Sunday, July 7

Service was so good today!! I am so excited for this Lego series and learning more about the words of my mouth!!

Here are a couple of our highs from service:


  • The enemy has no bite, it’s all bark!
  • Looking at the problems of life incorrectly is not faithful!
  • Don’t be satisfied with what you know; I can do better!!!!
  • It’s irresponsible and not faithful to put on as though I am something I am not!

2nd Service

  • I can rearrange my thoughts and my plans with the words I speak
  • I will be snared by the words of my mouth!
  • Every word we speak is affirming and calling for what’s defined to produce!
  • The more I focus on the natural the less I’m allowing the supernatural!

So, what are your highs from service? What stood out most to you?




    1st service//My world is built with my words!!
    “Its not what goes in a man that defiles him but what comes out of a man”.
    I will use my words on purpose like the Father uses His words on purpose.
    If you want what you don’t have you have to say what you don’t have not what you do have.

    Pastor Dean said something about triggered and this thought came up in my heart…What’s in the barrel determines what comes out when I am triggered!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! I WILL FEED ON THE WORD!!

    2nd service//My job is to study!!! 2 Timothy 2:15
    I refuse to play church; I am the church.
    I won’t make excuses I will make a change.
    Good talk begins with good self-talk!!!
    Words always precede action
    There is a way and it begins in my mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When and as you spend time with the Holy Spirit you will see. The Spirit of seeing and knowing is activated by and through relationship with the Holy Spirit. OMG!!! When I spend time with Him, He shows me what I need to “see” through the eye of faith, then I speak that, then I will see it naturally!!

    WOW!! So many amazing one-liners and so much room to SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Really liked the start of this new series today! LEGOS!🧱

    Here are some of my highlights//
    If your faith won’t move your mouth, it won’t move your mountain! What you desire begins in your heat then released from your mouth, just like it worked for God! We were created in His image and He spoke the world into existence!! Our words also frame our worlds!! There is nothing out of order in our new man! If my heart is filled with good stuff, the Word, then good stuff will come out!!❤️My self talk is just as important! I’ve made a list of some confessions I want to declare and will start saying what God says more!


  3. I so enjoyed the LEGO series about the WORDS of our mouth! Here are my Highs : Jump Start: * Your anointing is not just for you , your four and no more, every part matters! *I’m responsible for what I’ve been given for process and my actions! My influence behind closed doors carries the most weight! Such good Word!😃 1st/ omg! This LEGO series was so amazing ! The Father always knows exactly what we need at just the right time we need it! *Having ears to hear will be my WORDS that will change my world!* What you desire begins in your heart then released from your mouth, just like it worked for God and will work for me!*I’am snared by the Words of my mouth, I will have the fruit of what I say, good or bad! 2nd/ * The Word works, don’t make excuses why it’s not working for you! 🤭


  4. yay for legos ((:
    jumpstart//being God inside minded positions you for love, I really liked the statement pastor Charity said that I am responsible for my own process! this is not on God, my pastors, leaders, etc. if i am not growing and moving forward it is on me!

    2nd//there’s soo much i liked from the new series! every spoken word is capable of coming to pass and my life is a building block of what I say! I have what i have because what i say… good or bad! I also liked how he touched a bit on the woman with the issue of blood and how she was healed and whole first on the inside before she could ever be healed and whole on the outside! she fixed her focus internally in order for it to manifest externally!


  5. I am so loving this series already!!

    • don’t do things from a legalistic perspective but do ALL you do from a place of love and devotion to HIM.

    Don’t play church . BE CHURCH.

    It is my responsibility to STUDY and to have a PERSONAL relationship with the word and the person of the Holy Spirit so I can rightly divide !

    I have the authority to choose life or death!

    I need to become SERIOUS( not legalistic ) about what’s SERIOUS.

    My words are SERIOUS. They will determine life or death for me.

    My first goal should be to believe that what I say is going to come to pass!
    You and the WORD is a MAJORITY!
    You can not live an overcoming Christian life if you don’t have your mouth in check!

    My self talk at the house has to be right bc it WILL define my life!


  6. Wow!!! Just finished listening to Jumpstart here are some of my highs from jumpstart and the other services!

    GODS ALREADY DONE THE HARD PART! This about Spirit Soul & Then Body! The anointing we possess must be stewarded! The anointing has to be acknowledged-GOD INSIDE MINDED! When I am God inside minded then I’m positioned in love! GOSH!!!! So good! Being crunchy frustrated jealous etc is NOT GOD INSIDE MINDED! When I take my place IN HIM-IN LOVE then I’m positioned in the Victory! I was designed to fit in a body with a Shepard! I’m GRATEFUL FOR MY SHEPARDS!! Seriously! It’s a big deal to me! If I choose not to have a Shepard and pretty much do my own thing then I will struggle my whole life! THAT WONT BE ME!! I know there’s more and I want it!!! Faithfulness will produce my endurance and capacity! I’ll continue growing in being Faithful because I know I haven’t arrived but I will continue growing and learning! The enemy has no bite only bark! He IS NOT capable of taking me out unless I surrender to his lies and deceptions. When I choose to not look at problems correctly that’s NOT FAITHFUL! Soooo good! I should continually be acknowledging “What am I supposed to be doing” in regards to my relationship with the Father, my place at church, marriage, children, etc! I SHOULD NEVER JUST COAST! THE DOERS WILL BE BLESSED! I should continually be digging growing learning etc!!!! GOSH THERES ALWAYS MORE! I am complete and whole in Him but the manifestation of that is a process! Correction is vital in my life! I need it and I want it! It’s irresponsible & not faithful to put on as though you are something your not or somewhere your not! BE REAL!!! BE GENUINE AND OWN WHERE YOU ARE patricia!!! GOSH SO MINISTERED TO ME! I’m grateful for the MORE BUT KNOW IM RESPONSIBLE TO BRING THAT AS IM FAITHFUL!!!!

    2nd Service Kidz/
    I really really liked when PK told the kids The devil hates the word and he hates it even more when you get it in you! GOSH!!! I was like SO SO GOOD!
    SAY NO TO DRAMA!!! Iron sharpens iron! I want to be iron to my friends! Every time I leave my friends I should leave them encouraged and refreshed! DONT BE WOOD-WOOD IS DULL! I will not be a compromiser! I can’t do part of the word and then not do the other part-THATS COMPROMISING! The Word of God in me makes my friends better, my friendships better!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
    Being alone is good! Utilize that time to spend time in the Word and don’t be needy or clingy! If life gives you lemons make lemonade!!!!!!! BE STILL AND KNOW HE IS GOD!!! When you get into emotions you make stupid decisions.

    3rd Service/
    When we honor God with the tithe we are opening our eyes for greater vision!
    We give because WE LOVE HIM & WE WANT TO HONOR HIM! I will continue realizing relationship with Him is Number one-LOVING HIM! Being genuine and understanding how much he loves me. THIS IS SERIOUS! I have to be willing to be serious about Him! I’m hungry and I want to be a Christian who walks in the promises of God! My words will frame my life! WE SHOULD BE WORKING TOGETHER! He has given us the power with our words to get our life in order. ME AND THE WORD ARE A MAJORITY! YESS! Self talk is important! What I say to me is important! Preventive maintenance! THERES NOTHING BETTER THAN HIS WILL


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