHER… gosh! It’s a big deal to do life with our church family, to serve together, to do the word together, to learn and grow together! GOSH!!! TOGETHER!!!!!!!


  5. Youth// PC said- You have to plan to get in line and stay in line with His plan! You will never have the clarity of what is God for you and what is good for you if you miss these appointments! I will keep things fancy by not allowing myself to be casual with my appointments with the Father everyday!

    Nightlife// life flows from the heart, not the head! I’m so grateful to be a part of the body of Christ, we each have a place but it’s up to us to obey and take our place🙏🏻


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