Pastor Kathy July Pick of the Month

The Spirit Within and the Spirit Upon

by Kenneth E. Hagin

What is the purpose of the baptism in the Holy Spirit? Do believers who are not Spirit-filled have the Holy Spirit? What does it mean to “walk in the Spirit?” In his book The Spirit Within & the Spirit Upon: The Holy Spirit’s Twofold Work for the Believer, Kenneth E. Hagin answers these questions and others. He clearly shows that the work of the Holy Spirit does not end when a person is baptized into Christ, or born again. Another experience awaits the believer to bring him into a deeper dimension spiritually. That experience is the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Rev. Hagin shows from the Bible that the New Birth and the baptism in the Holy Spirit are two separate and distinct works of the Spirit of God. Rev. Hagin also explains the purpose for this twofold work. The Spirit works within the believer after the New Birth to develop character, and the Spirit works upon the believer after the baptism in the Holy Spirit to empower the Christian for service. Chapter titles include: • The Dual Working of the Holy Spirit • A Deeper Dimension • The Importance of Walking in Love • The Dwelling Places of the Spirit • Suffering Unto Perfection


  1. Chapter 1-
    Being baptized in The Holy Spirit will bring you deeper into the things of God spiritually! There is only one Spirit but there are different works of the Spirit. The Holy Ghost is a gentleman. HE IS IN ME!!!!! There is a dual working of the Spirit-The Spirit Within and The Spirit Without.
    I HAVE POWER!!!! Water=THE HOLY GHOST. The gifts of the Spirit are given so that believers can bless others.

    Chapter 2-
    THE HS IS IN ME!!!!!! The Spirit of Truth-The Comforter-Indwells those who believe in Jesus. It’s by the Power of The Holy Ghost that he enters us! I’m GODS KID!! I’ve been adopted into HIS FAMILY! HE SAVED ME!!!! Christ cleanses the Church with the washing of water by the Word. Because I choose to submit to the Word of God I’m cleansed by the Word. To fully cooperate with the HS we 1) Constant Renewals of the Spirit are necessary. 2) it’s important to walk in the Spirit, in order that he may keep us fully informed of the manner in which God would have us live. 3) We should learn the way of the Spirit so that we can trace Gods guiding hand of Love amidst all of the circumstances that we encounter in our daily walk with Him. The HS brings about the renewing or strengthening of our Spirit day by day. A buoyant spirit of praise is a result of staying continually filled up with the Holy Spirit. Gosh!!!’ So so good! Staying filled up with the HS attracts unbelievers to want the Jesus in us too! I really enjoyed the story of older gentleman who God had called into ministry and how the enemy tried getting him into a place of Him being old and losing too much time that couldn’t be regained and how he studied the eagle! WOW!!!!!! GOD WILL STRENGTHEN US BY THE HS!!!! Psalm 103:2,5


  2. Chapter 1/ I’m so very glad I’m saved or born-again and the Holy Spirit came to dwell on the inside of me right then! But there is a dual working of the Holy Spirit that God expects in the lives of those who have accepted Jesus , a twofold development He expects in His Spirit-filled children. Jesus didn’t say that we would be converted, or born-again when the Holy Ghost is come upon us. He said, but you shall receive POWER , after the Holy Ghost is come upon you! Whosever drinks of this water that I shall give shall never thirst , it shall be in Him a WELL of WATER springing up into everlasting life! Jesus said the Holy Spirit is as “water in the Well , or the Spirit within! He also referred to the Holy Spirit as Water in the river in John 7 , or the Spirit upon! The Baptisim of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts 1:8 makes it clear here we receive Power after we accept Jesus or we are born-again! So we can see water is a type of the Holy Spirit. A dual or twofold working and experience in connection with the Spirit of God as “water.” There are fruit and gifts that result as charteristicsfromtje spirit indwelling the believer. The 9 fold fruit of the spirit and gifts of the spirit that are given so that believers can bless others! 1Cor. 12:7! Every born-again saved believer should receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit after accepting Jesus , I don’t believe Jesus ask us but commanded us , His children to be Baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues to receive the power we would need to stand against the enemy! I’m so glad I did , this has changed me , I don’t know where I would have been without this dual working of the Holy Spirit in my life! But the Holy Spirit is a gentleman he won’t make you! But why wouldn’t You is the question!🤔


  3. Chapter 1- the spirit within us in the new birth is for character , the spirit upon us on baptism of the Holy Spirit is for service.
    When he comes upon me I receive POWER. I can’t live out in victory without this power. It’s the missing ingredient if I keep being defeated .

    Chapter 2- I need a constant renewal of the spirit . DAILY RENEWAL.
    Isaiah 40:31 they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength!
    Wait upon the Lord means to be bound or entwined together with the Lord to expect or look patiently for him. It doesn’t mean we should passively wait for God to renew our strength or renew our spirit. Rather, we are to bind ourselves closely to him and his word in intimate fellowship. As we DILIGENTLY seed God, he will perform his word on our behalf.
    As important as the word is in the daily renewal of our spirit , it can never take the place of waiting before the Lord in prayer. We need both prayer and the word.

    This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 to me !!!
    I have seen pastor dean and pastor Kathy and Darla and Mrs Vonnie… they all look SO young and it’s because of this – they spend time daily praying in the Holy Spirit and allowing their strength and youth to be renewed !!!


  4. Chapter 2/ I really like this chapter! In order for us to benefit in our daily lives from the Presence of the Holy Spirit within us , we must experience constant renewals of God’s quickening power in our spirit by the Holy Spirit.2Cor. 4:16! Even though we are growing older, and our outward body is perishing, the inward man is renewed day by day. How does this happen? so glad you ask! lol!!! Since our human spirit was recreated by the Holy Spirit in the New Birth (Titus 3:5)the Holy Spirit is doing a daily work of renewal of our spirit which comes from the same source -the Holy Spirit WHO dwells within us! He brings about the renewing or strengthening of our spirit day by day! We receive and I liked this Word, a buoyant spirit of joy and praise as a result of staying continually filled up with the Holy Spirit! This strengthens or renews the believer, and attracts the unbeliever and makes him desire a similar experience! Wait before the Lord in the Word and in prayer long enough to allow Him to renew your spirit day by day! It will effect every part of your being —spirit ,soul, and body. Then you can walk in the newness of God’s abundant Life!!!!! Jesus is coming soon , there are precious souls that still need Jesus. I want to be apart even more to be right in the middle of this move in the earth believing God for constant renewals of my spirit, soul, and body! You need to do that too! 🙌😃


  5. Chpt1/ the new birth is for character, the spirit upon us is for service.

    The indwelling of the Spirit is for fruit bearing and the outpouring of the spirit is for service.

    Galatians 5:22-23 – the fruit of the spirit might be referred to as characteristics resulting from the spirit indwelling the believer. 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 are the gifts of the spirit to profit and bless others.


  6. Chapter 3- he wants to redeem my life from destruction but in order to consistently walk in the Spirit I must learn to recognize and HEED the Spirit’s prompting.

    The thing that REALLY stood out to me in this chapter was that I can’t just “do the word “ and not be led by his spirit . I HAVE to listen !!
    I do not want to grieve him by not listening ! I will listen more and more and more !

    “ if we’re not careful we’ll focus exclusively on the word of God and overlook the promptings of the Spirit”


  7. Chapter 3-
    Gosh this chapter was really good! I must constantly renew The Spirit in me & I must walk in the Spirit! There is an earthly side to life and a heavenly side. Both must be stewarded in a proper way with a proper outlook. There has to be a balance! I have to be led by the Spirit of God!!!! GOSH!!!!!! God is interested in BOTH!
    I’ve been given the Spirit of God to keep me from things that would destroy or injure me. It’s up to me to obey his prompting! I do not want to be a believer who just had head knowledge but I want to walk according to what the word says and be led by the Spirit!


  8. Chapter 4-
    Walking in the Spirit is very simple and practical. If you are walking in the flesh, the flesh is dominating you, and the result is NOT GOOD!!!!!! Walking in the Spirit is walking in the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, long suffering, etc). The fruit of the spirit is produced by the Holy Spirit- The Spirit of Christ, or the life of Christ-within us. We are the branches where the fruit grows (John 15:5). If we don’t love, we don’t have evidence of salvation, of having passed from death to life. Love is evident In the believer! We each as believers have a choice to allow love to dominate us and when we choose to allow it to how rewarding it is! LOVE NEVER FAILS THOSE WHO NEVER FAIL TO LOVE! I have Love in me, it’s in my heart, but if I refuse to renew my mind to the Word my mind will side with my flesh and derail me. I want to be a BELIEVER WHO ALLOWS THE LOVE OF GOD TO DOMINATE ME!!! Divine love is unselfish! So so good!!!!


  9. I really like this book! I haven’t read it in a long time! I love Bro. Hagin

    Chapter 1//The Spirit within us is the New Birth for character, and the spirit upon us in the baptism of the Holy Spirit FOR service. God expects the dual working of the Holy Spirit i the lives of those who have accepted Jesus. The indwelling of the Spirit is for fruit-bearing and the outpouring of the Spirit is for service. This is so rich to me! His work in my life develops me personally and will serve in the local church through me!!!

    Chapter 2//CHRIST IN ME THE HOPE OF GLORY!! One of my favorite verses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I submit myself to the Word I am cleansed by that Word!!
    Constant renewals of the Spirit are necessary
    It is important to walk in the Spirit
    We should learn the way of the Spirit
    His work in me is DAY BY DAY!! Every single day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A buoyant spirit of joy and praise is the result of staying continually filled up with the Holy Spirit. It not only strengthens or renews the believer, but the joyful spirit of praise produces attracts unbelievers!! This is the kind of life I desire to live!!!
    Relationship with the Holy Spirit produces joy and happiness!!! I have a part to play in His work in me and through me…i have to seek God in His Word and in time in prayer!!
    Joy is NOT based on circumstances!!
    Wait on the Lord//be bound or entwined together with Him!!
    As I spend time with Him it affects every part of my life, spirit, soul and body causing my youth to be renewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 3//In order for us to enjoy such exemption from harm, God has given us His Spirit to sanctify or separate us from things that would destroy our peace or injure our health. To walk in the Spirit is to walk in godliness!!! This is my fav!!!
    His Spirit in me causes me to walk in and keep His Word
    Word + Spirit!! He wants to direct me and His directions will bear witness and confirm the Word that I may not know yet!! I will stay tuned in to Him!!

    Chapter 4//Constant renewals of the Spirit, as I commune with HIm.
    Walking in the Spirit
    Learning the Way of the Spirit!!!
    TO WALK IN HEALTH you have to walk IN LOVE!!

    Chapter 5//Many have failed, even died prematurely because they lived so much in the natural that they couldn’t take advantage of the privileges and blessings that rightfully belonged to them as children of God. They were always fussing and fighting and that had an effect on them not only spiritually but physically.
    Love can bear up under ANYTHING!!
    God is love and His potent character is IN ME!!!
    I refuse to believe badly about anyone!!! I refuse to believe the worst about anyone!!!
    prayer +fellowshipping with the Father=bearing fruit!! GLORY!!
    As I abide in Jesus, I abide in LOVE!!
    I am adding this closing confession to my other ones!! YAY!!!!

    Chapter 6//The bottomline in this chapter is persecution is suffering and we will all experience pressure because Jesus experienced pressure!! But WE WILL NOT BE MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Chapter 4

    Walking in the spirit is walking in love ! I choose to let love or flesh dominate me!!

    I pray in the Holy Spirit more and more to help me let love dominate !!!!


  11. Chapter 5-
    I really liked this chapter ALOT!! I liked how Bro Hagin made a determination to walk in love wether others did toward him or not, and he also determined to speak evil of no one!!! GOSH!!! THIS WILL BE ME!!!! LOVE IS IN ME!!!!!!!! I CHOOSE LOVE!!! LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!!! As long as we walk in God, in the Spirit, or in love, and stay full of the Spirit, we wont take any account of the evil done to us.
    I determine to judge myself when I am wrong and to make adjustments where needed! There are conditions to the promises of God and as a believer it is important that I choose love no matter what! Love believes the best, puts up with anything, and only speaks the best of others!!!! I want others to know me because of the love that flows out of me not for anything else, especially my husband and children. Such a great great chapter!!!!!


  12. Chapter 3/ In this Chapter I found myself desiring even more not to ignore the Holy Spirits leading for my life! Confession and believing what the Bible says is good or right, but if the Spirit of God tells us something , we had better obey! He wants to redeem our lives from destruction. When we don’t understand how the Holy Spirit speaks to us then we will miss Him in showing us who He really is ! When we sense Him telling us something on the inside and we choose to ignore it, we can hold fast to our confession of protection and exemption from harm all day long, but can still get into trouble.We get into our heads and don’t listen to that inward leading.I’m so grateful I can hear his voice , we must stop thinking we know anything or can do anything without Him, but to be still and just listen to what The Holy Spirit is saying to us. He is a loving Father and will clear our thoughts revealing who He is directing our every step.To be instructed and reminded by the indwelling spirit is indeed a fine provision of our Heavenly Father! We must learn to recognize and heed the spirits promptings in order to consistently walk in the Spirit!🙌♥️


  13. Chapter 5
    I really loved this chapter !!

    The main thing I took away is the Importance to believe the BEST about everyone ! His love abides in me and as I abide in him I can believe the best !!

    • When you see the worst in your children and always tell them about it, they’ll never amount to anything. They will live up to what you say !! But when you see the best in them , and love them rightly and bring the best out of them they’ll amount to something. And it’s our responsibility as parents to do that , to walk in LOVE.

    And the confession at the end 🔥🔥
    The love of God has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. I shall endeavor to let that love nature dominate me. I have God’s love nature in my heart- in my spirit. I’ll not let my natural , human reasoning dominate me. I refuse to allow the flesh to dominate me. I’m going to walk in the Spirit. I’m going to walk in LOVE. I’m not a hater – I’m a lover. I’m walking in God’s statute and commandment of LOVE.


  14. Chapter 4/This chapter on love was amazing! 1John 3:14 says, We know we have passed from death unto life, because we love….If we don’t love, we don’t have any evidence of salvation , of having passed from death to life! WOW! We should get this. Love is the very first fruit that will show up when we are born again. Yet it’s possible for a Christian to not allow the love of God to dominate him. But if we want to be successful as a Christian we must let it dominate us. We need to realize it’s up to us to do something with this love. His agape love has been shed abroad in our hearts by the HOLY GHOST when we are born again. Romans 5:5 It is there! Some hide it like the man with the talent , we need to let the love of God out!Praise Jesus! Human love is very selfish, but divine love is unselfish or selfless! This is why I do love 1Corn. 13:4-8. We’ll never make it until we start believing in God—until we start believing in love. Love is the Best way, Love is God’s way, and love is our way! We may think we have rights to be right but it’s not worth being right when it hurts someone else. God is my vindicator! When you’re involved in getting someone else in trouble, you’re going to get into trouble . Two wrongs don’t make a right! Love does not insist on its on rights! When I Love like He Loves , everything else will work out!


  15. Chapter 6
    Gods thinking is not the same as ours. God has his own way of working out His will in my life. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Prayer is important & so is suffering! I should bear patiently and know GODS GOT ME!!!!!!!! Jesus was my substitute He took my place. He suffered some things so I wouldn’t have to. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼THANK YOU JESUS! Jesus is my example! I should never answer critics. I will be persecuted for the words sake but I can be of Good cheer because he has overcome the World! Suffering will help me grow up spiritually! WOW! How this enlighten my eyes to look at things so differently! GRATEFUL!


  16. Chapter 7:

    I have to learn the way of the spirit and trust him. Things won’t always look awesome but challenges are simply an opportunity for victory ! It costs something to be faithful to God. I will allow the hard places to grow me up .


  17. Chapter 7:
    In the trials & in the challenges of life I will be perfected-made mature! As I hold steady to Him & His Word I will come out on top! Every test and trial is just another opportunity to PROVE GOD IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS & WE WIN! GOSH!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 I will look the trials and tests in the face and say GLORY TO GOD!!!!!! The potential for great faith comes by hearing but great faith itself comes when I put into practice what I heard-TO BE A DOER of THE WORD OF GOD!!!!!!


  18. Chapter 5/ I will walk in Love, it’s the main thing! because without it in essence, I’m not abiding in Him! As I abide in Jesus and let Him abide in me through prayer , fellowship and communion with Him, waiting on Him, not like being lazy waiting either, as I feed on His Word then His Love will begin budding in my heart in our hearts ,this love will blossom and finally bring forth fruit! This a beautiful analogy of 1Corinthians 13:4-8


  19. Chapter 8
    The Holy Spirit within has to do with the personal state of the believer more than with service or witnessing or power. It’s referred to as holiness. And the work of the Spirit upon the believer, coming in the baptism with the Holy Spirit, has to do with service or witnessing. It is a baptism of power 💥 The spirit working within the believer produces fruit. And the very first fruits are the Fruits of the spirit found in Galatians 5:22-23. The gifts of the Spirit are given so that believers can bless others. The Holy Spirit will show us things and prompt us about things to come. Grateful for the Holy Spirit!!!!

    Chapter 9
    Omg! THIS CHAPTER!!!! It literally made me 😭😭😭😭!!! Being baptized in the Holy Spirit brings one into a DEEPER DIMENSION OF THE SPIRIT!
    I like the way he mentioned that everyone has to be led by the Spirit for themselves so that one can grow and develop. So so good! The Holy Spirit fills our lives with power that evident! There’s change & it’s evident in ones life! It takes being humble but gosh it’s so worth it!!!! I so so enjoyed the story of Mr Curry!!!! When people see change they will want what you have! The best witness is simply producing the fruits! LET PEOPLE SEE SOMETHING!!!!!

    Chapter 10
    The Holy Spirit is an enduement of power for service! People should see the difference in my service after I’m baptized with the Holy Spirit!


  20. Chapter 8
    The Holy Spirit within will lead you and guide you . The Holy Spirit upon is for service and the gifts of the spirit .
    He will lead and guide you before you get filled with the Holy Spirit but it can’t compare to being filled 💖


  21. Thank you Pastor Kathy!! This has been such an amazing book so far!
    Chapter 1//
    The spirit within is for character and the spirit upon is for service!! Same Holy Spirit but He works with us in different ways as we tap into every gift He was meant to be for us !

    Chapter 2//
    One who submits himself to the Word of God is cleansed by that Word!!! I have a responsibility in my being cleansed!
    Constant renewals of the spirit are necessary! This isn’t just a one time thing!
    As you stay filled with the Holy Spirit, the spirit of praise will be seen on you and make the unbeliever desire what you have!

    Chapter 3//
    The Holy Spirit has been given to us to separate us from anything that would destroy our peace or injure our health!
    Because we have the written Word, we should be much further along than those who have gone before us but in order for that to happen we must put a demand on ourselves to DO THE WORD we have been so freely given!
    Obeying His leading is what redeems your life from destruction!

    Chapter 4//
    If we don’t love, we have no evidence of salvation showing up in our lives!
    Love is in you but you have a choice everyday to abide in that love by renewing your mind with the Word… if the mind isn’t sufficiently renewed then it will side with the flesh and work to destroy you!
    Your health naturally is directly tied to your live walk!

    Chapter 5//
    Taking no account of wrong… ignoring the wrongs done to you is not weakness but a sure sign of strength because love never fails!
    Love refuses to believe the worst about anyone, EVER!! No matter what someone does or doesn’t do, I will believe the best about them!
    To abide in Him is to walk in love… if you’re not loving, you’re not abiding in Him!

    Chapter 6//
    Jesus was the example of how we are to react and handle situations when we are treated wrong!
    When you are full of faith and the right attitude you will come out of any test and trial victorious!
    You must be mature spiritually in order for criticisms to bounce off of you!


  22. Chapter 11
    I’m God’s temple and the Spirit of God dwells in me! GOD LIVES IN ME & BECAUSE HE DOES I OVERCOME! God is for Me! In God there is No failure! If I will allow him to have his way in me I can’t and won’t fail! Apart from Him I’m nothing! GOD FOR ME=SUCCESS IN LIFE!!!!! Apart from Him we Don’t have His Help! I NEED HIS HELP! IT IS IS FINISHED!!!!!!!! I liked how Bro Hagin mentioned how when he hit hard places in life he knew if he would just stand still in the midst of the storm and speak Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the World that he would come through in Victory! DANG! YESS!! WE WIN! The Holy Ghost has been given to help us in life and we win-He is in us!!!! IT IS FINISHED!!!! He is our strengthener! Our standby!!!! Our helper!!!!!!! Gosh!!!!! We are very blessed!!!!


  23. Great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 8//The personal state of a believer accomplished by the work of the Spirit within can be referred to as holiness!!! I CHOOSE TO REFLECT HIM!!
    The work upon has to do with my service…my assignment!!

    His work in me produces joy and power!!
    Inward work of the Spirit is for fruit-bearing; external work is for service!

    Chapter 9//The Holy Ghost can help me pray and get the answer more quickly!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!! I HAVE TO humble myself in order to receive anything from God!!

    Chapter 10//If I don’t first of all receive and then yield to the work of the Holy Spirit I will never have the power necessary to SERVE in the way God has called me to!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT TAKE MY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT FOR GRANTED BUT BE TUNED BY FAITH TO HIS STILL SMALL VOICE INTENTIONALLY, DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chapter 11//We are His body as individuals and then collectively within the church family!! We must yield ourselves to HIM!!!!!!!! I AM THE TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD!! HALLELUJAH!!! I WILL BE GOD-INSIDE MINDED!!!!!!!!!!
    God is on my side, and I’m on His side. Friend, if God is for us, and if we’ll just learn to let him have HIs way with us, then there won’t be any failure, because God can’t fail!! GLORY!!!!!!!!!!

    The standby is IN ME!!!!!!!! “He is standing by in me ready to help me when I hit the “mountains” of life, the tough places and hard spots. So it doesn’t bother me to see mountains up ahead. When I get there, I know I have the stand by in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Chapter 9/
    Being filled with The Holy Spirit gives you a noticeable power . I don’t need to talk about it unless he leads me to , let the fruit do the talking!!
    Everyone has to be led for themselves. We each have to learn how the spirit leads and not lean on a person. We need to grow and develop by hearing him for ourselves

    Motto : shut up and pray in Holy Spirit !!


  25. Chapter 6/ God always causes us to “ Triumph” in Christ in Jesus Name. No matter how we are treated or what others may say about us or do to us, when we have the attitude of forgiveness and sincere love toward them we will overcome those trials , and temptations! Just like Jesus did for us! He defeated the devil! Period! He was my substitute to have freedom! Should trials , tribulation come , and Jesus said they would , He said be of could cheer , I have overcome the world! So I will stay in Peace!♥️


  26. Chapter 10/
    There are different manifestations of the Holy Spirit. His work will be evident in my life , I don’t need to tell people I just spend time with him , let him change and empower me and he will do the work of drawing others ! They will want what I have bc there’s victory and place of strength that only he can provide !!!


  27. Chapter 11
    WE ARE GODS TEMPLE, The HOLY SPIRIT dwells In US! He lives in us and among us! He wants to manifest Himself in us as individuals but also among us! We are anointed! I really liked the story of the Woman who by faith took her healing! Gosh!!!!!!! By faith she pulled out those tubes out of her nose and she was healed! There is power in corporate anointing! Gosh we as believers needs to be aware of him in us and among us! There is power in unity when believers praise and thank God as one!

    Chapter 12
    GOD INHABITS OUR PRAISES! As I offer Him my praises an atmosphere is created in which the Holy Spirit can manifest His presence. As I sing praises to Him, ministering to Him the Holy Ghost will speak to me. I WILL PRAISE HIM WITH MY WHOLE HEART!!!! He lives in our praises! Gods glory and Spirit are in me! He quickens my mortal body filling it FULL OF LIFE! He is in me to Help me! I will cooperate with Him!!!!! It does not matter what I face I go over because he’s bigger and he’s in me!!

    This book seriously is a must read for all! It helped me immensely! I’m grateful!


  28. Chapter 12//UNITY is required…2 Chronicles 5:13…as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord…saying For the Lord is good and His mercy endures forever…I remember being in services and Bro. Hagin having us say that all together several times…and now I know why…there is a corporate way to access his anointing it isn’t automatic…everything is spiritual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYTHING!!!

    Chapter 13//The Word of God is the sword of the Spirit in our hands, but we need to put the high praises of God in our mouths too!! OUR PRAISE IS WHEN THE TWO-EDGED SWORD WILL BE EFFECTIVE…AS WE BELIEVE AND SPEAK WE WIELD IT AGAINST THE TESTS AND TRAILS OF LIFE!!
    He quickens my mortal body meaning, He makes me full of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Spirit within///bear fruit
    Spirit upon//to strengthen me in serving…in my place!!



  29. Chapter 11
    OMG I loved this chapter !!
    2 things that really stood out to me:

    1. God is on my side and I’m on his side!! I can NOT fail with him!!! Thank you Father!!! God is IN ME thru the Holy Spirit and when I let him have HIS way , I can NOT FAIL!
    He’s in me to put me OVER!
    2. The Holy Spirit is on stand by to help me when hard times come!! He is standing by ready to help !

    I am so thankful for the gift of the person of the Holy Spirit !!! He empowers me to win in EVERY season !!!


  30. Chapter 12:
    I loved when he talked about the corporate anointing and the power of God available in that place.
    When we come together as one , GREAT things can happen .
    Healing , restoration and freedom that we can’t get on our own. That’s humbling to me. 💖


  31. Chapter 13

    So good! When I PRAISE HIM AND AM THANKFUL It produces an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to work!!
    I praise him for he IS GOOD AND HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER!!! Thank you Father !!

    I am so grateful for the truths in this book. I take away such revelation of my need for the Holy Spirit in such a vital EVERYDAY way !!!


  32. Chapter 7/ We do have to learn the ways of the Spirit of God. Sometimes He leads us in ways our natural mind does not like,of course it doesn’t! But to remember Overcoming faith belongs to us. It is OURS!!!!!!So just to let God have His Way in our life , is the greater faith and will cost you something every time but eventually you will learn to rest upon the mountaintop!♥️


  33. Chapter 2// Christ cleanses the church by the washing of the water of the Word.
    Three key truths concerning the indwelling if the spirit:
    1) constant renewals of the spirit are necessary.
    2) it’s important to walk in the spirit.
    3) we should learn the ways of the spirit.

    The work if the Holy Spirit brings about the renewing or strengthening of the spirit. Daily renewals of your spirit are essential in order to keep you strong spiritually. A buoyant spirit if joy and praise is a result of staying continually filled up with the Holy Spirit. Wait before the Lord in the Word and in prayer long enough to allow your spirit to be renewed day by day.

    Chapter 3// don’t focus on the Word so much you miss the promptings of the spirit. If the spirit tells us something, we had better obey him. We don’t just quote a scripture and disregard the leading if the spirit within.

    Chapter 4// Paul called the Corinthians carnal, baby Christians because there was strife among them.
    I really like the story with the mom who was not walking in love and has a child having epileptic seizures who was restored when she determined to walk in love.
    I like 1 Corinthians 13 in the amplified.
    In order to receive and walk in health, we must be very careful to walk in love. Love doesn’t insist on its own rights!

    Chapter 5// judge myself on whether or not I’m walking in love! The love of God is in us so we can bear up under anything! Love believes the best of every person!!! I love people. I’m not looking to fault them. I want grace and I give grace!!!


  34. Chapter 8/ The Holy Spirit within at the New birth has to do with the personal state of the believer, this can be referred to as holiness! And so the work of the Spirit upon the believer , coming into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, has to do with service or witnessing. This is a baptism of power! I believe one is just as important in the body of Christ as the other! Your walk with Him certainly should be Holy or of holiness which we really don’t hear a lot about. The Holy Spirit within us should be producing the fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace , Galatians 5:23-24! We as believers should be enjoying the Spirit within us and the outpouring of the Spirit upon us as well!!!! 😃♥️


  35. I just finished this book and one of my favorite quotes was from ch 13 “The word of God is the sword of the spirit in our hands, but we need to put the high praises of God in our mouths too! That’s when His word will be effective-believing it in our heart and speaking it with our mouth, wielding that Word as a two-edged sword against the tests and trials of life that beset us”. When we are truly doing this EVERYTHING else will fall into place!
    The Holy Spirit also brought to me in ch 12 how important it is for us as the body of CLC to bring the atmosphere for service, we need to leave the junk at the curb and be here ready to hear and receive but also be ready to charge the atmosphere for the glory of God!

    Thank you PK for this book! Looking forward to next month’s book!


  36. Chapter 9/ I really like what this chapter said about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit ought to make a difference , the same way that the Holy Spirit coming into the heart at the New Birth should make a difference in his or her life.One’s spiritual Nature is changed when he or she is born again, Ezek36:26 and change should be obvious to everyone! and the same with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit! We witness vocally-Acts 1:8 but the greatest way to witness is just to produce the fruits!!!!!!! Let people see something!!!! Great book!♥️


  37. Chapter10/ Jesus the Head of the church in the book of Acts tell us Himself that the Baptisim of the Holy Spirit is subsequent to becoming acquainted with Him or being born again!I won’t have to tell people anything about my time with Him there will be evidence from the change in my life that can only come from being Baptized in the Holy Ghost! It is s deeper dimension to our walk as we receive power that God has given to us for service !♥️


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